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August 2021 - Save the Date! IEHJA Announces 2021 Fall Festival Year End Show Date
Written by by Patti Schooley
Friday, 30 July 2021 03:36
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by Patti Schooley

IEHJA President Gretchen Clark is proud to announce the 2021 Fall Festival Year End Show scheduled for November 12th-14th at Galway Downs. This three-day show will have a slight change in format in that jumper classes will be interspersed throughout the show schedule rather than held on a separate day. This change allows for more Junior rider participation in jumper classes. Hunter, Equitation, jumper, and medal classes will be held in three rings with warm up areas nearby. As in past years, the IEHJA Fall Festival Year End Show is open to all riders no pre-qualifying required. Only the Medal Finals require previous participation and point accruement in IEHJA sanctioned Medal Classes. IEHJA plans to offer a Hunter Derby and Mini Prix in addition to its famous “scoot, boot and bounce” team event.  Please refer to the IEHJA website at and select “show calendar” to find the rules and regulation section for a full description of sanctioned divisions and medal classes.

IEHJA has seen a robust 2021 show season and related membership increase. A diverse number of venues have hosted IEHJA sanctioned shows including Victory at the Beach at the Huntington Beach Equestrian Center, South Coast Show Series at Bonita’s Sweetwater Farms, Showcase Show Series in Redlands,  Desert Hot Springs hosts the Saddle Show Series at Willowbrook and the North Inland County Show Series in Temecula. There is still time to join IEHJA,  just sign up online at our website. IEHJA members earn double points at the Fall Festival. Division champions, reserve champions and medal winners will be recognized at the Annual Banquet at Santa Anita Park in February 2022.

Gretchen Clark states “IEHJA has seen a pent-up demand for competition after the cancellation of most of the 2020 show season.” To date most shows have been bigger and better than ever and the application of Covid related rules have made for new efficiencies. Class sizes have increased with many riders stepping up to a new division. More walk-trot and green riders are participating, and medal classes are filling. Way to go riders!

So, mark your calendars, save your money and ready your horses for the IEHJA Fall Festival Year End Show on November 12th-14th! More information will be forth coming as planning progresses. Keep checking the website and social media platforms for details. Hope to see you there!


Riders studying the hunter course. Photo: Tina Fitch Photography

Masha Toroy and Strawberry Wine showing off their jumping skills.

Jasmine Wheatley and Forever Young

Team Garvy at IEHJA 2019 Fall Festival

March 2021 - Association News: IEHJA
Written by by Patti Schooley
Monday, 01 March 2021 19:06
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Meet the 2021-2023 IEHJA Board of Directors

by Patti Schooley

IEHJA members elected a new Board of Directors to serve a two-year term that began in January 2021 and runs through December 2023. Serving as a director is not only a labor of love but a huge commitment of time, resources, and a desire to improve the number and quality of county level horse shows. It is not an easy job; directors are all volunteers and most have day jobs either in or out of the horse industry; some are trainers, some are also show managers, some work in tech and all own horses. As a board, the directors are involved in the management of the association and each chair a critical committee that when combined make up the business of IEHJA.

You may wonder what type of person wants to take on this responsibility, commit themselves to making the competitors experience better, often reducing the amount of time they spend with their own horse(s). They do it to meet the stated goals of IEHJA: To provide competitive horse shows that are well regulated and geared to all riding levels, emphasizing proper horsemanship and horse care, good sportsmanship, and a fun family environment.

Meet the Directors

Gretchen Clark
President, IEHJA, Chair Championship Year End Show and Co-chair Annual Awards Banquet

Gretchen has served on the IEHJA board of directors since its inception and is its long-time president. Gretchen was prompted to help organize IEHJA because the Inland Empire lacked any type of horse show association. IEHJA was created to represent both the riders and the trainers, provide sanctioned, competitive, and well-regulated horse shows via adopted by-laws and rules, create a points system and annual awards. As president organizes the monthly board meetings, directs the committee chairs, addresses member problems and concerns and is the “go to” person for all things concerning IEHJA. She has the difficult but rewarding job of  Championship Year End Show manager. That job includes everything from securing the venue, scheduling classes, creating the program, ordering prizes, ribbons medals and even stall shavings. If there is a job to do Gretchen does it or assigns it to be done. During the show she is in constant demand resolving problems big and small. She plays virtually the same role for the Annual Awards Banquet. These two events are the major activities funded by IEHJA and each draw hundreds of participants. When not involved in the business of IEHJA ( a full-time job in of itself) she owns her own training facility and produces the Showcase Show Series. Gretchen personal goals as a director has been to increase association membership, offer quality horse shows and medal classes and gala annual awards banquet to honor both competitors and trainers. She brings 40 years’ experience as a trainer and horse show manager and encourages members to share their thoughts, ideas, concerns or complaints with her.

