March 2020 - No Sweat!
Written by CRM
Monday, 02 March 2020 20:06
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Anhidrosis and Life Data Sweat Formula

Anhidrosis in horses can be described as the inability or reduced capacity to sweat. Horses regulate their body temperature, much like we do, primarily through the evaporation of sweat. Anhidrosis can have a tremendous effect on the horse’s ability to work, perform and function. Without the full capacity to sweat, the horse is in danger of overheating, organ and muscle damage, or death.


Due to varying degrees of sweating between affected horses, anhidrosis can be difficult to recognize by the horse owner or veterinarian. The incidence and potential severity of anhidrosis is higher in hot and humid climates, although anhidrosis can also be an issue in cooler dry areas. Chronic anhidrosis has been linked to atrophy of the sweat glands leading to a permanent loss of sweating ability.


Life Data® Sweat Formula is a new product developed from research at Life Data Labs, Inc. The in-house Life Data research lab utilizes blood tests and a sophisticated software program to determine the relationship between blood work results and specific conditions in horses. Equipment in the lab analyzes macro and trace mineral content of whole blood in horses to discover any correlations between certain minerals and specific conditions.

Through this current research, Life Data has discovered several consistent correlations between blood test deficiencies and excesses within a group of horses diagnosed with anhidrosis. Life Data used this research to develop an anhidrosis formula for non-sweating horses. This formula delivers a combination of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to balance the deficiencies and excesses in the typical anhidrotic horse. The active ingredients will help improve skin and sweat gland condition to help regenerate the horse’s ability to sweat.

For example, the fatty acids delivered in Life Data Sweat Formula helps restore the lipids of the sweat gland membranes, which may help the transfer of fluids out of the sweat glands.

Depending on the individual horse the product may require daily administration for a period of several weeks prior to achieving the desired results.

Along with the development of Life Data Sweat Formula, the Life Data research lab is conducting further research into other specific conditions in horses. Specific conditions, such as laminitis, are being researched daily in hopes of finding answers to these problems.

You can visit to learn more about Life Data Sweat Formula and the research program.