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Melbourne Cup 2021 - Everything you need to know
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Thursday, 21 October 2021 20:09
The Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest events on a packed Australian sporting calendar, drawing millions of sets of eyes to their TV screens on the first Tuesday of November each and every year. Having first been held in 1861, the event is steeped in tradition, something that adds significantly to the theatre of an event which, in normal times, is regularly held in front of in excess of 100,000 excitable spectators. One of the biggest days for online betting in Australia, this number of spectators makes the Melbourne Cup as attended – and often more – than the AFL Grand Final.

The 2021 edition of the Cup – affectionately known as The Race That Stops a Nation – will be the 161st running of the event, and if Melbourne Cup betting tips are anything to go by, there are a host of great chances to take it out. We’ll take a look in greater detail at some of those a little later on, but for now, these are some of the must-know facts about this celebrated race.

The Race Details

The Melbourne Cup is a gruelling test, run over 3,200 metres around the spacious Flemington racetrack. The total number of horses able to compete is now capped at 24 for safety reasons, but in the past there have been much larger fields, with the biggest Melbourne Cup race taking place back in 1890 when a huge 39 horses were accepted into the race.

There is a huge amount of prestige which comes with winning the race, but it’s safe to say there is a fairly hefty financial incentive, too. The total Melbourne Cup prize money currently sits at a whopping $8 million, making it one of the richest races in the world. Of that, $4.4 million goes to connections of the winner, $1,1 million to connections of the runner-up, while finishers all the way down to 12th are still the recipients of a cool $160,000.

When Is It?

Every year, the Melbourne Cup takes place on the first Tuesday of November, and this year is no different. In 2021 it falls on the 2nd of November, with the jump set to take place at 3pm. Though it’s the Cup which is the showcase event of the day, Flemington will play host to a bumper program kicking off around midday, with numerous other Group races set to thrill fans and punters alike throughout the course of the day.

Melbourne Cup Winning Chances

The runaway favourite for the Melbourne Cup is the unstoppable Incentivise, who recently put paid to his opponents in the Caulfield Cup in a 3.5 length victory to make it nine wins on the trot. He will, however, have to buck a significant historic trend to at the Melbourne Cup to his list of achievements, having been asked to carry 57kg in the great race – a weight no horse except for Makybe Diva has carried to victory in the past five decades.

His biggest threat appears to be undoubtedly Spanish Mission, a horse from the United States who is trained in Great Britain and will be one member of the significantly reduced contingent of international horses to compete in this edition of the race. The winner of six races between 2000 and 3600 metres, he is an elite stayer who will make his presence known down the lengthy Flemington straight.

Twilight Payment was a surprise winner last year, making every post a winner en route to an extraordinary front running victory, and after a couple of good results abroad over the past few months he is considered a live chance to become the first horse to win back-to-back Cups since Makybe Diva. Like Incentivise, the nine-year-old would have to buck a trend of his own to win the event given the age profile of most winners, but he already did that as an eight-year-old last year, so why not again?

The Melbourne Cup is known as The Race That Stops a Nation for a reason. For over 160 years, it has captured the imagination of racing fans and punters around the country and indeed the world, and has for a long time been recognised as arguably the pre-eminent staying race in the world. Each year, the winner of the race etches his or her name into a very special part of horse racing folklore, as do the jockey, trainer and owners. Heading into the 2021 edition of the event there are a number of chances to join that illustrious list, headed by the ineffable Incentivise, and as usual, it shapes up as a compelling three and a half minutes of racing.
Will Simpson Stables Relocates to Ocala, FL
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Thursday, 05 August 2021 00:00

Professional Show Jumper and Olympic rider, Will Simpson and his wife Amelia Simpson, have recently relocated Will Simpson Stables to Ocala, FL after being based out of Thousand Oaks, CA for 38 years.



“We are settling into Ocala, the horses are happy in their pastures and the showing is great here. We are lucky enough to have two show circuits HITS and WEC right here in
our hometown throughout most of the year. We are very excited about our new venture here.”

Will Simpson has been having quite a successful show season on the West Coast with Chacco P and Whoop De Doo. He received the Judy Martin Perpetual Trophy at the Riders Cup and since moving, he and Chacco have already been showing at the WEC, competing in the 1.45m at the WECO Summer VI Show.

Photos: Lindsey Long Photography

5 of the most epic dressage freestyle Grand Prix of all time
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Monday, 10 May 2021 16:42
Dressage is often regarded as the equine equivalent of ballet. Rider and horses perform complex moves and gait changes to amuse fans all over the world. It is considered to be more like an art than a sport. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions of social distancing are still in place. People can stay home and enjoy their favorite dressage competition and royal ascot free bets with lucrative offers for everyone.

With the restrictions of the pandemic, many sporting events are still under consideration. Let's remind the top dressage competitions we have witnessed in the past, so fasten your seat belts and enjoy.

Isabell Werth on Gigolo at Atlanta Olympics 1996

After winning the gold medal in freestyle dressage at the Olympic Games, this pair shot to fame as she edged down arch rival Anky Van Grunsvan to grab the gold medal. It was indeed an emphatic win for Gigolo, with a final score of 76.6%.

They have set the level of quality for the Grand Prix with the soundtrack made for Gigolo to tell the story rather than background music.

Edward Gal on Totilas at Olympia 2009

Moorlands Totilas, ridden by Edwards Gal, has achieved a record-breaking victory at Olympia Grand Prix 2009. The black stallion has produced a performance like no other in the sport's history, finished with 92.3%.