0321 iehja2


Lynn La Caze
Chair, IEHJA Website

Lynn is the newest IEHJA director, elected to her first term in 2021. She has the technically challenging assignment of managing the website. The website is IEHJA’s major communication tool for members and nonmembers alike. It provides tabs for IEHJA by-laws and rules, show calendar, updates and general information, member photos, forms, and membership application. Lynn manages this “frontside’ that everyone views but also the “backend” that allows IEHJA to collect monies, send the correct form to the various types of members, interface with the website host and so much more the average person rarely considers. Lynn maybe new to IEHJA but her enthusiasm and energy is up to this challenge. She was drawn to horses at age 11 and the equestrian lifestyle has been the center of her life ever since. She ran for the board of directors because of its grass roots nature that promotes quality horsemanship principals for all ages. One of her personal goals as a director is to liaison with riders in inland San Diego County and encourage participation in IEHJA. Lynn stresses that IEHJA is there for the riders and the board of directors is here to serve your needs. Never hesitate to reach out with any suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

0321 iehja3
Patti Schooley
Secretary, IEHJA and Chair of the Publicity and Marketing Committee

Patti is serving her fourth two-year term on the board of directors and continues with her roles as the secretary and the chair of the publicity and marketing committee. Both positions have been a “learn as you go” proposition as she little experience doing either. While taking the monthly meeting minutes is not difficult, it is sometimes hard to read her own handwriting and make sense of the discussion. Publicity and marketing are much more challenging; writing creatively can be torturous and asking sponsors for donations of goods or financial support intimidating. She is getting better at both. Patti has had horses from a young age, generally back yard quality and she only trail rode. She got her first English saddle at 29 and started taking formal lessons at age 60. She began jumping at 62. Her horse “Beckett” competes regularly at IEHJA sanctioned shows, usually with a young barn associate aboard. She takes pleasure in watching young riders develop and progress in their show careers. Her personal goal as a board of director member is to secure more sponsorships for IEHJA .

0321 iehja4

Joan Romo
Chair, USHJA and Co-chair Annual Banquet Committees

Joan has served on the IEHJA board of directors for ten years. She is the Chair of the USHJA committee which provides horse show rules and guidance for local equestrian associations. USHJA also offers affiliate memberships which provides associations such as IEHJA participation in its programs. Included are medal classes, regional competitions, scholarships, and horsemanship awards. As Chair, Joan liaisons with USHJA staff to ensure program compliance and annual program updates. As Co-chair of the Annual Awards Banquet Joan works with Santa Anita Racetrack to secure venue site, menu, banquet tickets invitations and program. Joan has a long career in the horse industry as a rider and trainer in both the hunter jumper world and major western competitions. She travels from her home base in Montana so her riders can compete in the IEHJA Championship Year End Show. Her personal goal as a board of director member is to expand IEHJA membership and increase participation in USHJA sponsored programs. Joan is passionate about IEHJA because it offers a chance for riders of all levels to compete at affordable prices with reputable judges. Joan states “as an association IEHJA strives to move forward with the times in an ever-changing world.”

0321 iehja5

Jessica Abbott
Clark Vice President, IEHJA and Chair, Membership and Points Committees, Co-chair annual Awards Banquet

Jessica chairs two of IEHJA’s most important committees; membership and points. Both require refined administrative and computer skills to maintain constantly changing data basis, a complete grasp of horse show management and classes offered, and a complicated pointing system. Jessica is so familiar with IEHJA riders she can match member names to their horses, trainers, shows attended and classes competed in without notes! Jessica receives all on-line member applications and reviews for completion, sends out membership cards, records rider horses and answers member questions. She carefully points every IEHJA sanctioned show and provides year end standings. The latter leads into her role on the Annual Awards Committee where she organizes the awards presentation. Jessica started out as a horse crazy kid with backyard horses and has gown into an accomplished rider and trainer. Her love for horses and community involvement led her to run for the IEHJA board of directors. Her main goal is to make IEHJA the best it can be for its members and to keep the organization growing. She believes that IEHJA is a great place for riders to learn and grow into experienced horsemen and women. Jessica states “ We are all here for love of horses and our sport”.

0321 iehja6
Jasmine Wheatley
Co-chair Publicity and Marketing and Social Media Committees

Jasmine is serving her second two-year term on the IEHJA board of directors. As the second youngest board member it is appropriate that she co-chairs the social media committee. IEHJA sites can be found on Facebook and Instagram providing direct communication to our members and the public. Show photos, updates and notices, changes to the show calendar, banquet and year end show information are posted to these platforms. IEHJA members also tag their barn, show and personal photos. Jasmine’s publicity and marketing activities include interacting with potential sponsors and vendors and publicizing IEHJA activities in traditional media outlets. She uses her creative talents to decorate the Santa Anita Racetrack Annual Awards Banquet venue. Jasmine started her horse career at seven becoming her barns unofficial catch rider. Not having a horse of her own she rode any horse available no matter their training. This experience  served her well as she matured as a rider and began showing other people’s horses. She has become an accomplished competitor and trainer. Jasmine is all about the IEHJA member experience. Her personal goal as an IEHJA board of directors’ member is to enrich the member experience via horse shows, sportsmanship, and support of other riders. Horse shows should be competitive but fun and provide as much for the walk trot rider as the 1m jumper.

