March 2015 - Classic Equine Equipment
Written by CRM
Monday, 02 March 2015 02:19

Stall and accessories manufacturer lives up to its name, for 24 years and counting.

Wild Turkey Farm, Stabling equipment provided by Classic Equine Equipment, built by Buckingham Resources Ltd. Photo: ©Mary Cornelius

As the economy improves, horse owners are dusting off long-shelved plans for building, remodeling or sprucing up their horsey habitats. The list of companies catering to this rekindled client base is growing apace, and there’s no shortage of choices or price points when preparing for horse-related building projects of any kind. Amidst what can be overwhelming options, Classic Equine Equipment stands out for reasons revealed in the definition of its name.

“Serving as a standard of excellence and recognized value” is Merriam-Webster’s definition of “classic” and the Missouri company has been living up to that statement for 24 years and counting.

At first pass, Classic Equine is perhaps best known for its looks. Its stall systems, doors, stable accessories and equipment grace some of the most beautiful barns in the country. The Stanford Equestrian Center and the historic Folgers Stable in the Bay Area are among the local projects that relied on Classic Equine to finish out their famously gorgeous stables.

But what’s most beautiful about them is only evident to owners, and it’s most clear over the long haul of time: safety, functionality and durability. The Budweiser Clydesdales Breeding Center in Booneville, MO and David and Karen O’Connor, Lynn Palm, Phillip Dutton and Clinton Anderson are just a few of the renowned horse people who’ve chosen Classic Equine to provide safe and practical interiors and equipment.

“We go to great lengths to make sure our passion for quality and love for horses show in the details of the products we produce,” says Classic Equine Equipment President John Daniel. This approach manifests itself in many details: smoother edges that help prevent scratches or scrapes; narrower spacing between grills to help ensure that small hooves don’t get caught; galvanized hand-welded steel frames designed to endure all the punishment and abuse a horse can throw at them and keep on shining, John explains.

Doors, windows, entrance gates, flooring and mats, horse exercisers and a long list of creative and practical barn accessories are all part of Classic Equine’s inventory, but the company is best known for its stalls. These come in six series, each with many options for color, wood fill and custom details.

John likes the fact that the Internet enables customers to research their options thoroughly. The best-educated customer comes to Classic Equine early in their construction process, especially when building from the ground up.  Selecting stalls and other barn interior products during the design phase can save considerable time, money and headache, he notes.

“It’s great to be gathering information from multiple sources,” John comments. “But sometimes we see people thinking that, because stalls are the last component going in, they don’t need to include the stall manufacturer in initial planning discussions.  They may be talking to a barn builder or an architect – sometimes the person who built their home. Often they wind up having extra costs and making trade-offs in functionality and safety because they didn’t involve us early on.”

Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

The quality that distinguishes Classic Equine’s products is not always evident to the untrained eye. The rust prevention built into Classic stalls is a case in point. The company uses only pre-galvanized steel in its grillwork, stall hardware, pasture gates and all other components. A thin coating of zinc is applied to the steel at the mill, which combines with the powder coating process to provide an additional layer of rust prevention. It’s one example of the many extra steps Classic takes to build longevity into great looking, highly functional equipment. This is the case in settings ranging from private, small facilities to large, heavy use public boarding operations and veterinary hospitals.

Classic Equine’s commitment to made-in-America products is one that resonates loudly. Its contribution to the long lifespan of products is another quality point consumers won’t see on the surface. All of the company’s steel products are made in Classic’s hometown of Fredericktown, MO, ensuring complete control over the quality of the process and the end result.

Classic Equine’s stall systems come in styles that suit several budgets, but they’ll never be the cheapest based on price tag alone. When economies over the products’ long life span are factored in, however, the upfront costs are a sound investment. Plus, Classic Equine Equipment promises the one thing nobody can put a price tag on: peace of mind.

For more information on Classic Equine Equipment, visit or call 800-844-7430.

West Coast Commitment: In addition to having stalls and equipment in use throughout the West Coast, Classic Equine maintains a high profile in equestrian sport throughout our region. The company announced its title sponsorship of the May 16 $25,000 Classic Equine Grand Prix. The 1.45m class is part of the HMI Equestrian Challenge show and will double as an NAYRC selection trial for Zone 10 candidates. Company president John Daniel will be on hand to host a complimentary dinner including lovely local wines. Classic Equine has supported the Sonoma Horse Park since its inception and its Winners Circle background for win pictures is nearly synonymous with the venue.