Totilas and Edward concluded with a staggering more than 11 percentage points higher than second place.

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl on TSF Dalera BB at Rotterdam Europeans 2019

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl & TSF Dalera BB lay down an outstanding performance at Rotterdam European 2019, which have earned Jessica her first-ever bronze medal. This exquisite show of pure excellence resulted in 89.107% 

The alluring music from La La Land fits the graceful horse and equally her elegant rider perfectly, which is a delight to witness.

Laura Bechtolsheimer on Mistral Højris at London Olympics 2012

Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris nicked name Alf has put on an electrifying performance at London Olympics 2012. This act was remembered as the best-choreographed dressage of all time. They have finished with a final result of 84.339% and the individual gold medal.

The captivating Lion King medley fits “Alf” down to the ground, and Laura’s passion and pride in her horse at her final halt is a pleasure to see.

Charlotte Dujardin on Valegro at London Olympics 2012

Charlotte and Valegro put together so many brilliant freestyles. They have set up new world records at Olympia in both 2013 and 2014 along the way, but it is their unforgettable British performance from London 2012 that will always be remembered firmly in so many minds. Having already lead Britain to emphatic team gold, they astonished the Greenwich Park crowds with a very patriotic medley consisting of Land of Hope & Glory, Big Ben, and the Great Escape Theme. The British rider has finished with recorder breaking score of 90.089%.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a great athlete in motion, displaying their skills and talents. Whether it is the Premier League goal leader Sergio Aguero finishing from close range or Charlotte Dujardin navigating her ride in superb fashion, the experience becomes enormously joyful and exciting for the audience.  
The Most Popular Horse Racing Events
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Monday, 22 February 2021 17:32

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most well-known sports to humanity. Throughout history, this sport has taken many shapes, the one that is present today is the most entertaining and fun to watch. It boasts millions of fans from all around the world and there are tons of popular events from all around the world.

Speaking on that topic, we decided to provide you with a shortlist of our personal top picks as the most popular horse racing events globally. We are also going to mention how this sport managed to influence other industries due to its popularity. Let’s begin.

Influence In Other Areas

One industry that is heavily influenced by this sport is the betting industry. As you may know, horse racing and betting have always been side-by-side. The fans of the sport are more than willing to wager on the races every chance they get. Up until recently, the only way to place bets was via the land-based bookmakers, but a surge in a new trend provided the people with a far better option.

Online bookmakers have become very popular recently due to the fact that they have tons of great promotions over the land-based bookmakers. They provide the registered players with a certain level of anonymity, have more betting options, better odds, easier access, numerous accepted payment methods, and most importantly – people can place bets much faster and easier.

One of the most respected sites of this character is, an online bookmaker that is well-known for featuring pretty much every horse racing event and every sport that you can think of, in general. To gain access to all of its features, you just need to register.

Now, let’s check out the most popular horse racing events.

Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ Cup was inaugurated in 1984 and up until 2006, this was a single-day event, but 2007 was the year when it was changed and became a two-day event. This is a Grade I Thoroughbred annual series in which the total purse varies from race to race, but it is always between $1 and $6 million. Each year, the event is held in the United States, with one exception that was made in 1996, when the Breeders’ Cup was held in Canada.

Cheltenham Festival

Next up, we have an event with one of the biggest prize purses in the world. Cheltenham Festival is a four-day festival that takes place in Cheltenham and features races of all types, with the most popular being the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Queen Mother Champion Chase, and the Champion Hurdle. Ruby Walsh is the most accomplished jockey in this festival.

Grand National

Finally, we have the Mecca of horse racing and the most popular race in the world. The Grand National is a National Hunt race that takes place at Aintree Racecourse. This is a steeplechase race which was inaugurated in 1839 and it is one of the oldest horse races in history. The total prize purse of this race is over $1 million, with half of that money going to the winner. The qualification horses must be seven years old, rated 120+ by BHA, and must have been previously placed in a recognized chase of 3 miles or more.

Three best movies for horse lovers
Written by CRM
Saturday, 20 February 2021 05:25
Horse racing is a hugely popular sport in the United States and the United Kingdom. Both countries host some of the most popular racing events like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Grand National. 

These horse races provide some very exciting betting opportunities to punters around the world. And that’s why, whenever these events get near, you will find Britishers looking for the Grand National 2021 betting offers and promotions from the leading bookmakers. 

1- Dreamer (2005)

If you want true value for your time and expense, then pick up the 2005 American sports drama film Dreamer. The John Gatins directed film is inspired by the true story of a horse named Mariah’s Storm and stars Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning in the main roles. 

Russell has played the character of a horse trainer called Ben who takes his work very seriously. While Fanning has portrayed the character of Cale who gets neglected by his work-obsessed father (Ben). However, the relationship between the father and daughter improves significantly because of a talented racehorse named Sonador. 

Dreamer went on to garner $38 million at the box office and also received praise for the strong performances of the actors. It received a nomination at the ESPY Awards and the Critics’ Choice Awards. 

2- National Velvet (1944)

National Velvet, which is based on the 1935 novel of the same name by Enid Bagnold, is one of the best horse movies ever. The Clarence Brown directed film stars a young Elizabeth Taylor in the main role who aspires to win the prestigious Grand National steeplechase. She is assisted in her aims by a penniless young drifter named Mi Taylor who is played by Mickey Rooney. 

National Velvet was a huge critical success and it gave a big boost to the acting career of Elizabeth Taylor. The American sports film earned a huge $5,840,000 at the box office and also won two Oscars for Best Film Editing and Best Actress in a Supporting Role. 

3- Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) 

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a 2002 animated adventure film that was received well by the critics and went on to win several awards. It tells the story of a proud stallion named Spirit who is captured by wranglers. However, they never succeed in taming him as he never gives in to his fate and desperately tries to free himself. 

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and made $122.6 million at the box office.
Fastest Horse Breeds in the World
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Tuesday, 05 January 2021 00:27
Which is the fastest horse breed? There is no straight answer to this question because horses, like people, are built differently. Some horses are very fast sprinters and can run a quarter-mile at speeds reaching 45 miles per hour but then tire. Others will run a mile at lower speeds, around 40mph. Then, long-distance running horses can keep up speeds around 30 mph covering distances over 60 miles.  

Horse breeders try to get the best breed by interbreeding horses with these different abilities. A range of these breeds have been used for war and racing, so they are popular
horse racing tips depending on the distance they are running. Here are the fastest horse breeds in different distances;

Arabian Horse 

This horse breed gets its name from the Arabian deserts. It was bred for its endurance in the harsh environment. It is lean and compact with an average height of 14 hands, a delicate-looking head, and a long and slender neck. The Arabian’s eyes are wide-set and expressive and muzzle narrow. 

Although it can run up to 40 mph in short distances, the Arabian is better known for endurance racing. These races cover 100-150 miles in one or two days. These horses are adored in the Middle East, where they are exclusively used in many desert races.  Arabians are the majority in the Tevis Cup. This race is the most famous American endurance horse race covering about 100 miles in California’s Sierra Nevada in 24 hours. 

American Quarter Horse 

This horse is bred for sprint races. As the name suggests, its best performance is in the quarter-mile race, where it can reach speeds over 40 miles per hour.  It is a compact and muscular horse with a height ranging from 14 to 16 hands. This horse was first bred by American colonists, who interbred English and Spanish horses. 

The quarter horse competes in distances 220-870 yards, covering 11 types of races. This breed is the dominant competitor in the prestigious All-American Futurity race with a $3 million prize.

Thoroughbred Horse 

This is the most famous horse racing breed because the 1-Mile or 6-furlongs race is the most common horse race. Many horse racetracks are one mile long.  The thoroughbred is tall with a height of 15.2 to 17 hands.  It has a slim profile build for speed and agility.  

Thoroughbreds come from mixing bloodlines of Turkoman, Arabian, and barb horse breeds, namely the Byerly Turk, the Darley Arabian, and the Godolphin Barb.  The Guinness World Records has Thoroughbred as the fastest horse on the mile race at 43.9 mph by Winning Brew at Penn National Race.   

Akhal Teke Horse 

The metallic sheen of this horse gives it a mystique that many horse fans find fascinating. Some consider the Akhal Teke as the original racing horse. It can trace origins to Turkmenistan over 3,000 years ago. It was bred for war and racing, and is thought to be a distant ancestor of the Arabian.   Its average height is 15.2 hands, and 900-1000 pounds weight.  It is estimated there are less than 5,000 Akhal Tekes, which makes them rare. 


This is the favorite horse for harness racing. They come from interbreeding Thoroughbred, Morgan, and Canadian Pacer bloodlines. While not as speedy as thoroughbreds, these horses are seen in many horse events because they are all-around competitors. They are easy to learn, which makes them good for show jumping, and barrel racing. 

Different horses are built for different races because of their build. But thoroughbreds dominate most racehorse racing tracks around the world. There are many other pure breeds, but these are by far the speediest in the world of horse racing. 
Memorable Royal Ascot moments of three great horses
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Wednesday, 16 December 2020 04:06
Royal Ascot is enormously popular among both dedicated and casual fans of horse racing. It furnishes great opportunities for punters who start their preparations long before the event starts. They search for the best Ascot offers and try to pick the bookmakers who offer the best odds. 

Smart punters don’t make their decisions after a cursory glance only, rather they thoroughly read the associated terms and conditions before availing any offer. They also don’t wager randomly and do some research before placing their bets.   

1- Black Caviar

Black Caviar was a joy to watch for horse racing fans. Her extraordinary talents on the turf endeared her among a huge number of people. She had already earned quite a big reputation by the time she entered the prestigious Diamond jubilee Stakes in 2012. 

This Group 1 flat horse race didn’t seem to be a big challenge for Black Caviar but on the racing day, it didn’t prove to be an easy contest and the other contenders competed fiercely. 

Black Caviar began dominating from the very beginning of the race. Soon she managed to create a big lead and a victory for the Australian racehorse seemed inevitable. But there was some drama left towards the ending stages when other competitors made a comeback in the race. Her lead slipped away and suddenly a win looked just as likely as a defeat for her. However, Luke Nolen kept his nerve and steered the mare to victory, to the delight of Peter Moody. 

Black Caviar has the distinction of remaining undefeated in 25 races and won WTRR World Champion Sprinter for four consecutive years. 

2- Lady Aurelia 

Lady Aurelia may not sound like a fearsome name but she was absolutely devastating on the turf. One of her most memorable displays came at the 2016 Queen Mary Stakes, which her trainer Wesley Ward had already claimed twice. 

It was clear from the very beginning that Lady Aurelia was far better than all the other contenders. She started well and soon established a good lead in the race. Without facing any serious challenge, she easily won the race by an incredible seven lengths. 

3- Choisir 

When Choisir entered the 2003 King’s Stand Stakes, there was not any excitement from racing fans. He was an obscure name in the horse racing world and his chances of winning the prestigious race were very slim. 

