July 2015 - A Chance To Jump At!
Written by Carolyn Bahr
Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:05

Area VI Adult Rider Camp offers learning, fun and friendship July 31-Aug. 2.

by Carolyn Bahr

August marks the fourth annual Area VI Southern Adult Rider Camp, and new and exciting changes are in the air. Camp this year is at a new location with new clinicians. Galway Downs in Temecula has opened their doors to us, and Hawley Bennett-Awad and Robyn Fisher have signed on to coach. The dates are July 31-Aug. 2.

Camping out with your horses is part of the fun at Adult Camp.

Adult Camp covers all three phases of eventing, with each rider taking a private dressage lesson on Friday, and group lessons in stadium jumping and cross-country on Saturday and Sunday. Groups range from Intro all the way to Advanced (if you so dare!), and riders are inspired to raise their game and enjoy meeting their goals. It’s three exciting, fun days.

Marla White and Reese tackle the Head Of The Lake at Galway Downs during Area VI’s Adult Camp.

I’ve attended Southern Camp since its inception.  I jumped at the chance, having always wanted to attend Northern Camp at Eventful Acres, but the time and financial commitment couldn’t seem to align. Each year it has improved, making it a destination to mark on your calendar. Both my horse and I have made new friends and skills, so much so that this is my second year helping to coordinate camp with the help of Suz Steel-Roehl and the ever-awesome Dawn Robbins. It’s my chance to give back to Area VI Adult Riders’ program in return for all that I’ve enjoyed.

International eventer Hawley Bennett-Awad, pictured, and Robyn Fisher are the Camp’s coaches.

Every year, I’ve left camp stronger and more confident. Between the coaches and my fellow riders, I’ve pushed boundaries I wasn’t sure I was capable of. But what I love most about camp, more than the excellent teaching, has got to be my fellow adult riders. Never has there been a more supportive, cheerleading crowd! It makes you feel invincible, because I know everyone has my back.

As much fun as riding and camping out with your horse is, Adult Camp gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow eventers. Each night after a fabulous dinner there is something fun and entertaining. Whether it’s games or a demonstration about bits or a talk on sport psychology, there’s always a chance to meet and bond with someone new. Since making friends at camp, shows have become less like “competitions” for me, but more like getting together with old friends in a warm, supportive environment.

Camp co-organizer Carolyn Bahr and Junior navigate the water during a previous session.

This year promises to be another fantastic opportunity to learn and grow. The evening events are taking shape thanks to the suggestions of last year’s campers, so keep an eye out on the website for upcoming details. This year, Ride On Video will be attending camp!

The cost of camp includes stabling, camping with your horse (though there are hotels nearby if you prefer, but seriously think of joining tent city – loads of fun last year!), three lessons as wells as delicious meals You’ll make new friends and visit with the old in a supportive, awesome environment. Friends, fans and anyone else are welcome to audit for free and you can partake in all the meals for $100.

For more information, visit the Adult Rider page on Area VI’s website, www.areavi.org.