August 2015 - EquiFUSE
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Sunday, 02 August 2015 20:28
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Take the easy way to a clean, shiny coat.

Have you ever caught yourself wishing for an easier method to keep your horse clean and shiny for longer? Whether you are prepping for your next horse show, or want your pleasure horse to gleam with health, your beloved equine deserves quality grooming and bathing products. So with that said, relax on the elbow grease and look no further than the EquiFUSE® product line.

EquiFUSE is a California-based equine skin care company marketing high performance shampoos, conditioners and innovative shine products. The company was started by two life-long horsewomen with the vision to create a sophisticated grooming and bathing line inspired specifically for horses.

Allyson Winter Harrison is an avid hunter-jumper rider with professional background in the cosmetic industry, having been involved with internationally renowned hair care companies. Beki Starr is a passionate dressage rider with a depth of experience in the business marketing field, specializing in brand management. Together the EquiFUSE owners imagined a product line that would be efficient, results oriented and create a more enjoyable grooming experience.

EquiFUSE products are formulated with high quality ingredients and inspired with all natural additives, including key essential oils and vitamins crucial to promoting healthy coats, manes and tails. “That is how we are different from the rest of the products on the tack store shelf. We infuse each product with specialty high-line ingredients to guarantee that superior shine us equestrians have always dreamed of!” said partners Allyson and Beki.

As they celebrate their fifth year, EquiFUSE is proud to announce the launch of EquiFUSE® Shine™, a revolutionary shine spray formulated to perfect the equine coat, mane and tail. EquiFUSE Shine is a superior long-lasting shine spray designed to also improve hair health with each application. Shine contains three essential natural additives including Camelina Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The natural benefits from Camelina Oil boost hair with anti-oxidants and omega 3s to achieve a soft and smooth feel. Added Vitamin E and C finalize the hydration treatment, encouraging the hair to retain moisture and nutrients.

While developing this shine spray over a three-year period, the EquiFUSE partners always were asked to produce a “better quality” product. “Our customers desired a non-greasy formula that was not too slick or slippery, a product that did not cause the hair to become brittle, and a spray that could be used daily to enhance shine while improving hair health.” EquiFUSE Shine is our answer to every customer request, each idea and all of the feedback,” exclaimed the EquiFUSE owners. Launched early last June, look for EquiFUSE Shine in a tack store near you.   

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