However, the Paul Perry trained horse shocked everyone at Royal Ascot by producing a hugely dominating performance. He led the race from the very beginning and easily won in the end. 

Best Melbourne Cup moments of all time
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Tuesday, 20 October 2020 21:51
Horse racing is the best spectator sport in the world. It makes you feel like a true winner if your backed horse manages to win the race. This is a big appeal for so many racing enthusiasts who cannot get enough of the Melbourne Cup best betting offers which become very popular during October and November. These offers are appealing for punters; however, they should take care to read all the associated terms and conditions before availing any offer. Big brands often give more lucrative offers but sometimes lesser-known brands also furnish their customers with good bonuses. Horse racing gives a lot of different betting opportunities to fans who can select the type of betting that suits their needs the best.  

1- Phar Lap

Phar Lap is regarded as one of the greatest racehorses of all time. He became enormously popular among the public during the early years of the Great Depression. In 1930, the legendary racehorse tried his skills in the toughest handicap flat race in the world. He entered the Melbourne Cup as a top favorite at 8/11, and easily outclassed the other contenders even though he was carrying a 63kg handicap. 

2- Old Rowley

The Melbourne Cup has seen many great upsets but probably none more so than the victory of Old Rowley. The horse’s form was terrible before the race as he hadn’t won any competition in two years. Even his owner considered him a lost cause and didn’t back him for the Melbourne Cup. Although his jockey still believed that there was some spark left in his horse and decided to run him in the prestigious race. Old Rowley repaid the trust of his rider and ran with an outstanding speed to defeat the favorite horse Beau Vite and win the 1940 Melbourne Cup. 

3- Rimfire

Rimfire looked doomed the moment he entered Flemington to compete in the 1948 Melbourne Cup. It seemed doubtful that the horse would even start after he showed signs of lameness. He had been in a poor form before the race and looked the unlikeliest candidate to win at 80/1. And even then if he had the tiniest chance of victory, then that was ended by the fact that his jockey was only 16 years old. Despite all these disadvantages, the spectators were massively shocked that day when Rimfire not only competed well but even managed to secure victory by approximately an inch. 

4- Makybe Diva

Makybe Diva made a big name for herself in the horse racing world. She won many prestigious races during her long career, however, winning three Melbourne Cups is regarded as her greatest achievement. She achieved this feat in 2005 even though she was carrying more than the weight-for-age handicap.
5 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Supplements For Horse Riders
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Thursday, 03 September 2020 23:15
Taking care of different animals call for a different approach when it comes to diet and fitness. For equine health and wellness, horse owners should initially have a basic understanding of an equine's nutritional needs before taking care of one. Essentially, a horse with well-maintained nutrition and diet are excellent candidates for horse racing.

But no matter how healthy and happy your horse is before racing, your rider's condition will significantly impact your performance. Your horse rider also needs proper nutrition and supplementation to prepare and recover. 

Choosing Supplements For Your Rider

To assess an equestrian rider's supplementation needs, a horse owner must first know what tasks horse riders carry out. Generally, equestrians can refer to people who oversee horse training, horse rider and student training, or horse facility management. They can also pertain to riders or performers competing in horseback riding events.

Horse riders follow a strict diet and fitness routine to maintain their good shape, even before the event seasons. The most important dieting principle for equestrians is a nutritional balance involving protein, carbohydrates, fats, and hydration. 

If riders have already achieved these nutritional elements, then why would they still need supplementation? In this article, you'll explore the importance of these supplements and learn how to choose one wisely. Take a look at these UK horse supplements with high-quality products for your horse and rider, depending on your needs.


  1. First Things First: Your Rider Is An Athlete!

Your equine doesn't sum up your overall performance in competitions. The horse rider also has crucial roles that can greatly impact your win. Thus, always keep in mind that your horse rider is an athlete, and the right supplementation path fuels their condition and performance. 

Most owners overlook this aspect and forget that riders are also key to winning the game. Their individual performances affect one another, so a rider who’s out of shape won't be able to connect properly with the equine.

Before handing out any supplements to your rider, take their health condition into account. Ideally, you can invite a physician and dietician for consultation. Your rider's nutritional requirements mainly rely on:

  • Rider's age

  • Current diet

  • Past or existing medical conditions

  • Risks from any health problem

  • Level of physical activity 

  1. Focus On Joint Support And Protection

Riding positions take a great toll on one's joint health, especially for riders who perform rigorous horseback riding routines during training and competitions. To kep your rider in tip-top shape, joint supplements containing the following ingredients are the best:

  • Chondroitin sulfate 

  • Glucosamine

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Moreover, you should also support and protect your riders for the sake of their future health, and not only when they're presently a part of your team. Long-term riding has debilitating impacts on riders, particularly as they age. Arthritis is a common health problem in many.

Aside from the substances mentioned above, CBD is a notable compound that can be beneficial for joint pain in horse riders. While CBD is good for equines, it can also help riders relieve joint soreness thanks to its anti-inflammatory, mood-enhancing, sleep-inducing, and analgesic properties.


  1. Aim For A Healthy Recovery

Whether it's a win or lose, recovery is paramount to maintaining your equine and rider's health. Just as preparation is important before any event, cooling down your body and allowing it to rest is helpful for recovery. Along with rest, many supplements aid in muscle and joint stress relief. 

If your rider is well-trained and prepared before events, they're less likely to experience extreme soreness. Nutrition and diet also contribute to lessened fatigue. Taking supplements before events serve as boosters that fuel your rider's energy, strategy, and performance. 

