September 2016 - Hot For Hoof Info?
Written by CRM
Thursday, 01 September 2016 05:34
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Resources and upcoming event offer chances to better understand and care for hooves.

The Shoein’ Shop in Yucaipa stages its 18th annual Open House & Clinic on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017. It’s a joint effort of the American Farriers’ Association and is sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition. The free event is mostly geared toward farriers, and presents a great chance for horse owners sit in on seminars and demonstrations and ask informal questions of the roughly 400 farriers expected to attend. The Shoein’ Shop is also hosting a Welcome Party the night before -- Friday the 13th!

In related news, the American Farriers’ Association is working on a membership category for horse owners to help facilitate the educational aspect of its mission. Visit

For more information on the Open House & Clinic, call the Shoein’ Shop at 909-794-3455.

Book Recommendation

The Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners has a mission of providing “a supportive network and educational foundation for hoof care professionals and horse owners based on holistic and progressive approach to equine hoof care.” The association recommends The Sound Hoof: Horse Health from the Ground Up, by Lisa Simons Lancaster as an especially good read for owners. Here is PHCP’s review:

“Hoof care is critical to every horse owner. The Sound Hoof demystifies what every owner, trainer and equine healthcare provider wants to know about current trimming and shoeing practices so that they can make informed decisions for their horses. Lancaster takes a pragmatic approach toward the emerging field of holistic hoof care, a subject that is being heatedly discussed in the equine community by documenting the latest science available regarding a balanced, healthy hoof and horse.

“This book has easy-to-understand photos and diagrams that help us better understand; hoof balance and imbalances inside and outside the hoof, anatomy, reading the hoof as well as laminitis and navicular.”

For more information on the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, visit