0321 iehja7
Susan Smith
Treasurer, IEHJA Co-chair Championship Year End Show

Susan has the unenviable position as treasurer which means she must keep the rest of the board living within the association’s financial means. IEHJA makes its revenue from membership, sanctioning and horse show fees. Financial and merchandise sponsorship are also critical in supporting the Year End Show and Annual Awards Banquet. Susan keeps track of all our income and pays the bills. Some readers may wonder what type of bills IEHJA has. They include such items as insurance, prizes and awards, venue deposits and final payment for the Year End Show, judges and officials plus the Annual Banquet site and food. Covid restrictions and show cancellations has made her job that much harder. Susan has served on the IEHJA board for ten years acting as treasurer for the entire time. Because she does such a good job, is honest and hard working the rest of the board will not let her change assignments! Susan has been involved in horse for “a really long time” riding as a junior and amateur and has 31 years’ experience as a trainer and coach. Being a board member allows her to give back to the equestrian community. Susan states “ IEHJA is the ultimate grass roots organization. By producing quality shows and opportunities we help launch new equestrians into the world of hunters and jumpers and offer competitive experience for county level exhibitors.

0321 iehja8
Devynn Sibley
Chair By-laws and Rules and Co-Chair Social Media Committees
Devynn is serving her second two-year term on the IEHJA board. She is our youngest board member and brings a young rider perspective to the board. Devynn has risen through the ranks of junior and amateur rider competing from county level to “A” shows. She is an accomplished horsewoman and is always ready to help a fellow competitor. Devynn is a natural on the Social Media Committee because she “speaks Instagram” and knows how to navigate all social media platforms. She is the board’s go to person for posting on social media.  In complete contrast is her Chairmanship of the By-laws and Rules committee. This old school assignment requires thorough knowledge of USEF and USHJA rules for overall horse show guidance and intimate knowledge of the IEHJA By-laws and rules. Annually she reviews IEHJA’s by-laws and rules and prepares changes and updates for Board approval. She ensures that IEHJA members and show managers are aware of any changes via the Social Medial Committee. Devynn’s personal goals as an IEHJA board member include increasing the number of photos and other information posted on all media platforms, having more members tag IEHJA on their own Instagram posting, expanding the number of classes offered at IEHJA sanctioned horse shows and increasing association membership.

0321 iehja9
Allie Sibley
Chair, Show Management Committee

Allie is not only the Chair of the Show Management Committee but is also mother of Devynn and team barn mom to many!  Allie is a “show parent” and knows what it takes to a fund horse and riders’ pursuit of ribbons . She knows the time and dedication it takes to become proficient rider and the impact it can have on the family. Its why Allie is an ardent supporter of IEHJA’s mission to provide horse shows that are “affordable, well regulated and judged”. Allie applies her horse show management knowledge to her committee duties: she inspects venues, reviews class schedules for compliance with IEHJA rules, provides forms to individual show managers, compiles the annual IEHJA show calendar, seeks out new shows to sanction, handles changed or conflicting show dates, complaints and many other administrative duties. She attends more horse shows than most and can always be seen cheering on Devynn and other IEHJA riders. Allies personal goal as an IEHJA board member is to increase the number, type, and venues of IEHJA sanction shows, expand the number of classes offered in sanctioned shows, encourage more participation in medal classes and expand IEHJA membership.

Now you have met our 2021-23 board of directors. The board invites you to visit our website at for complete association information. The board of directors welcomes your input, comments, and complaints. Also, barn and show photos can be uploaded to our site. Check out our show calendar and plan your next competition. Come join us!


November 2020 - IEHJA Update
Written by by Patti Schooley
Thursday, 29 October 2020 23:41
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association news

Resilient riders look forward to an exciting 2021 show year starting in December

by Patti Schooley

The 2020 show year has been like no other. It started out with high hopes and a full calendar of show dates. Venus were ready, horses schooled, and riders well turned out with new boots and coats. Then Covid 19 blasted into all our lives and little has been the same, especially the how, when, and where of Southern California’s horse show world.


The state’s “stay at home” order shut down the winter/spring show calendar while national, state, and local horse show organizations tried to figure out new Covid restrictions. Questions were asked: Can a horse show, at any level, be organized to protect the health of riders, show managers and volunteers and still be successful? Where do the “barn moms and dads “ go if no spectators are allowed on show grounds? Masks, yes or no? Further complicating matters were the 58 different county health departments each with its own set of rules or guidelines.