Here are some ingredients to look for in a boosting supplement:

  • Beta-alanine

  • Creatine 

  • Nitrate 

  • Iron

  • Vitamin D

  • Electrolytes

  • Caffeine (in moderate amounts)

  1. Take Care Of Your Equestrian Rider's Skin

Supplements can also exist in topical forms. During long hours of training and practice, your rider is exposed to sunlight, heat, sweat, dust particles, and sensitizing substances from plants. They'll definitely need skin and body care products after a long day. 

A few examples are body washes and hair products that thoroughly wash off the day's dirt and smell. Hand creams and lotions are a great addition as the skin in their palms get damaged during the ride.

Lastly, another method of soothing muscle inflammation is applying medicated topical creams on targeted areas, which can be absorbed quickly by the skin. 

  1. Help Your Rider Cope Up With Pre-Competition Nervousness

No one can escape anxiety and nervousness before an important event. While most horse owners worry about their equine's agitation, they rarely notice that their rider feels the same. When choosing supplements for your rider, don't forget to add supplements that support focus and induce calmness. 

Also, these focus support supplements can be used during an ordinary training day. If your rider is struggling to maintain balance and consistency, consider giving these types of supplements.

The Verdict 

During shows and competitions, your equine and equestrian rider work as one, but they would be unsuccessful in doing so if one of them isn’t in the best condition. Along with equine care, your horse rider also deserves significant care and attention, so take note of these things discussed when buying supplements for them.
An Online Casino With Everything You Require
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Thursday, 19 August 2021 19:35
During late 2019 through 2020 and into 2021 the trend for gamers is to source their favourite games online, especially those players that enjoy a bet or wager on their casino games of choice has increased in an unprecedented manner, especially as social venues remain closed by large to the general public.

Interestingly, this move online by lovers of games and gaming has remained high, so much so that new sites are landing on our pages on an almost daily basis which can prove rather confusing if you are new to the world of online casinos. We all know choice is great for the consumer but sometimes the sheer volume can actually put some people off trying to find their perfect gaming experience, however there are some great tips that you can apply in order to make choosing the perfect online casino far easier.

Knowing Where to Play For The Best Online Casino Experience

Just like any other online site where you might be spending some of your own money, making sure that the site you choose is fair and true is vital. The list below sets out the major factors that you need to check before committing or opting into an online casino site.

There are many good online casinos to choose from but among those are some great ones like which listen to what their players want and have consistently delivered over the years. Standing the test of time in such a competitive market is testament in itself to the quality of an online casino so we are going to use Fruity King as an example of what to look out for.
  • Firstly the online casino you are considering should have a current gambling license issued by a reputable Gambling Commision and/or Gaming Authority. The rules and regulations set out by these governing bodies make sure that players are treated in a fair and above board manner and if any online casino site breaks the strict rules or regulations they will suffer a hefty fine at best to even having their gambling license revoked effectively putting them out of business - so, no gambling license means stay well away.
  • Games choices should be wide and varied to suit all tastes and the online casino software needs to be provided by the major players in the online gambling software industry with names like NetEnt and Microgaming amongst others providing the games.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers should be generous and come with reasonable restrictions attached.
  • Banking options should also be wide and varied, with all the most popular banking methods on offer besides others like ‘pay by phone bill’ for those who would prefer to pay for the cost of their games using their phone bill or deducted from their pay as you go balance.
  • The online casino site you are considering should be independently audited on a regular basis in order to make sure that the Random Number Generator (the RNG) is working correctly giving each player the same chance of a win. The certificate showing this auditing should also be clearly on show.
  • Customer security is important and only the most up to date encryption software should be put in place to ensure players safety whilst online
  • Not only does there need to be a wide selection of games on offer, the information that anyone could need should be written in jargon free language and the whole site needs to be totally transparent with no hidden small print.
  • Finally there needs to be a dedicated customer support staff available for help and assistance when required who are friendly and experts in their field.
When all the most important factors are put in place then playing at an online casino becomes an enjoyable experience with the site acting as ‘the must go to’ online casino for anyone's gaming needs.

The Biggest Racing Events of the Year.
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Sunday, 23 May 2021 18:31
Horse racing has long been one of the most widely enjoyed sports in the world, with punters everywhere cheering on their horses as they hope to pick a winner from the pack and end the day with a tidy profit for themselves.

Bookmakers and gambling sites like Betfree set the odds for the races, and this is how many people come to learn of the many upcoming races on the calendar. Such is their influence over horse racing events; punters can enjoy watching live streams of the races directly from their sportsbooks while receiving special promotions and free bets in the lead up to the event.

While horse races take place every day in different parts of the world, what are the most high-profile races you need to keep an eye out for? This post introduces you to five of the biggest horse racing events of the year.

Royal Ascot. 

Attended every year by the Queen, horse racing in the UK doesn’t get much bigger than Royal Ascot. Usually held in June of each year, it’s renowned for its Royal Procession that is held before the first race of the event, and spectators usually dress for the occasion, with women adorning stunning dresses and hats to match the royal theme, while men wear morning suits and top hats. But aside from the fashion and pageantry of the event, you can bet on the best horses from all over Europe at Ascot and pick your winner from a diverse field. 


The Cheltenham Festival might not quite have the aplomb of Royal Ascot, but it’s extremely popular nonetheless. Getting underway in March set amidst the stunning Cotswolds region of the UK, the festival spans four days and often coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, making it extremely popular with Irish racing fans. The most popular races of the event include are the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Champion Hurdle, with an honourable mention for the hotly contested Queen Mother Champion Chase. With an incredible atmosphere amongst the many fans in attendance, few events on the racing calendar can match Cheltenham’s appeal to spectators. 

