New Product Release - Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost Enhanced Formula
Written by CRM
Monday, 23 July 2018 18:15

Healthy circulation is vital to equine performance and recovery, but can be impacted by a variety of factors from diet to stress and inflammation.  Decreased blood circulation is closely tied in with tendon injuries, hoof conditions, muscular ailments, navicular disease, and laminitis.  Improving or supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and blood circulation is an important step in aiding recovery of almost any condition.

The circulation of blood is dependent on many factors, but dilation or relaxation of blood vessels improves movement of blood to vital areas.  An amino acid, L-Arginine, is closely linked with circulation through aiding nitric oxide production in the body, which helps to relax blood vessels.  In some horses, the L-Arginine pathway is impaired due to inflammation in the body, and despite supplementation with this amino acid, results are minimally achieved.

This opens the door for a new pathway for nitric oxide production in the body, through the help of foods naturally rich in nitrates. 

Some foods are naturally rich in nitrates, which when ingested, are converted through various pathways to nitric oxide, thus supporting blood vessel health and circulation outside of the traditional L-Arginine pathway. Despite nitrates being present in many 'green' food sources, not all green foods have significant levels of nitrates. 

Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost Enhanced Formula is a research supported blend created by Nouvelle Research, Inc. using 3 foods rich in natural nitrates.

  • Green Spinach
  • Beet Root
  • Barley Grass

The Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost provides over 2200 mg of naturally occurring nitrates per serving to support overall nitric oxide production and cardiovascular health.  It is a great addition to any recovery program or as part of a regimen to minimize injury by supporting healthy circulation.

Cur-OST EQ Nitric Boost doesn't just provide natural nitrates for circulation, but is also a potent source of naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals to further support your horse's health from the skin to feet, tendons to muscles, heart to lungs.

Give your horse a boost in the right direction with natural plant based support for the cardiovascular system and circulation!

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Nouvelle Research, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Cur-OST line of curcumin based equine supplements that target the inflammatory response.  Dr. Tom Schell has been an avid researcher of inflammation, applying and conducting research with the goal of developing new options to help maintain health in the horse.  For more information please visit our website at or by calling 1-800-476-4702.

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