IEHJA, along with other local horse organizations, in adherence with USHJA and USEF guidelines, developed the safe procedures necessary to re-boot the horse show season. Show managers across the region had to determine the financial and competitive viability of their show dates. Of the 27 IEHJA scheduled shows, only four were held in the early winter months. The spring shows were all cancelled. June saw the first three safe and successful IEHJA sanctioned shows. The Southern California summer heat always limits the number of venues hosting competition with riders eyeing fall shows to prepare for the November IEHJA year-end show. Unfortunately, the latter fell victim to fallout from Covid 19.

In a letter to IEHJA members, President Gretchen Clark stated……”many shows have been cancelled or rescheduled, lessons have stopped, and finals have been cancelled or changed. Many riders have not been able to attend shows to earn points or qualify for medal finals or year-end awards.” She further discussed the dilemma faced by the IEHJA Board of Directors regarding holding the year-end horse show by stating “The board did not come to this decision lightly. This year our memberships were down, approved shows cancelled, and sponsorships did not come in as usual. The board ultimately decided to cancel the year end show for 2020. Points will be counted for the 2020 show year and awards will be presented.”

The IEHJA board knew its members would be disappointed and looked for ways to positively close out the show year. IEHJA medal classes are hotly contested and riders look forward to the year-end finals. With the help of show manager Chris Willson, the 2020 IEHJA Medal Finals were set to be incorporated into North Inland County Horse Show scheduled for October 16-18 at Galway Downs.

Speaking of winners, congratulations to every rider that competed this year in an IEHJA sanctioned show. It took courage and determination to compete with the new COVID restrictions. Nine summer/fall shows will have been completed by the time this article publishes; that is a lot of classes ridden, champions and reserve champions awarded, and medal classes completed. Diverse show venues from Galway Downs, Willowbrook Riding Club, Showcase Training Stables to Sweetwater Farms hosted these pointed shows. Thanks to the many show managers, volunteers, trainers and moms and dads that went above and beyond to ensure safe competitions.

IEHJA members are looking forward to the start of the 2021 show season. It begins with the North Inland County Show Series on December 11-13 at Galway Downs. We are all now “seasoned competitors” under COVID restrictions. We expect only good surprises in 2021, like winning the blue ribbon or moving up a division! See you all at the next show.

For horse show results go to the IEHJA website at or

March 2020 - IEHJA News
Written by by Patti Schooley
Monday, 02 March 2020 18:56
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association news

IEHJA honors champions and medal winners.

by Patti Schooley

On Sunday, February 16, the Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association held its annual awards banquet at the Santa Anita Park. Attendees enjoyed brunch, awards presentation and a day at the races, all hosted by Ann Lorkowski, DVM.


IEHJA members, their family and friends cheered enthusiastically as awards were presented to both champion and reserve in the hunter, equitation and jumper divisions with ribbons to sixth place. Champions received monogramed barn jackets while reserve won vests. New this year were the IEHJA monogramed knit scarfs awarded to the third-place finishers. All received striking multi strand ribbons appropriate to their placement.

IEHJA Medal Final winners were acknowledged having received their coolers and medal sashes at the IEHJA year-end championship show. Medal Year End High Point winners were awarded bridles and embroidered saddle pads for champion and reserve placement. IEHJA trainers were also recognized for their riders’ medal finals and year-end high point medal standings receiving gorgeous pictures frames. USHJA Outreach Awards at the gold and silver level were also presented with Sam Tate winning three silver and one gold. Way to go Sam!

The winners of the Showdown Perpetual Trophy and the IEHJA Scholarship were also recognized.

IEHJA thanks its current sponsors for their support of the annual awards banquet, year-end championship show and its many other activities. Paradise Electric Scooters provided the grand prize for our famous “ride, scoot and bounce” event at the 2019 year-end show. Banquet and additional show prizes were provided by Cavalor Feed and Supplements, Finish Line Horse Products, Hay Connection, Inland Valley Pet Supply, Kahoots Feed and Pet Supply, all located in Norco, Anaheim Equestrian Center Rancho del Rio, artwork by Cami Jo and gift creations by Sophie. A Special thanks to California Riding Magazine, the official print sponsor of IEHJA.

View additional awards banquet photos at Also check out our 2020 show calendar at the same website.


.75 low ch & AA jumper division R-L Champion Briannah Mcgee, reserve Masha Tafoya and Campbell Lear.

Autum Perez accepting her fourth place ribbon in the walk trot division.

Baby Green champion Hunter Franklin with third place winner Toni Henderson and fourth place Joyce Noel place ribbon in the walk trot division.

Jennifer Hallett, Emma Bryson, Tina Brady, Markley Chaffin accepting fifth for Makala Tidball and Forrest Franklin winners of the low ch & AA Eq. Division.