The Grand National. 

The Grand National is unique because it attracts interest from people who don’t normally bet on horse racing. Held at Aintree near Liverpool, The Grand National is famed for its notoriously difficult track and high fences that pose a significant challenge to jockeys and their horses. Although the fences have been lowered in recent times due to the number of casualties, it’s still an extremely tough course, and the winner of this race goes down in history. 

The Melbourne Cup. 

Australia’s most famous horse-race that is said to “stop the nation,” and the day is even commemorated by a national holiday across Melbourne and some other parts of Victoria. More than 100,000 spectators usually pack the grandstands, with millions more at home watching on TV. Betting on the race is extremely widespread, with one bookmaker claiming in 2003 that 80 per cent of the adult population of Australia had placed at least one bet on the outcome of the cup. Perhaps only rivalled by the Grand National in terms of popularity, be sure to mark November 2nd in your calendar and enjoy the event this year from wherever you are in the world. 

The Dubai World Cup Carnival.

At the Meydan racecourse in UAE, the Dubai World Cup Carnival boasts an incredible prize pool for successful jockeys and trainers, reported to be in the region of $12 million in 2019. As you might expect from the UAE, this made it the richest horse racing event in the world. Although the World Cup Carnival actually runs for three months [from January to March], the finals that are scheduled for the end of March make the most compelling viewing. With racers from all over the world attracted by the prize money on offer, it’s one of the most high-profile horse racing events on the calendar. 

Closing thoughts. 

While horse racing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, anyone who fancies a bet is often inclined to stake a wager on one of these high-profile races. With a huge field to pick from and with the ability to tune into the live-action from your online betting account, you don’t want to miss out on these events throughout the course of the next calendar year. 

Three famous horses who didn’t win a Triple Crown race
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Monday, 10 May 2021 16:37
Winning the Triple Crown is a matter of great honor for any racehorse and trainer. However, achieving such a feat is hugely difficult and only 12 horses have managed to do so. In fact, winning even the first leg of the Triple Crown race is very tricky. 

Therefore, no matter how highly you rate your backed horse, it is always wise to never get carried away after availing your William Hill horse racing offers and make your betting decisions based on statistics and past performances. 

1- Seabiscuit (1933)

Seabiscuit’s fame received a huge boost after the publication of a book and an Oscar-nominated movie based on the events of his life. He was a highly successful racehorse who didn’t compete in the Triple Crown because he found his best strides very late in his career. 

However, Seabiscuit managed to defeat the Triple Crown winner War Admiral in a Pamlico match race. He also won many other prestigious races, including the Santa Anita Handicap, Massachusetts Handicap, and Brooklyn Handicap. The amazing horse was also declared the Horse of the Year in 1938. 

2- Alydar (1975)

The rivalry between Alydar and Affirmed is regarded as one of the fiercest in the history of horse racing. In 1978, both horses gave a stunning display to spectators, and though Alydar lost all the three Triple Crown races, his name became just as famous as his rival’s. 

The John Veitch-trained horse lost the 1978 Kentucky Derby by the margin of 1.5 lengths. He competed fiercely in the Preakness and Belmont Stakes but ultimately lost them too to Affirmed by the margins of a neck and a head respectively. 

Alydar may have won the Triple Crown if he would be competing in the prestigious races in any other year. However, he was unfortunately born in the same year as Affirmed and hence failed to land the honor, becoming arguably the most famous Triple Crown non-winner. 

In his career, Aldyar won six Grade 1 races and his name was also inducted into the United States Racing Hall of Fame.

3- Wise Dan (2007)

Wise Dan is an immensely talented horse who never won any Triple Crown race. The Charles LoPresti-trained horse started his career very late and seemed to get better with age. He made his horse racing debut in February of his three-year-old year and went on to win several prestigious races. 

Wise Dan claimed 23 victories and two second-placed finishes out of 31 total races he competed in. He won the Eclipse Awards an incredible six times, while he was also twice declared the Horse of the Year award. He was retired from the sport in September 2015, with his earnings reaching $7.5 million by the end of his career. 

The sporting landscape is full of such stories where the best competitors don't always end up with the biggest prizes. There are examples of EPL goal leaders who were exceptional but still didn't land a lot of trophies with their clubs.  
Top Irish moments in the Grand National
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Saturday, 20 February 2021 05:26
The 2021 Grand National is set to take place at Aintree Racecourse in April. As the famous race is nearing, the excitement is also increasing among punters who get some of the best betting opportunities through the event. 

Many bookmakers start giving Grand National odds as well as lucrative bonuses very early, so punters also start their preparations long before the actual race. 

1- Three Grand Nationals in three years 

Vincent O’Brien carved out a big name for himself in the horse racing world. He began his training career in 1944 and went on to achieve some of the highest racing honours in the United Kingdom. The Irish expert was voted as the greatest national hunt trainer of the 20th century. 

One of his most famous horses was Cottage Rake who won him three Cheltenham Gold Cups in three successive years. Apart from his achievements at Cheltenham, O’Brien also claimed victories in the Grand National to greatly enhance his reputation. The Irish trainer’s first success at Aintree came in 1953 with Early Mist, and he went on to win the next two editions with Royal Tan and Quare Times respectively. 

Only a few trainers have managed to win three Grand Nationals in a row, and Vincent O’Brien achieved that honour in 1955. 

