December 2018 - LEGIS League
Written by by Brooke Goddard
Thursday, 29 November 2018 23:49
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LEGIS League is a fun and welcoming awards program for all levels.

by Brooke Goddard

In 2014, Marnye Langer and the team at launched LEGIS League as a fun awards program for hunter, jumper and equitation riders that welcomed a variety of competitors from entry-level through 1.10m jumpers. This year, the USHJA Affiliate program gained bolstered support, expanding to add Starr Vaughn, Leone Equestrian, and C&C Horse Shows to the docket and launching a LEGIS League Dressage program.

Starr Vaughn Equestrian, Michele Vaughn’s sprawling 73.5-acre facility in the Sacramento area’s Elk Grove, hosted the five shows that featured LEGIS League Dressage qualifying classes and then the inaugural LEGIS League Dressage Finals at the end of August. This fall, Starr Vaughn also held the 2018 LEGIS League Northern California Hunter Jumper Finals at the Starr Vaughn Halloween Show (Oct. 20). Meanwhile, 2018 LEGIS League Southern California Finals moved to their new location at Hansen Dam Horse Park in the Los Angeles area’s Lake View Terrace at the Verdugo Hills Fall Festival (Oct. 4-7).

LEGIS Jumper Medal Champion Brooke Mostman. Photo: Kristin Lee Photography

Bailey Rose and My Way, Champion Jr/AO Hunters pictured with April Hammond of USHJA and Brooke Goddard of LEG shows. Photo: Kristin Lee Photography

Laura Langhorst pictured with LEGIS League Coordinator, Cassie Wambsgans and Michele Vaughn of Starr Vaughn Equestrian. Photo: Tamara with the Camera

LEGIS League Dressage Finals. Photo: Tamara with the Camera

April Hammond of USHJA, attended the LEGIS League Southern California Finals to support the USHJA affiliated program. “Affiliated programs, like LEGIS League, are extremely important to help grow the sport from the ground up,” said Hammond, Assistant Managing Director of Zones & Affiliates. “I noticed the camaraderie among the competitors here. They love the prizes, the jackets and the special award presentations. LEGIS League is a great program overall and Hansen Dam Horse Park is a beautiful facility. Regional competitions like this are the foundation of our sport because they build our base.”