Jr. & AA Cross rail winners Juliette l’ Anson, Page Cleveland, Kiera Kuy, Campbell Lear accepting the white ribbon for Delaney Rosales and Joyce Noel.

Master of ceremonies, Anne Lorkowski.

Medal Finals & Yr End Hi Pt Trainer Awards L-R Gretchen Clark, Shannon Pagliuso, Janie Steiner, Lorilea Franklin, Nicole Lear and Vickie Rowe.

Mountain View Farms-South riders peaking through the pillars at Santa Anita Park.

Rusty Stirrup winners champion Christina Coulombe, third place Chanel Rhodes and fourth place Jerry Roche.

Walk trot reserve champion Makenna Hull.

October 2019 - IEHJA News: Come One, Come All
Written by by Patti Schooley
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 01:50
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association news

Galway Downs is new location for IEHJA Year End Show Nov. 7-10.

by Patti Schooley

Inland Empire Hunter/Jumper Association president Gretchen Clark is excited to hold this year’s Fall Festival at beautiful Galway Downs in Temecula. This new venue “offers the facilities necessary to grow our year end show,” she states. Now, jumper classes can be offered both Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th. Clark expects this two-day format to attract more jumper riders particularly from the local area. “It no longer made sense for Inland Empire to hold its year end final in Los Angeles County. The bulk of our competitors come from the Inland Empire, Greater San Diego and Orange County.” The Temecula location is central to these competitors.


August 2019 - Toast to New Show
Written by by Patti Schooley
Tuesday, 30 July 2019 19:48
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association news

Competitors enthusiastic about first Wine Country horse show.

by Patti Schooley

Galway Downs hosted 250-plus riders at this June 13-16 event. IEHJA was one of the sanctioning organizations offering hunter, jumper and medal classes, with GSDHJA offering $1000 Jr/AM Hunter Derby and $1000 Open Hunter Derby and Apple Cider Young Rider Hack among many specialty classes. The Wine Country Horse Show provided double points to GSDHJA members.


June 2019 - Interscholastic Equestrian Association Finals
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 28 May 2019 03:32
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association news

West Coast teams maintain their growing profile at middle and high school competition finals back East.

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association hosted its National Hunt Seat finals with over 350 young riders in grades 6-12 at the iconic Holland Arena in Harrisburg, PA – home to the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. From April 26-28, riders from across the United States showed outstanding poise, professionalism, sportsmanship and equestrian ability as they competed in both individual and team classes over fences and on the flat to determine the winners.

April 2019 - USHJA Grants
Written by CRM
Friday, 29 March 2019 00:53
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association news

Ninety thousand dollars in grants available to hunter/jumper association members.

The U.S. Hunter Jumper Association is pleased to open applications for more than 50 Zone grants and scholarships, offering over $90,000 in funding to support members’ aspirations.

April 2019 - Pony Club Update
Written by by Allie Carpenter
Friday, 29 March 2019 00:43
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association news

Local members qualify for championships.

by Allie Carpenter, Regional Supervisor USPC So Cal Region

Each February, members of the United States Pony Club Southern California Region meet for a day of Horse Management competition at a local park in the hopes of qualifying for USPC Championships.  This August, competitors in three divisions will be headed to USPC Championships Central at the Colorado Horse Park after earning top scores at the regional quiz rally. The regional rally was held at Springacre Park in Irvine on Feb. 23 and was hosted by Bridges Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center of San Juan Capistrano.

January 2019 - Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association News
Written by by Shayne Wireman
Thursday, 27 December 2018 23:15
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association news

A good year will be celebrated during Jan. 12 banquet.

by Shayne Wireman

The 2018 GSDHJA Championship Show was packed with fun events and special classes, and with over 300 horse entered, it was a busy week! Additional sponsorships help provide some nice improvements such as viewing tents, and box seats were available in the grandstand. Cunningham & Cunningham Equine Insurance was the title sponsor, and they hosted the Exhibitor Welcome Party, while Across The Rails Riding Academy and Jasmin Stair Stables hosted the Pizza Party, and Concord Equestrian Center hosted the Ice Cream Social.

January 2019 - SoCal Regional Pony Club News: Rally Time!
Written by photos: Olivia Putrin
Thursday, 27 December 2018 22:44
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association news

New San Luis Rey Pony Club Riding Center knocks its first Rally out of the park.

photos: Olivia Putrin

Pony Club. These two words are synonymous with the growth and development of youth in equestrian sports and the organization itself is the largest equestrian organization in the world. Pony Club makes a huge impact on young equestrians every day, and when 4* event rider and coach, Olivia Putrino (formerly Loiacono) noticed there was a need for a Center in her area, she decided it would be a great addition to her program.


