August 2017- IEHJA Show Updates
Written by CRM
Saturday, 29 July 2017 19:53
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May & June competitions in Redlands & Temecula kick off a fun summer.

Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association (IEHJA) members successfully participated in two sanctioned shows during the months of May and June 2017. The venues included the May 21st Showcase Horse Show Series in Redlands and the June 10-11 Galway Downs County Series located in beautiful Temecula.  IEHJA riders proved to be competitive in many Divisions with a big showing in the cross-rail classes at both shows. Read more about the individual shows and rider accomplishments:


Jasmine & Lauren.

Showcase Horse Show May 21, 2017

Marci Mosconi judged the second of a four show series held at the Showcase training Stables in Redlands. This show is sanctioned by both IEHJA and the GSDHJA and attracted forty two horses to this one day event. New to this year’s series is the Bill Strum Memorial $300 Cross-Rail Classic. The top ten high point Jr/Am Cross-Rail hunters will be invited to the Showcase Horse Show Series Year End Show in September. Riders have accumulated points at the  March and May Series shows with an additional opportunity at the July 9th show. The winner will receive a trophy and 50% of the purse, second place will receive a leather halter and 30% of the purse and third place will be awarded 20% of the purse. Also new this year is the Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue TB Hunter Division. Open to registered thoroughbreds, riders compete at fence heights set at 2’3” and courses include oxers. Horses in this division are eligible for TIP points but not IEHJA points. The Southern California Thoroughbred rescue will present a monogrammed cooler to the series high point and a bridle to the reserve rider. Again, awards for this division will be presented at the series end of year show in September. The Cross-Rail Division proved to be the most popular with fourteen competitors. IEHJA  recognizes the following riders for their accomplishments:

•    Walk Trot Leadline:  Champion Kiera Kuy; Reserve Chloe Riggs
•    So Cal Thoroughbred Rescue Hunter Divisions: Champion, Jen Hallett; Reserve Jasmine Wheatley
•    Schooling Cross-Rail Division: Champion Kaitlyn Pham; Reserve Jocelyne Reiche
•    Cross-Rail Division (Jr,/Am): Agatha Teaque; Reserve Albert Franco
•    Walk Trot (Jr./Am) Champion Morgan Williams; Reserve Julianna Peraza
•    Green Rider Division Fences 2’3”: Campion Sam Tate; Reserve Makayla Tidball
•    Baby Green Hunter Divisions Fences 2’3”: Champion Mercedes Hanson; Reserve Jessica Abbott
•    Low Children’s/Adult Amateur Hunter Division Fences 2’6”: Champion Hunter Franklin; Reserve Hazel Lenior
•    Short Stirrup Division 12 & Under Fences 2’: Champion Sam Tate; Reserve Chloe Hardgrave
•    Long

Stirrup Division Fences 2’: Champion Jenna Meyers; Reserve Charmaine Chong


Galway Downs County Series June 10-11

Cool, spring like weather and the well maintained grounds at Galway Downs made for an enjoyable two day show experience. Sixty five horses were registered for this show and Champion/Reserve Champions were awarded in 12 divisions. The $500 Hunter Derby, graduated fence heights proved to be very popular and was won by Paul Keenan riding Worthy. Paul and Worthy also won the Hunter Derby warmup, fences at 2’6’. Three medal classes were also offered and were hotly contested. The GSDHJA Flat Medal Class was won by Hunter Franklin riding Raphael.  This duo also won the IEHJA Flat Medal and Kaitlyn Steinmann won the GSDHJA Green Rider Medal, Fences at 2’3”. IEHJA recognizes the following division Champions:

•    Walk Trot: Champion Hallie Higgins; Reserve Melanie Dreher
•    Cross-Rail Hunters 2x around: Champion Julia Kershaw; Reserve Jeanne Monahan
•    Walk Trot Barely Canter: Champion Melanie Reher; Reserve Hallie Higgins
•    Cross-Rail Hunters Course: Champion(s)Jocelyne Reiche, Joanna Tang, Jeanne Monahan; Reserve Melanie Dreher
•    Green Riders: Champion Noah Nelson; Reserve Noah Kai Nelson
•    Baby Green Hunters: Champion Ireland Bloem; Reserve Noelle Roberts
•    Low Childrens-Adult Amateurs Hunter: Champion Noah Nelson; Reserve Noah Kai Nelson
•    Thoroughbred Hunters: Ireland Bloem; Reserve Noelle Roberts
•    Low Hunters: Champion(s) Noah Nelson, Jessica Abbott; Reserve(s) Ashley Blythe, Ireland Bloem
•    Children’s/Adult Amateurs Hunters: Champion Hunter Franklin; Reserve(s) Jenifer Craigmyle, Emma Hughart
•    .85 Open Jumpers: Champion Bruno Diniz Das Nennes; Reserve Glora Roman
•    .95 Open Jumpers: Champion Janie Steiner; Reserve Kate McComas
•    .95 Children’s/Adult Amateurs Jumpers: Champion Gabby Franklin; Reserve Lainey Gerber

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