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October 2018 - IEHJA Update: It’s Showtime!
Written by by Patti Schooley
Thursday, 27 September 2018 19:35
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Year-ending Fall Festival set for November.

by Patti Schooley

The City of Industry Expo Center will again host the IEHJA Fall Festival end of year horse show Nov. 16-18, 2018. This event, open to all riders, culminates a very competitive 2018 show calendar.


Jessica Abbott and Berlin in the winners circle.

This year IEHJA sanctioned 25 horse shows throughout the Southern California region. Add to that shows sanctioned by other hunter/jumper associations and you have a huge competitive pool ready to participate at the end of year show. Come join the competition, there are classes for every rider level, marvel at the quality of prizes and awards and participate in the fun!

Beckett with Caitlin Lee aboard at IEHJA Finals. Photo: VonDell Images

The IEHJA Fall Festival is renowned for its “after hours” barn activities that promote good natured team competition and rider camaraderie. It starts with the Friday night meet-and-greet dinner hosted by the IEHJA board of directors. The main barn aisle is cleared, and a banquet table Is loaded down with delicious dishes for rider, family and friend consumption. In past years, fiercely competitive (and hysterically funny) bouncy ball and stick horse races have been held.

This year the IEHJA board of directors decided to take this one step further and created an official show class called “ride, drive and bounce”. This Friday night team event will consist of three members; one to ride a hunter course, one to drive (type of transportation to be a surprise) and last to bounce to the finish line. A cash prize will be awarded to the fastest team with the fewest jumping faults. This event will take place under the lights in the covered dome of the upper arena.

Jasmine Wheatley and Forever Young.

Friday is also the jumper extravaganza. All jumper classes will be held in the lower arenas to facilitate trainers and riders alike. Jumper classes run in height from 2’3” to 1M. and should prove exciting. If you only want to jumpers, come for the day (a small day fee charge applies) and stay for the Friday night fun. Maybe form your own “ride, drive and bounce” team to contend for the cash award.

Saturday starts off with the full scope of hunter classes in both the indoor and outdoor arenas. Cross-rails are a very popular division as the entry point to the horse show experience. IEHJA encourages cross-rail participation for all beginning rider members because they are our future show jumpers. From cross-rails classes to green rider to handy hunters to the modified, low children, child/AA and the stirrup classes, Saturday is an action-packed day. Add in the USHJA Medal Classes, the Fall Festival Hunter Derby and the Green Rider Hunter classic (with cash awards)  and the popular hunt team pairs and there is something for everyone.

Hannah Rohr wins multiple championship ribbons.

Not to be out done, Sunday starts out with the IEHJA Medal Finals. Riders in the Medal Finals have competed throughout the year in IEHJA sanctioned classes and have either won their division or accumulated enough points to qualify. Also, on Sunday IEHJA awards its scholarship to the winner of the essay contest and the themed tack room decorating award. The low hunter and the hunter equitation divisions are also held as well as the second half of Saturday’s hunter, cross rails and stirrup divisions. Another busy day for riders, trainers and horses too!

Check out the IEHJA website at for more information on the Fall Festival end of year horse show. Stall reservations must be made by separate arrangement by contacting show manager Gretchen Clark at 909-798-9479. The first 10 trainers reserving and paying for five or more stalls will receive one free stall. See you at the show!

September 2018 - IEHJA: The Heat Is On
Written by by Patti Schooley • photos: Team Barn Mom Photography
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 22:27
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Members battle heat & each other chasing in points hunt for Fall Festival.

by Patti Schooley • photos: Team Barn Mom Photography

The “lazy days of summer” is certainly a misnomer when applied to the IEHJA summer horse show season. In Southern California it’s hot, it’s humid and the riders are certainly not lazy as they train and show in uncomfortable conditions. Most normal people (and by that, I mean non-horse owners/riders), do not understand a rider’s competitive passion.


But summer is the height of the show calendar; there are points to be earned before the end of year horse show. The IEHJA “Fall Festival,” scheduled for November 16-18 at the City of Industry Expo Center, promises challenging hunter/jumper courses, great prizes and awards, scholarship monies, a hosted exhibitor/family “meet and greet” dinner and much more. As a new twist, IEHJA has added a “ride, drive and bounce” class with a monetary prize attached.


