March 2018 - Monterey Horse Park Dream is No More
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 27 February 2018 22:35

Board of directors informs supporters that 15-year effort is finished.

The Monterey Horse Park Board of Directors would like to thank you for being a steadfast and longtime supporter of the MHP. Your hard work and dedication has been a mainstay of our shared dream.

For over 15 years we have worked together to make the dream of building a world class equestrian venue on the former Fort Ord a reality.

Today we must bring you sad, but not unexpected news. We have been working with an attorney over the past year in the mechanics necessary to dissolve the 5013c and the Monterey Horse Park. This was not an easy decision.

When business concerns required Monterey Downs to withdraw their project proposal, the City of Seaside de-certified the previously approved General and Specific Plans and the EIR—of which our project was a part.

In a meeting with FORA and county officials, we learned that while both would continue to welcome the Monterey Horse Park on the former Fort Ord, we were counseled to have “at least a million dollars in the bank” for the costs of that pursuit. For permits, studies, EIR, etc. That did not take into account the inevitable lawsuits and legal costs. All of that without a shovel of dirt moved.

After 15 years of “fighting the good fight,” attending meetings, providing information to the communities, writing letters, fund raising, etc. we find that we are not able to continue at this time. Perhaps, going forward, the communities will realize what has been lost, will want to resurrect the project, and will make it easier for the dream to be realized.

Without all of you, Monterey Horse Park would never have gotten this far. Some of you, like us, are very sad hearing this news. Take heart, we can hold our heads high, we did everything humanly possible to make the MHP a reality. There were no community meetings unattended. There were no letters or emails unsent. There were no unmade phone calls. As a community, MHP supporters did everything that could be possibly be done to make the vision a reality. It didn’t happen, but not through any fault of our own. So we are proud of our dedication and efforts, and hopeful for perhaps another day.

Thank you for your trust in the Board of Directors, your belief in the dream, and your sense of the vision. You are true friends.

Press release provided by the Monterey Horse Park.