March 2019 - Opava Eventing
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Friday, 01 March 2019 01:57
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USEA certified trainer Darla Opava offers positive, healthy living and learning environment.

When looking for a training facility that accommodates all the requirements for the horse and all the desires of the rider, the choice is Opava Eventing.

Located in Santa Clarita, and owned and operated by United States Eventing Association Certified Trainer, Darla Opava, Opava Eventing has quickly gained accolades for being a top quality, ethical and first-class training and boarding facility.  If your discipline is eventing, dressage or jumping – or even if it’s riding just for fun – Darla inspires everyone with a facility and program that offers a positive, healthy, living and learning environment for horse and rider.

In 2014, Darla had the opportunity to take the decades of her own training, showing and teaching experiences, and purchased a piece of property on which she built her dream.  From the ground up it has become a superb full-service facility with a full-size dressage court, large jumping and cross-country sand arena, including a multi-level bank complex, and all the amenities necessary for accommodating the needs of both horse and rider.

Besides teaching and training, Darla is an avid competitor herself.  She brings her own horses along slowly and correctly, wanting them to enjoy their job and have a longevity in their lives and careers.  That’s one of the key reasons people go to Darla and stay with her.  Many riders come to her not having the basic elements necessary to ride well and produce a great horse.  A lot of people want to get into the show ring above all else, but Darla’s philosophy is to develop a solid, correct base for both horse and rider.  Once that’s established, going up the levels can be achieved positively, confidently and safely.

Currently with 17 horses on her training roster, plus multiple clients in her lesson program, she works hard to keep her promise to each and every horse and rider.

Comments from her clients speak volumes:

“Darla is not only a superior trainer, but she is kind, honest, fair and ethical.  We love our barn family!”

“My daughter started riding with Darla in December of 2016.  From the moment we moved our horse to Opava Eventing, we have been welcomed and respected.   Her training techniques are top notch and she knows exactly what each horse needs.  My daughter has grown tremendously under her teaching and has regained some confidence she had previously lost.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to be trained by Darla over the past 6 years.  She took a green OTTB and helped make us into a winning team in the show ring!”

“She inspires me to ride my best, to understand my horses and just go for it!”

“Darla has the unique ability to pinpoint your weakness and help with those as well as your strengths and works with those as well.”

“Darla is always patient and understanding and works with all of my insecurities and idiosyncrasies.  I have become a more confident rider.”

Because Opava Eventing is Darla’s passion, she is completely hands-on from all the training and lessons, to feeding, facility maintenance and a multitude of shows and activities.  She offers a summer series schooling jumper show, an eventing summer camp, an adult weekend summer camp, dressage schooling shows and jumping derbies.

Yet two main themes keep running though the abundance of affirmations her clients are quick and happy to offer:

“Darla takes great pride in her facility and that shows from the moment you arrive.”

“Darla treats each horse on her property as if it were her own, which is exactly how I want my horse to be looked after.”

“Opava Eventing is probably the best boarding facility I have ever kept my horse at.  I have so many reasons why, from the health and safety of the horse, to everyone being friendly and supportive, no drama, Darla’s incredible knowledge of behavior, training and husbandry, the facility and amenities themselves, and Darla’s constant efforts to be fair and accommodating to ensure every person’s and every horse’s comfort.”

“I have (a physical disability), so I sometimes need to adapt my riding to how I feel physically when I am on my horse.  Darla has been wonderful about helping me work through these physical challenges in terms of giving me suggestions how to apply different aids (seat and leg) to accommodate how my body feels at that moment.”

“If she gives an instruction that I don’t understand or doesn‘t make sense to me based on what a previous trainer may have said, she wants and encourages me to ask her why/provide a better explanation or to even tell me the same thing a different way until I “get it”.”

With a glass of wine in her hand, knowing her clients are happy and the horses are content, at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

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