Stay tuned to the IEHJA website (, the show premium and this magazine for more exciting horse show information!

Caitlin Lee and Rebel Without a Cause on course at the July Victory show.

Amelia Kent riding Everythings Coming Up Daisy.

Lilah Nakatani riding Sadie Hawkins.

Amanda Gomez and Hero MK at July Victory show.

August 2018 - IEHJA Update: Summer/Fall Show Season
Written by by Patti Schooley
Friday, 27 July 2018 03:35
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Still time to accumulate points for IEHJA end of year annual horse shows.

by Patti Schooley

Riders still chasing points or medal qualification need to look no further than the IEHJA show calendar. There are 11 one or two-day sanctioned shows scheduled between August and the end of October providing for plenty of competitive opportunities. With venues located in Riverside, Orange and San Diego Counties, IEHJA offers a convenient location no matter where you live in Southern California. Additionally, most IEHJA horse shows have multiple sanctioning bodies including GSDHJA, OCHSA and USHJA. Medal classes are also offered by these same sanctioning bodies. Not a member of IEHJA? Sign-ups available on line at or at individual show offices. The IEHJA competitive season ends with the “Fall Festival” scheduled for November 16-18 at the City of Industry Expo Center. This year end show is open to IEHJA members and non-members alike.

June 2018 - Show Report: Pony Club Mega Rally
Written by by Kimberly Rhodes
Thursday, 31 May 2018 19:05
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Young equestrians shine at El Sueno Equestrian Center.

by Kimberly Rhodes

The Camino Real Region Pony Club Mega Rally was held April 21-22 at the prestigious El Sueno Equestrian Center in Ventura County’s Somis. The Pony Club members competed in their choice of dressage or jumper classes as teams of three or four riders and a stable manager.

April 2018 - IEHJA Championship Awards Banquet
Written by by Patti Schooley
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 17:49
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Red Carpet awards event includes a day at the races at Santa Anita.

by Patti Schooley

The majestic San Gabriel Mountains provided the backdrop to the 2017 IEHJA Championship Awards Banquet held at Santa Anita Racetrack. This event, held Sunday, Feb. 18, included a spectacular awards presentation, a catered brunch and a day at the races. The banquet’s setting, located adjacent to the track’s finish line, offered up close race viewing. A dozen banquet tables accommodated IEHJA members, their families and friends. The awards tables ran the length of the banquet area and were layered with ribbons, jackets, trophies, silver cups, bridles, pads, picture frames and other prizes and forms of rider recognition.

March 2018 - IEHJA Update
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 27 February 2018 22:03
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Many advantages of membership.

The mission of IEHJA is to sanction horse shows and events that promote safe, affordable and competitive venues for hunter, jumper and equitation riders, owners and trainers. To accomplish this mission IEHJA has a Board of Directors and various committees that review horse show venues prior to sanctioning shows, create annual horse show calendar, tracks member show points, has an awesome website with photos, a meet the trainers section, sponsor acknowledgement, membership lists, an upcoming events section and of course by-laws and organizational rules. Members receive e-mail reminders of upcoming shows, changes in dates, can pose questions and queries, send in photos and generally keep up to date with IEHJA.

February 2018 - IEHJA Update
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 21:32
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Meet Our Trainers - Part II

The Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association (IEHJA) is supported by a number of professional trainers, barns and riding academies located throughout Southern California. Their programs range from beginners on lesson horses to riders new to the hunter/jumper show scene to dedicated show competitors chasing points at the county and higher circuit level to older adult riders enjoying the schooling process. No matter your riding level, horse owner or not, competitor or casual rider, IEHJA has a trainer for you. Whether you live in the San Bernardino Mountains, the deserts of Riverside, San Diego or Riverside counties or you call urban Orange and Los Angeles counties home, there is an IEHJA trainer near you.

February 2018 - USEF & USHJA Drug Rules Shocker
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 21:16
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Medications Issue Shocker: USEF & Farmer-Glefke Resolve Litigation

USEF has resolved the litigation with Kelley Farmer and Larry Glefke for their alleged July 2016 GABA violation. USEF is voiding the proceeding from the outset and vacating all penalties and suspensions, thereby restoring Ms. Farmer and Mr. Glefke to active membership effective July 1, 2017. They are free to enjoy all privileges of membership including participation in competition.

