June 2015 - The Whole Package
Written by Will Friday
Thursday, 04 June 2015 19:26


Bodywork and nutrition are a powerful combination for performance horses.

Based in Topanga, Will Friday’s Performance Equine Bodywork provides Masterson Method Bodywork and equine nutrition products to horses and their owners, trainers and breeders throughout Southern California. The combination of Masterson Method Bodywork with performance nutritional support from Wild Gold Cold Pressed Camelina Oil and EnviroEquine products GastroBalance and ElectroBalance put your horse on the path to improved comfort and performance, increased range of motion, improved joint mobility and stamina.


Whether you have a retired companion horse, trail horse or high-level competitive horse, areas of the horse’s body can accumulate stress and tension that affect mobility, comfort, attitude and performance. Tension can come from a number of areas including feet, saddle, teeth, conformation, lameness or just day-to-day work. Tension is a natural response to work and many horse owners and trainers turn to bodywork to improve performance.


Originally trained in deep tissue equine massage, Will Friday established his practice in 2010. Developing a client base that included polo ponies, hunter/jumpers, trail horses, dressage horses and barrel horses, Will honed his skills as an equine massage therapist. In 2011, he was introduced to the Masterson Method and began studying the technique. “While studying horse training techniques, working with pressure and release, the connection just clicked,” Will says. “Masterson Method allows the horse to be more relaxed by using less pressure instead of more.” Since that time, Will shifted to Masterson Method, training with Jim Masterson and his team of coaches and mentors. “The shift has been amazing, the response from horses and their owners dramatic.”

Will frequently gets calls regarding a horse that is a “little off in the hind,” not performing at its best. The owners have called the vet, tried other modalities, and still something’s not quite right. Jim Masterson calls this “Mystery Hind End Lameness,” often a result of unresolved tension and soreness. Dusti, a client in Thousand Oaks, says, “I have had vets, several chiropractors, shockwave therapy, and anything else you can think of done to my horse. I spent a huge amount of money on injections, X-rays, and meds. One visit with Will and for the first time in years my horse felt great. Whatever Will did, it made my horse completely different in a great way.”

Will studied Equine Science at LA Pierce College, taking a special interest in equine nutrition. Pouring over the literature and supplement labels, questioning sales reps, Will looked for natural ways to support performance horses through nutrition. This search paid off when Will met Angela Brackett-Knowles, of Wild Gold and EnviroEquine. Impressed by the elegant simplicity and profound effectiveness of these two all natural products, Will joined the team as a Southern California sales rep. Wild Gold is cold pressed Camelina oil, high in anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids and natural vitamin E. Wild Gold Premium adds All-Tech Bio Mos, aloe vera and algae to boost digestive system support. Well known on the East Coast eventing circuit and in Thoroughbred racing barns, Wild Gold is now being introduced in California. Since its introduction, Wild Gold has been embraced by clients with all types of performance horses, with improved performance noted in their horses. Wild Gold is also available in canine and human versions.

EnviroEquine focuses on digestive health, electrolyte replacement and ulcer support. Based in natural bentonite clay, mineral salts and essential amino acids, GastroBalance provides trace minerals to support growth, detoxification and gastrointestinal support. ElectroBalance is designed for the athletic horse working in warmer climates, replacing essential electrolytes with no sugar. The natural salts and mineral complex in ElectroBalance are vital for optimal performance and health.

The combination of nutritional support and bodywork have yielded positive results for Performance Equine Bodywork’s clients. Owner of RhineStar Performance Horses in Santa Paula, Melissa Givner says, “ Will is really dedicated to the horse. He’s very passionate about his work and the horses love him. He really takes his time and is patient with each individual horse. I have found he is very intuitive to each horse’s needs and lets the horse make the choice to release without using force. As a horse owner and trainer I highly recommend Will.”


Article provided by Will Friday. To schedule an appointment for Performance Equine Bodywork or to purchase Wild Gold and EnviroEquine products, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call/text 310-804-6783 or visit www.facebook.com/PerformanceEquineBodywork. For information about Wild Gold Camelina Oil, visit www.wildgold.com; EnviroEquine Products, visit www.EnviroEquine.com, or Masterson Method, training and educational materials, visit www.MastersonMethod.com.