March 2021 - “There’s Nothing Like a Classic!”
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Monday, 01 March 2021 21:43
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For 30 years Classic Equine Equipment has been committed to the ultimate care and safety of your beloved four legged friends.
Going into 2020 was a big question for many businesses and Classic Equine handled this question with professionalism and commitment to their employees and customers.
Classic Equine, along with the rest of the world saw the start of this pandemic mid February. As the world started slowing down with the uncertainty of what the future held, Classic remained accessible to their customers while they took the time to access the proper direction and safety protocols. The overarching goal was to make sure they could maintain employee and customer safety while maintaining the high standards their customers have come to rely on.

James Creek Equestrian Facility by Classic Equine Equipment.

During Classic’s brief time assessing new protocol’s they were back up and running with state guidelines for safety protocols. For example, office staff working remotely from home, until things settled down. The factory had masks at their disposal and followed social distancing protocols. “It was a roller coaster ride for a while but ended up being a good one,” says Greg Nielsen, director of sales.
Like most companies, Classic had to adapt to new communication standards. They were met with a new set of challenges that forced the staff to work harder and come together. Scott Lix, President of Classic says, “It helped us build on remote communication and we came out a better and stronger team.”
When things started to level out around late April, Classic came back strong and ready to keep up with the high demand for large customer projects. Classic also noticed a spike in accessory demand for projects that the everyday horse owner now had the time to do. No more weekend sports games or vacation plans afforded their customers additional time, energy, and finances into doing those projects that had been on the back burner. Classic answered those calls with ease. Lights, stall fronts and flooring were big on their customers to-do list.


Winterfell Farm in Killington, VT

Winterfell Farm in Killington, VT

The equine industry really bounced back after the initial assault of this unprecedented worldwide shut down. While we saw high attendance equine expos, rodeos, etc. cancelling in 2020, we also saw a surge in the industries more with individualized equine events with lower spectator attendance like barrel racing, roping, trail riding and dressage. “What better way to social distance than being on a horse,” exclaimed Nielsen.
With all the Equine Expos cancelling in 2020 and now cutting back their attendance levels 50-70% in 2021, Classic had to rethink their marketing strategy. It is hard to keep that personal feel when you do not get that face-to-face interaction at the shows. Classic kept that in mind when laser focusing their social and online marketing aspects. They worked on new customer videos and expanding online content. They even incorporated a “meet the team” page on their website for customers so they can connect with them on a personal level, and build a sense of trust in Classic. They want to show their customers that the staff at Classic are real people with families. They want to get to know you and understand your needs and project requirements from the beginning.

Classic Equine is always looking at their product line presentation to see how they can improve. This year they will be developing a new product catalog scheduled to be released beginning 2022. The new catalog will be chalked full of impressive projects completed recently throughout the nation. We all need to keep an eye out for their catalog!

With the market rates the lowest they have been in years it makes it the perfect time to do that barn improvement you have always wanted to do. Lix boasts, “We focus on bringing your dreams into reality.”  Whether you want to upgrade your stall fronts, or you want to completely outfit your high-end show barn being built, Classic Equine can accommodate it all with their expansive selection of high-quality products and accessories.

Stalls, barn doors and windows are the best-known products in Classic Equine’s extensive inventory. Entrance gates, flooring and mats, round pens, arenas, and a long list of barn accessories enable clients to one-stop-shop, whether building from scratch or upgrading or remodeling. From tack solutions and automatic waterers to hinged or sliding door stalls, Classic has it. Plus, feeding accessories, lighting, fans and hitching posts, every imaginable accessory and some you might never have imagined but may find yourself wondering how you lived without.

Classic Canyon Ranch

Put Your Tax Return Towards Upgrading Your Barn
If you are lucky enough to be getting a tax return from the government this year, consider investing at least some of that money into upgrading your barn. As they have said before, you don’t have to do a major overhaul all at one time to get your dream barn. Start with something small that can make a big impact on your barn’s look and/or functionality.
Some great things to invest in could include:
More ventilation – with warmer days coming, now’s a good time to replace your old box fans with new barn-safe fans. Most box fan motors are not sealed. This creates a fire hazard should they become dusty and overheat. Barn-appropriate fans are usually either basket type or ceiling type.
More light – even though days will become longer, barn interiors can still remain dark. Add barn lights. Horses often struggle adjusting their eyesight from light to dark areas and can spook or even resist when moving in and out of light. Extra barn lighting can help alleviate that problem. Also consider lights around entryways for safety concerns.
More support – while horses tend to have more turnout and exercise time during the summer, they still appreciate the comfort of having a stall mat or mattress to stand on in their stall. Plus, it makes stall cleaning easier and more cost-effective by reducing bedding costs.


Easier bathing – summer often means more bath time for your horse, whether for an upcoming show or just to hose the sweat off after a long ride. But if you are tired of being tangled up in hoses or having your horse mistake one for a snake, consider investing in an over-the top washer. This wash unit keeps the hose above the animal’s head and off the floor. The hose holder keeps the hose above the horse’s head, making it easy to move quietly and quickly.
More organization – an organized tack room is every barn owners dream. And now it can come true with the Ultimate Tack System. The Ultimate Tack System can handle all types of tack from the lightest English saddles to the heaviest Western rigs. Best of all, the Ultimate Tack System allows you to order any combination of components, so you can organize your tack, your way.
If you need more ideas on how to spend your tax return to upgrade your barn, feel free to contact Classic Equine to help you decide the best way to upgrade or enhance your existing facility. Visit www.classic-equine.comor call 800-444-7430.