2- McCoy’s memorable victory at Aintree 

Tony McCoy is one of the biggest names in the British horse racing world. Riding his first winner at the age of 17, McCoy went on to claim an outstanding 4,358 victories. 

The Northern Irish jockey greatly enhanced his reputation by winning some of the most famous British races, which include Cheltenham Gold Cup, Queen Mother Champion Chase, and King George VI Chase. 

One prestigious race that always frustrated him was the Grand National, which he couldn’t conquer even after many attempts. However, the immensely talented jockey finally managed to shine at Aintree in 2010 when he rode Don’t Push It to victory in the prestigious race. He went on to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year and was later knighted in 2016. 

3- Mullins’ first Grand National

Hedgehunter is one of the best horses trained by Willie Mullins, the famous Irish expert famous for his victories in the national hunt races. 

Mullins first entered him in the 2004 Grand National, but the Irish racehorse fell at the final fence. His trainer didn’t lose faith in his horse and gave him another try at Aintree Racecourse. And that time, Hedgehunter didn’t disappoint with his performance and claimed victory for Mullins, with Ruby Walsh in the saddle. 

The amazing racehorse looked to pull off the same feat in 2006, but he only managed to finish second behind an impressive Numbersixvalverde, who was trained by Martin Brassil.
Three best Cheltenham Gold Cup races
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Thursday, 21 January 2021 05:05
Cheltenham Festival attracts the interest of horse racing fans across the world. It offers the biggest prizes, the finest horses, and the best atmosphere to all the racing enthusiasts. But most importantly, it provides the best opportunity for sports betting, with the Cheltenham tips guide becoming especially popular when the racing event is close. 

1- Denman (2008) 

The rivalry between Denman and Kauto Star became hugely famous in the horse racing world. Both horses were supremely talented and both provided the best spectacle to racing enthusiasts whenever they came up against each other. 

Kauto Star won his first Gold Cup in 2007 and entered the next edition of the prestigious race as a hot favourite. However, Denman was also in good form at that time as he had triumphed at the Lexus Chase, Royal & SunAlliance Chase, and Hennessy Gold Cup in 2007. 

There was great anticipation among the fans as the two Paul Nicholls-trained horses were ready to battle for one of the biggest horse racing honours. The Aintree crowd was treated to a thrilling encounter, with the talented duo putting all their efforts to claim the honours. However, Denman was superb that day and went on to win by an emphatic seven lengths. 

2- Best Mate (2004) 

Arkle immortalized his name in horse racing by achieving a historic treble of Gold Cups in 1966. Since then, many great horses tried their luck in the prestigious competition but none could match his record. It seemed that no modern horse would ever be able to pull off such a feat again but then Best Mate came along and proved himself capable for this huge challenge. 

Best Mate emerged victorious in the 2002 Gold Cup, beating Commanche Court and 1999 winner See More Business. Beef Or Salmon seemed to pose a big challenge for him the following year but a fall at the third fence ended the Irish raider’s bid for the title and hence, he claimed back-to-back wins.  

Best Mate had a brilliant opportunity to emulate Arkle but it proved to be a tough challenge for him in 2004. Both Sir Rembrandt and Harbour Pilot gave a fierce competition but Jim Culloty and Best Mate held on to win by the slightest of margins. 

3- Golden Miller (1934)

Golden Miller was one of the greatest race horses of all time. The legendary Basil Briscoe trained horse won an incredible five consecutive Cheltenham Gold Cups. 

However, his most memorable victory came in 1934. Golden Miller not only won the Cheltenham Gold Cup but went on to claim the Grand National too. 
Uk Fans to Return to Horse Racing Grounds in September for the First Time Since Lockdown
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Thursday, 17 December 2020 20:03

The first three quarters of 2020 has seen humanity trying to follow another set of rules that is alien to their way of life. Instead of going out and mingling, we now have to avoid each other for fear of contacting the Coronavirus. This has taken almost every activity to the virtual space, including sports. Horse racing, however, is about to take us back to the norms.

In the last quarter of the year, 2020, Europeans are faced with the news that Doncaster’s St Leger Festival is ready to host crowds again. This will be the first sporting activity where crowds gather together to cheer their favorite sportsman and boo the opposing party. St. Leger Festival is slated to start on the 9th of September.

The game will feature the legendary St. Leger race, one of the world’s oldest classic racing events. The race gathers so much interest that people bet on various horses to win. Excited fans further place bets on sites like
Sportsbet in attempt to make some money. The race was won by the horse named Logician in 2019, with Frankie Dettori riding on it. 

Fans are happy with the news that they would be able to watch the race live at the festival. However, the festival was not the first event that planned to host crowds. Glorious Goodwood Festival had also planned to. The organizers of Glorious Goodwood had planned to host 5000 fans on the last day. Sadly, there was an unexpected surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, and the project was cancelled.

The planners of the Glorious Goodwood festivals lost a lot of money from planning that event, but as the chief executive of Racecourse, David Armstrong said, valuable lessons were learned from that project. 

Since then, horse racing has been held in closed doors. The government had also made provisions for sporting events to hold without fans and crowds. Fans have had to follow sites likeRiding Magazine or watch live to stay updated. St Leger, however, has been given the baton to kick start public sports events. There is speculation that 3000 to 6000 fans will be in attendance. All tickets will be sold before the event to know how to seat guests.