January 2018 - USDF Updates
Written by CRM
Thursday, 28 December 2017 05:32
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Adult Amateur Musical Freestyle Awards.

The United States Eventing Association’s 2018 USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Championship will be held at Virginia Horse Trials (VHT) in Lexington, Va. during the Virginia CCI/CIC and Horse Trials May 24-27, 2018.
VHT hosted the inaugural Intercollegiate Championship in 2016 as well as the second eddition in 2017. The Championship will return to VHT for one more year before moving on to a new venue.


January 2018 - IEHJA Update
Written by by Patti Schooley
Thursday, 28 December 2017 05:14
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Thanks to riders and sponsors for a successful Fall Festival Year-End Show.

by Patti Schooley

The Fall Festival year end horse show, held November 17-19 at the City of Industry Expo Center was a big hit with IEHJA competitors. The courses were challenging, the competition fierce but friendly, awesome prizes were awarded and in certain sponsored classes, monetarily rewarding. IEHJA thanks its many sponsors for their generosity including Infused Edibles (maker of CBD horse treats), The Hay Connection (a full-service feed supplier located in Norco), Caston Inc. (lighting contractors), Dover Saddlery (providing corporate support to IEHJA), Sports Life Magazine (a digital and print magazine focusing on all types of sporting activities) and Vamp Inc. (permanent make up). IEHJA also recognizes Cornerstone Equestrian Center (Susan Smith trainer) and Showcase Training Stables (Gretchen Clark trainer) for their supporting messages to all riders competing in the year end horse show. Also, a big thanks to California Riding Magazine for supporting IEHJA through its publication of monthly association related articles. Lastly, thanks to all the riders and their families who support IEHJA throughout the show year culminating in their participation in the year end horse show.

December 2017 - Know Before You Show
Written by CRM
Friday, 01 December 2017 00:01
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USEF rule changes affecting hunter/jumper sport take effect December 1.

In an effort to help members understand the rule changes coming into play, the United States Hunter Jumper Association has issued a Know Before You Show guide of rule changes taking effect for the new competition year. The following are important rule changes that will be effective Dec. 1, 2017, for the 2018 competition year and affect hunter/jumper competition. Visit for a comprehensive list of rule changes that were approved in early 2017 and will take effect for the 2018 competition year. The entire 2018 USEF Rulebook is available at

September 2018 - Local Pony Clubbers Rock
Written by by Lindsey Allen
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 22:25
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Southern California Region Wins at USPC West Coast Championships.

by Lindsey Allen

"All regions line up on the east side of the arena for opening ceremonies in alphabetical order!”

My sister and I were among the first to reach the designated area, but we hesitated to form a line. As the organizer proceeded to recite the names of the United States Pony Club regions present, we exchanged amused smiles with the other girl from our region. Southern California was indeed to the rear of the line as we had thought. But it wasn’t just near the end. It was the end. Thus began our 2018 Pony Club Championships West experience at Donida Farm Equestrian Center in Auburn, WA, Aug. 6-10.


Because my sister and I were in a different division than our SoCal colleague, we would combine with two girls from Oregon region to compete. These multi-region teams are called “scramble” teams. While they are more unpredictable competitively, we loved the opportunity they gave to get to know Pony Clubbers from across the country. We had met our Oregon teammates moments before opening ceremonies. They had found us in the crowd (someone must have told them to look for the identical twins) and introduced themselves. We liked each other immediately.


Soon a woman over a megaphone began announcing the regions to the audience. The snake of Pony Clubbers began to inch its way forward. While we waited, we recognized other regions from California. We chatted a bit with Sierra Pacific, also a group of three, and we hailed Middle California as it went past. There were only a few regions at Championships West, and I was pleased that I had brought more than enough Southern California pins to trade. I wondered how many other regions’ pins I could get onto my hat.