February 2021 - The IHSA Board Of Directors Votes To Cancel 2021 Postseason
Written by courtesy of IHSA • photo by Nicole Sullivan
Tuesday, 02 February 2021 20:52
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courtesy of IHSA • photo by Nicole Sullivan

The Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) board of director members convened virtually Jan. 5-7 for their bi-annual meeting. Among the tallied votes on multiple topics, the decision was determined to cancel the 2021 IHSA postseason, specifically Hunter Seat Zone Finals, Western Semi-Finals and the National Championship Horse Show, due to COVID-19.



“With the ongoing pandemic and numbers on the rise, the board voted with the safety and well-being of the membership in mind,” said Peter Cashman, IHSA executive director. “We understand how disappointing it is to membership, many who have been unable to compete this academic year.”

Cashman noted the board has been listening to the leadership of its 400-plus member colleges and universities who continue to be challenged with making tough decisions regarding students’ return to campus, participation in sports and travel restrictions.

“It’s a large organization with 10,000 members,” Cashman said. “The board has agonized over this situation that has forced us to decide to cancel the IHSA postseason for the second consecutive year. We look forward with the hopes that the vaccine will prevent the spread and allow the country to relax restrictions and allow the schools to resume competition in the fall.”

The board announced that the IHSA would offer two online horse shows through during the spring semester. The Inaugural IHSA Online Horse Show was successfully held during the 2020 fall semester, providing an opportunity for those members and teams who continue to ride and practice to compete across the membership. The spring events will again be open to all IHSA undergraduate and alumni members and will include a horsemanship element. Show dates and prize lists will be available soon.

May 2020 - IEHJA Updates: Newly Sanctioned Shows
Written by by Patti Schooley
Wednesday, 29 April 2020 00:04
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association news

Creek Hollow Ranch in Ramona hosts three, one-day show series.

by Patti Schooley

Trainer Buffy Lake spoke enthusiastically about the upcoming Ramona Valley Hunter/Jumper Show Series as a chance for riders to experience “high level show competition” without the pressure associated with an A circuit show. Buffy, along with several other San Diego trainers and show managers are offering shows that are fresh, fun, affordable and family oriented. The one-day format allows for the latter, but the array of classes, technical requirements and course design prepares riders to move up competitively. Buffy also works diligently to hire judges with different perspectives to enhance the show experience. The emphasis on horsemanship and riders helping one another makes this an exciting show series.


Buffy calls herself “an old school trainer” having grown up riding with Karen Healey and Archie Cox. She bases part of her training on the skills and knowledge she obtained from her two mentors. She also gained experience in the world of Thoroughbred racing where she learned to care for horse injuries and different feed programs. She rode and won in the AHSA and PCHA circuit and the Maclay Finals and Nationals. Buffy acknowledges that horse shows can be one measure of a rider’s progress, but they must be fun and enjoyable above all else!


The Ramona Valley Hunter/Jumper Show Series and Buffy Lake’s goals correspond directly with IEHJA’s: “To provide competitive horse shows that are well regulated and geared to all riding levels….emphasizing proper horsemanship and horse care, good sportsmanship and a fun family environment.” Good horse show governance, management and facility quality are all reviewed prior to IEHJA sanctioning.

Creek Hollow Ranch is a state-of-the-art equestrian training and boarding facility with a large and small covered arena ideal for shows. Buffy Lake and her team are experienced show managers eager to draw riders to this new venue. IEHJA members can use this show series to qualify for Medal finals, earn points towards IEHJA championship standings and for the USHJA Affiliate Outreach Program. Greater San Diego medals and points can also be earned by that association’s members. IEHJA strongly recommends that riders join both associations in order to compete in and earn points in sanctioned classes while attending one horse show. IEHJA membership is online only at

The Ramona Valley Hunter/Jumper shows are scheduled for June 14, July 5 and August 30. In these uncertain times riders should check with show management to confirm viability of these dates.

Buffy Lake can be reached at 760-953-1061, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Creek Hollow Ranch is located at 25279 Creek Hollow Drive, Ramona, CA 9206.

January 2020 - IEHJA Update
Written by by Patti Schooley
Tuesday, 31 December 2019 20:00
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association news

Championship year-end show is enjoyed by all.

Galway Downs hosted The Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association’s Championship Year End Horse Show November 7th-10th.  Eighty-three horses and their riders engaged in fierce competition to win a blue, red, yellow or any color ribbon with the goal to accumulate enough points to win a division championship. Twenty-six championships were at stake in the Jumper, Hunter and Equitation Divisions.


Rose Carver, riding three different horses, won a division champion on each. Emma Bryson, riding her own horse Chicago, was also a multiple winner. Landing in other champion or reserve positions were Makenna Hall, Mikayla Tidball, Jasmine Wheatley, Noelle Roberts, Joyce Noelle, Niki Zarcades, Jhonique Baez, Mary Slouka, Christina Brady, Kristie Kurtze, Jessica Abbott, Briannah Mcgee, Lynn Lacaze, Christina Columbe, Chanel Rhodes, Lori Marquardt, Makenna Hamner, Miranda Castorena, Gabby Franklin, Sam Tate and Briniry Werhli. Special recognition goes to Amanda Sorling and Eden Choi both beginning riders winning reserve champions and competing in their first Championship show.


