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Thursday, 31 August 2017 21:47
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Eventers Stephen Bradley and Molly Sherman consider the company’s joint supplement critical to success.

In the physically demanding equestrian sport of 3-Day Eventing, no detail can be spared in the ongoing effort to keep horses healthy and in top physical condition. Due to the high level of wear and tear the sport can inflict on a horse’s joints, the task of maintaining even the most robust of mounts in peak form while protecting them from injury can itself be an uphill battle for many competitors. For Olympian eventer Stephen Bradley and his groom and rising eventing star Molly Sherman, one indispensible tool helps to keep their stable of top competition mounts happy, healthy, and going strong mile after mile.



Bradley and Sherman, both proud ambassadors for leading equine supplement company Corta-Flx®, have found a secret weapon in the brand’s namesake supplement, Corta-Flx joint solution. The supplement, which has delivered powerful results to keep the horses at S.B. Eventing at the top of their game, is unique because of its revolutionary formula featuring pure, water-soluble, isolated nutrients that can reach cell walls of joints more quickly for rapid results. In fact, the company guarantees its customers will see dramatic results in horses within a matter of just days- a claim both Bradley and Sherman stand strongly behind.

Bradley first became familiar with the Corta-Flx® line of products a number of years ago, when the brand was recommended to him by a friend. “I am a firm believer in both Corta-Flx® HA 100 Liquid and U-Gard®,” Bradley stated. “After trying the products out with my horses, I have continued using them because I definitely noticed a marked difference in my horses’ comfort and performance.”

Over the years, the superstar competitor has galloped over many a famous course, amassing an impressive collection of victories along the way. Bradley is a two-time Pan American Games Gold medalist, a Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Champion, and was named Equestrian Athlete of the Year by the U.S. Olympic Committee. He has been named to a U.S. Olympic team and a World Equestrian Games team, and has been short listed for three U.S. World Equestrian Games teams and four U.S. Olympic teams. He is also one of only two Americans to win the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials CCI4*.

Bradley went on to explain how he integrates the supplements into a complete wellness program, making sure to do everything possible to keep his horses in supreme condition.

“In addition to proper nutrition supplemented by Corta-Flx HA 100 Liquid and U-Gard, I believe in a lot of turnout for our horses, as well as plenty of hacking to break up the monotony of ring work,” he said. “Regardless of age or workload, every horse has benefitted in some way from the Corta-Flx products – whether they are freer through their bodies, or they are more settled while traveling.”

A talented and promising young rider herself, Sherman credits much of her own success to the careful attention she pays to the well being of her horses. “I expect a lot from myself and my horses, and in order to do that, maintaining top condition is a must,” she explained.

“If you want your horse to be world class, you must treat him like a world class horse. Any equestrian discipline requires horses to do wide ranges of movement, and with Corta-Flx, they have the freedom and fluidity in their joints to perform to the best of their ability. These products have truly done wonders for my horses.”

Sherman explained how the Corta-Flx supplements had helped her champion pony Bento Box reach his peak performance level. “He was stiff and struggling to keep up with the dressage work we were doing with our coach. After three days of giving him Corta-Flx, there was a remarkable difference in the elasticity of his gaits. We could see how he was able to flex his joints and have better use of his entire body.” Bento Box went on to become the United States Equestrian Association Pony of the Year in 2012 and 2014.

Since the company was founded in Aiken, South Carolina 20 years ago, Corta-Flx has become one of the most trusted supplements for top riders across the globe. Corta-Flx joint supplement – available in liquid, powder, or pellet form – has been proven to create dramatic results in horses’ joints within a matter of days. Featuring nutrients comparable to the active ingredients found in Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid, the micro-sized Isolates in Corta-Flx are able to penetrate the horse’s cellular walls more quickly and effectively than larger ones, rapidly delivering key nutrients to affected joints.

Corta-Flx offers other powerful products including U-Gard, a gastric supplement that is veterinarian-tested to be effective in decreasing the severity of gastric ulcers, Muscle Mass™, a supplement for muscle development and growth, and Corta-Flx solution, powder, pellets, and capsules for dogs.

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