Finally we heard our region’s name over the megaphone, and we marched proudly into the covered arena. I waved and smiled like there were 20 of us instead of three. We took our place facing the crowd and accepted the applause of families, friends, and volunteers. After a quick round of acknowledgements and a recitation of the Pony Club Pledge, the ceremonies concluded. We posed for a Southern California group picture before heading into town for the night.
The Kick-Off Quiz

The competition started the next morning. We competed in Quiz, a sport that tests knowledge of Horse Management in five phases that cater to different learning styles. The first phase of the day, Classroom, was our favorite. Competitors stand individually and answer a question provided by a judge. They can ask for questions at their current certification levels or up to two levels above by the end of the phase. This is usually voluntary, but this time the judges required us to participate at least one level above in the second round and two above in the final round. This kept the scores more equitable in such a small division, but it made the phase more challenging. Our team triumphed over a few missed questions and finished with a good score.

(left to right) Lindsey Allen, Claire Frank, Charis Bronson, Ashley Allen. Photo: Michelle Allen

The next phase did not start until the afternoon, so our team got to know each other while we watched other Pony Clubbers compete in Showjumping. It was so exciting to watch the riders and their horses.

Each partnership was unique in appearance and style. We cheered extra loudly when one teammate’s best friend was on course. We watched a foxhunting demonstration by a local hunt club and met the hounds, who adored the attention smothered on them by dozens of kids. We also learned about hunting etiquette (the Hunt master wears the red coat) and how modern hunts progress (they drag a scent beforehand instead of chasing live foxes).

Our final phase of the day, Megaroom, began after lunch. This phase has competitors match horse-related objects on a table to names on a sheet of paper within a certain time limit. It often has an obscure item or two that becomes controversial, but Quiz has an inquiry process for that very purpose. It allows competitors to defend their opinions on incorrect answers. If they can support their answer with Pony Club resources and convince the judge, they receive the points for that question. Each member on our team got at least half of the items on each table correct, so we went to our hotels satisfied with our performance.


Stations, the first phase on day two, is done as a group. Teams work together to answer questions at five different stations. The topics in Stations can get very creative, giving an equestrian flair to everything from Pictionary and charades to Velcro labels and Taboo. Our team loved Stations, not only because it was fun, but also because we got a perfect score. It also gave us a chance to strengthen our team bond, which had already grown in leaps and bounds. We had time to watch some Dressage before our next phase, and we enjoyed watching a girl compete in Western Dressage, a new discipline in Pony Club.

That afternoon we took the Written Test. Each competitor receives a test with multiple choice and true-false questions covering many Horse Management topics. We also had to work as a team on the tiebreaker, available in case anyone tied on the test. All of us did very well. My sister and I won an inquiry on the same question, which filled our whole team with pride. The next day we competed in the final phase called Barn, which is a hands-on application of Horse Management individually and as a team. We helped each other through our team question, and our individual scores were pretty good. We were a tight-knit group by the competition’s end, and we exchanged contact information while we waited for awards to begin.

Our division went first in awards, and with only three teams to place, it went very quickly. When the other two teams received third and second place, our team stared at each other in disbelief. We had won! Our faces shone brighter than our medals as we posed for team pictures. Our goodbyes were bittersweet when the four of us parted ways. Our team had disbanded, but we had memories of an amazing three days that kept us united. Those memories did not just include us competing together. We had become champions together.

Author Lindsey Allen is an HB-rated member of the Sandia Creek Ranch Pony Club Riding Center, Southern California Region.

July 2018 - IEHJA Update
Written by by Patti Schooley
Friday, 29 June 2018 23:18
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Two new venues, in Norco & Bonita, join the association itinerary.

by Patti Schooley

The 2018 IEHJA Horse Show season just got better with the addition of two new IEHJA sanctioned shows, Parkside Horse Shows and the South Coast Show Series. Parkside Horse Shows are bringing hunter/jumper events back to Norco’s Ingalls Park while South Coast Show Series are being held at Sweetwater Farms in Bonita. These two venues provide new locations for IEHJA members and other Southern California riders to compete and chase points. Local trainers enjoy the proximity to their home barns resulting in more rider participation. Whether you trailer in or ride over to the show grounds, Parkside and South Coastal Series are an exciting and needed addition to the show calendar.