Grand Prize award of a Paradise Electric Scooter presented by Sue Gysin to the winning Willowbrok team. Photo: Tina Fitch Photography

Emma Bryson rocked the equitation ring winning two division champions with Hunter Franklin and Jennifer Hallett in reserve positions. Jhonique Baez riding Zymon and Olivia Lee on Sydney round out the equitation winners.

Brianna Mcgee and Masha Tafoya were multiple winners with Brianna taking division champion in the Low Children’s/Adult Amateur and Schooling Jumpers with Masha taking the reserve. Masha, riding her horse Strawberry Wine, also took reserve in Pre -Training Jumpers while Jessica Abbott aboard her own Dream Catcher took champion. Stepping up her game, Masha took the champion ribbon in the Children’s/Adult Amateur with Carolyn Wickstrand on Solstice in reserve. Athina Zarcades won a three-peat on her horse Come Cie in the Modified Jumpers with Jasmine Wheatley on Gentleman’s Agreement twice in reserve and tied for a third reserve placing with Jessica Abbott. Also taking home the distinctive champion and reserve ribbons were Kayla De St Jean  on Kortesyde and Safa Elzein on Lady in Lace in the .90m Jr/Am Jumpers. Rounding out the Jumper champions was Skylar Hayford and Sam Tate, champion and reserve respectively in the Low Schooling Jumpers. A 1.0m $500 Mini Prix class challenged the competitors with Jessica Abbott, Safa Eizein and Campbell Lear placing first through third respectively.

IEHJA Board members Gretchen Clark and Susan Smithe awarding the Something So Right trophy to Lindsay Snyder. Photo: Tina Fitch Photography

In addition to the Mini Prix, IEHJA held a $500 Fall Festival Hunter Derby that fielded the largest number of competitors. Twenty-four riders coveted the Derby win with Kristie Kurtse, riding Miranda Castorena’s Cromatic, topping the field. The Derby course offered riders a choice of jumping heights from 2’6”, 2’9” and 3’.0” and a two-round format.

The Showdown Perpetual Medal pitted the seven entries over a 2’6”-2’9” jumper style course. The riders, both junior and adult amateurs allowed, were judged on equitation, guidance and control of their horse. A work off of the top two was required. The Medal is sponsored by Joan and Patrick Romo of Mountain view Farms North and South and Jhonique Baez on Zymon won the showdown. Two $100 Hunter Classics were also hotly contested. The Green Rider 2’3” Hunter Classic drew twelve entries with Lori Marquardt riding her own Gamilla Grey taking top honors. Green rider restrictions applied as riders cannot cross enter in any classes with fences exceeding 2’6”. Open to junior and adult amateurs, riders under the age of forty can only enter if they were in their first two years of showing at the 2’6” height. Riders over forty can only enter if they no longer compete over the 2’6” fence height.

The $100 Stirrup Hunter Classic allowed all Short, Long and Rusty Stirrup riders to compete. Miranda Castorena riding her own Cromatic took the first with Briniry Werhli on Zippy Ziggy second and Lauren Cordova on Beckett third.

Jessica Abbott and Justin Clark in the winners circle.

Jennifer Hallett was this year’s IEHJA Horsemanship Scholarship winner. The $250 award was an essay competition open to all junior and adult amateur IEHJA members. This year’s topic, “What is Your Definition of Horsemanship”, was judged on content, how specifically the essay answered the question, spelling and grammar. Congratulations to Jennifer. Lindsay Snyder was awarded the “Something So Right Trophy”. This competition was open to all horse owners that had persevered through personal or horse related difficulties and never gave up no matter what the odds.

Perhaps the most exciting class of the show was Jump, Scoot and Bounce which was held Saturday evening after the Hunter Derby. This team event has become a hallmark of the  IEHJA Championship Show with teams comprised of competitors, family and friends. Essentially a relay, the first team member rides a designated course. In this instance it was a gallop around the arena with the rider dismounting and tagging the scooter driver. The driver had to complete an obstacle course and was penalized for time faults and knocking tennis balls off course delineators. The third team member, usually the youngest and most supple, then mounted a bouncy ball and made a mad dash to the finish line. If you have never experience riding a bouncy ball let’s just say they’re hard to propel forward and kill your legs. The team from Willowbrook Riding Academy had the fastest time and won the grand prize mobility scooter donated by Paradise Electric Scooters. Sue Hilton Gysin presented the scooter to the Willowbrook team comprised of Gabby Franklin, mom Lorilea and Sam Tate.