May 2018 - IEHJA Update
Written by by Patti Schooley
Sunday, 29 April 2018 17:30
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Highlights abound from a season that’s in full swing.

by Patti Schooley

The Willowbrook Saddle Series held Dec. 3, 2017 marked the start of the 2018 IEHJA horse show calendar. Held at the Willowbrook Equestrian Center in Desert Hot Springs, this was the third of an eight-show series that takes advantage of the beautiful weather during the winter, spring and fall months. In addition to the December date, shows were held on Jan. 7, Feb. 11 and Mar. 3. Future spring dates include May 20. Fall dates are set for Sept. 30 and an October date to be determined. The Saddle series is in its 26th year and is sanctioned by IEHJA, GSDHJA, OCHSA and USHJA Outreach. Class results and division champions can be found on but the following is a sampling of winners from each of the shows:

April 2018 - IEA Update
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 17:44
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Interscholastic Equestrian Association grows nationally & especially in the West.

Celebrating its 16th competition season, the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA), has again set a record for membership. This season (2017-2018), membership is nearly 14,000. While the highest concentration of members is east of the Mississippi; the Western states are experiencing a greater percentage of growth. A new membership category-Junior Contributing Member-also attracted many new IEA participants.

March 2018 - CDS Meeting & Symposium Report
Written by Anne Hempy
Tuesday, 27 February 2018 21:54
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Championship show change proposals & young horses in the spotlight in Sacramento.

by Anne Hempy • photos: Tamara with the Camera

The California Dressage Society Annual Meeting was held on Jan. 19-21 in Sacramento. The meeting began on Friday at the Embassy Suites Sacramento Riverfront with a meeting of the board members, and opened up to a larger audience on Saturday morning with representatives and members from all chapters in attendance.

February 2018 - CPHA & PCHA Awards Banquets
Written by photos by Tish Quirk
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 21:22
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photos by Tish Quirk

Hunter/jumper exhibitors traded in boots and britches for party clothes to celebrate 2017 accomplishments and contributions during awards banquets for the California Professional Horsemen’s Association and the Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association. The gatherings took place in downtown San Diego, January 5-6. Tributes to the CPHA special award winners can be found at or in our January print issue.

Thank you to Tish Quirk for the photos!


January 2018 - USEA Updates
Written by CRM
Thursday, 28 December 2017 05:34
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USEA Intercollegiate Championship returns to Virginia, bid process to determine future venue.

The United States Dressage Federation™ rolls out the new Adequan®/USDF Adult Amateur Musical Freestyle Awards this year. Awards will be given at the following levels; First, Second, Third, Fourth, Intermediate I, and Grand Prix, with the champion and reserve champion at each level receiving a commemorative award, presented at the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention.


January 2018 - CDS Annual Meeting & Symposium
Written by by Kevin Reinig, CDS president
Thursday, 28 December 2017 05:29
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Accomplishments, education, sport growth and young horse development are this year’s focus Jan. 19-21 in Sacramento.

by Kevin Reinig, CDS president

Starting in January, the California Dressage Society heads into its next 50 years with the Executive Board Meeting, Annual Meeting and Symposium, Jan. 19-21. It will be held in Sacramento: The meetings take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel and the Symposium takes place at Starr Vaughn Equestrian in nearby Elk Grove.

December 2017 - Area VI News: The 2017 Championships
Written by Photos: MGO Photography
Friday, 01 December 2017 00:05
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Generous sponsors make this year’s finale extra special.

photos: MGO Photography

This years’ Area VI Eventing Championships took place Oct. 20-21 at the Fresno County Horse Park. “We welcomed sponsorship for the first time,’ says Area VI chairman Chris Scarlett. “We can’t thank them enough for their generous support and for working with the Fresno County Horse Park’s John Marshall to make the competition a very special event. They have started the ball rolling on making the Area Championships a year-end goal. The Fresno County Horse Park and the crew with course designer Bert Wood made the championship cross-country courses more challenging for the riders contesting the championships.”

December 2017 - IEHJA Update
Written by CRM
Thursday, 30 November 2017 23:59
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Meet Our Trainers.

The Inland Empire Hunter Jumper Association is supported by a number of professional trainers, barns and riding academies located throughout Southern California. Their programs range from beginners on lesson horses to riders new to the hunter/jumper show scene to dedicated show competitors chasing points at the county and higher circuit level to older adult riders enjoying the schooling process. No matter your riding level, horse owner or not, competitor or casual rider, IEHJA has a trainer for you. Whether you live in the San Bernardino Mountains, the deserts of Riverside, San Diego or Riverside counties or you call urban Orange and Los Angeles counties home, there is a IEHJA trainer near you.

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