Kristie Kurtze jumping Cromatic. Photo: Tina Fitch Photography

IEHJA thanks all its winners and all the competitors that participated in the Year End Championship Horse Show. A big nod of gratitude goes to the trainers and family and friends that support every competitor. This show could not have happened without the support of its sponsors; Paradise Electric Scooters, The Hay Connection, Cavalor, Finish Line, The Sporting Life Magazine and of course Riding Magazine. IEHJA also recognizes the great photography provided by Tina Finch Photography. Follow IEHJA on its website, or on Instagram. View next year’s show calendar and up and coming events such as the Annual Red-Carpet Awards Banquet at Santa Anita Racetrack on February 16, 2020. Hope to see all of you competitors and more and next years Championship Show which will again be held at Galway Downs.

Article provided by Patti Schooley for IEHJA.

August 2019 - California Dressage Society
Written by CRM
Thursday, 01 August 2019 21:55
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association news

Peak of activity throughout the state.

July was a busy month for CDS, on both ends of the state. The Junior/Young Rider Championships, South, took place at Galway Downs in Temecula on July 13-14. That same weekend, an Equine Insurance/Regional Adult Amateur Competition (RAAC) was going on at Starr Vaughn Equestrian in the Sacramento area’s Elk Grove.


June 2019 - IEHJA News
Written by by Patti Schooley
Tuesday, 28 May 2019 03:36
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association news

Association supports new memorial trophy honoring a special horse & partnership.

by Patti Schooley

The “Something So Right” Memorial Trophy is being offered as part of the Showcase Show Series held at Showcase Training Stables in Redlands CA. This was the home barn of Simon, shown under the name of Something So Right and his adult amateur owner Lauren Mauldin.


May 2019 - IEHJA Winter Show Roundup
Written by by Patti Schooley
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 02:29
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association news

IEHJA Riders shine despite a rainy start to the show season.

by Patti Schooley

Southern Californians are so lucky, our show season can start in December and run for a full 12 months! The IEHJA season starts out in December with the Willowbrook Riding School Saddle Series in Desert Hot Springs.

April 2019 - IEHJA Update
Written by CRM
Friday, 29 March 2019 00:50
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association news

Annual awards banquet is a big hit.

The Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association held its annual Red Carpet Awards Banquet on Sun., Feb. 17 at beautiful Santa Anita Racetrack. Attendees enjoyed a catered lunch as the 2018 Division Champions and Reserve Champions were presented to the Hunter, Equitation and Jumper winners. Also presented were the winners of the IEHJA Medals Final, IEHJA Medals Year End High Point, Medal Finalists and Year End High Point Trainers, presentation of the Showdown Perpetual Trophy and the USHJA Outreach Medals. A special presentation was made to the winning “Jump, Scoot and Bounce” team and the “Fall Festival” Year End Horse Show Hi Point trainer. Cruzzin Mobility Scooters sponsored both awards. Other sponsor recognition was given to Slews Chews, Hygain Feeds, Shaplys, Hunt Seat Paper Co., Hemp City, Dover Saddlery and California Riding Magazine. IEHJA thanks its sponsors, volunteers, riders and their families for a successful 2018 show season.

February 2019 - IEHJA Awards Banquet
Written by CRM
Friday, 01 February 2019 02:07
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Lorilee Franklin of Willowbrook Riding Club to be Presented Coveted Award on Feb. 17 at Santa Anita Racetrack.

Competitors from Willowbrook Riding Club should be doubly proud of the ribbons they won at the IEHJA End of Year Show. Not only did each ribbon recognize and award the individual riders’ accomplishments but also contributed to the total score for hi-point trainer. Together, Willowbrook riders won enough champion, reserve champion, medal finals and ribbons, from first place blue to eighth place brown, to claim the award for Lorilee. The prize, a scooter donated by Cruizzin Mobility Scooters, will be useful at shows and around the barn. At a top speed of 7 mph (even off-road), Lorilee can be at one arena to the next or at one end of her barn to the other in a matter of minutes! Congratulations to Lorilee and the Willowbrook riders.


January 2019 - The IEHJA Fall Festival End of Year Show is a “Cruzzin” Success!
Written by CRM
Thursday, 27 December 2018 23:05
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association news

Riders compete in unique Ride, Scoot & Bounce Event with winning team taking home $1000 prize money.

IEHJA and sponsor Cruzzin Mobility Scooters, put on a first of its kind Ride, Scoot and Bounce event at the November 16-18, 2018 End of Year Horse Show. This Friday night event, held under the lights at the City of Industry Expo Center, was fiercely competitive and hugely entertaining.


October 2018 - IEHJA Update: It’s Showtime!
Written by by Patti Schooley
Thursday, 27 September 2018 19:35
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Year-ending Fall Festival set for November.

by Patti Schooley

The City of Industry Expo Center will again host the IEHJA Fall Festival end of year horse show Nov. 16-18, 2018. This event, open to all riders, culminates a very competitive 2018 show calendar.

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