According to the organizers, there will be strict adherence to the social distancing protocol. People will have their face masks on, use hand sanitizers, and stay a few meters away from each other. Personal Hygiene will be kept, and there will be a new code of conduct for fans that will be in attendance. This year's festival will be different from what fans and customers are normally used to, but things have been put in place to make it not only enjoyable but memorable too.

Ifthe crowds' return to Doncaster’s St Leger Festival plan goes well, other sporting events will join more boldly. For example, on 21st September, there are plans to organize a horse race in Warsaw. Football activities are also starting, and plans are already in the pipeline to reintroduce fans to the Premier League Matches. These plans are really important if the finances of sporting organizations must survive.

This shows that this upcoming horse racing event is really important. Everybody is watching to see if this racing festival will be a successful one. Sports stakeholders are keeping their fingers crossed on this one. Hopefully, this festival ends well and gives room for other festivals and sporting events to hold with fans.

Can Dogs and Horses be friends?
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Thursday, 29 October 2020 17:39

Can Dogs and Horses be friends? How to Keep Them Both Happy

If you have dogs and horses, you’re probably wondering whether or not it is possible for them to get along. Luckily, dogs and horses have been making friends for hundreds if not thousands of years. They have both been around people for a long time, so it only makes sense that they would have grown to like each other as well. 

However, not all dogs and horses naturally get along. Sometimes they need a little bit of help! As a responsible owner, below, you’ll find our tips for helping your dog and horse get along. 

1. Early Socialization is Important

A tiny dog that has never been around a horse before will likely be scared the first time they come across one. You can’t expect most dogs who have never been around a horse to suddenly accept one. In fact, dogs that are not introduced to horses at a young age may always be a little off-put by their presence. 

Because of this, early socialization is essential. If you introduce dogs and horses to each other at a young age, they’ll grow up assuming that being around the other species is “normal”. This will make them more accepting of each other’s presence. 

2. Don’t Force It

Forcing the horse and dog to be in the same area will not make them like each other faster. Each animal should have a place to escape when they feel uncomfortable. Allow them to approach each other as they want. 

If you enclose both of them in the same area, they will likely become even more scared of each other. It is likely that they will avoid each other altogether, since they don’t want to repeat the episode again. 

Instead, they should be exposed to one another gradually. This allows them to build up their confidence around the other species. Eventually, they’ll figure out that the other animal doesn’t mean any harm.  They might even start playing with each other shortly after.  After all, after seeing them every day for a few days, they haven’t been hurt yet!

3. Consider Training

Some dogs and horses may not need any training to be around each other, especially if they have been socialized earlier. However, if your two pets don’t seem to be working it out on their own, you may need to consider training. 

As stated by Rob Evans from Doggypedia, “This is usually relatively simple. All you need to do is reward the animal when it shows the appropriate response to the other one (which should be calm, in this situation). When the dog doesn’t bark or chase the horse, reward them.” Horses cannot usually be trained as easily as dogs in these situations, as their survival instincts are very strong. However, a calm dog is much more likely to result in a calm horse as well. 

4. Take the Dog Breed into Account

Some dog breeds have very strong chase instincts. They will likely always chase a running horse, even if they have been around them their whole life. Others have very strong herding instincts. They may try to herd the horse, which can result in injuries on both sides. 

You cannot train out instincts. They are set in stone and will always be there. Instincts are stronger than any training your dog has had thus far. If you get a herding or sight dog, do not expect them to be calm around horses. It just isn’t in their nature. 

Three Greatest Melbourne Cup Moments
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Wednesday, 09 September 2020 16:04
As the Melbourne Cup is getting closer, the anticipation and excitement of racing enthusiasts are also increasing. Many may have made their full preparations for the event while others may be planning to do so.

Those who haven’t should know that bookmakers don’t waste much time releasing Melbourne Cup 2020 odds so that betting fans can get the preliminary odds several months ago. Additionally, there are two types of odds for betting. In tote odds, the number of bets placed up to a certain point determines the odds, while fixed-odds mean that the odds one gets at the time of betting remain the same. And before you place your bets, it is always advisable to read the betting tips so you can get good ideas about who is likely to win or lose a race. 

1- 1940 Melbourne Cup

In the history of the Melbourne Cup, there have been four horses who won at 100/1, and Old Rowley was one such horse who secured victory even at such odds. He was suffering a worse form before entering the 1940 Melbourne Cup, with the racing contender winless in two years. It is also said that he was having joint and gait problems before the race. So hopeless his prospects looked that he even failed to get the backing of the owner. However, his rider didn’t give up on him and made the decision to compete in the race. To the shock of all the spectators, Old Rowley competed fiercely and ultimately defeated the favorite Beau Vite to claim the race. 

2- 2015 Melbourne Cup

The 2015 Melbourne Cup witnessed something that had never happened in the long history of the race. Michelle Payne became the first female jockey to win the famous racing event in over 150 years. What was truly amazing was that the Australian jockey secured her famous victory on 100-1 shot Prince of Penzance. To make her achievement more extraordinary, she had suffered a bad fall two years ago and considered retiring from horse racing. 

Her post-race speech became hugely famous, in which she said: "It's such a chauvinistic sport ... everyone else can get stuffed who think women aren't good enough… I'm so glad to win Melbourne Cup and hopefully it will help female jockeys from now on to get more of a go."

3- 2008 Melbourne Cup

Bart Cummings was one of the greatest Australian racehorse trainers of all time. During his career, he won an incredible 12 Melbourne Cups, hence earning the nickname Cups King. He was an expert at getting his horses to perform at their level best. 

In 2008, he ran an underrated horse named Viewed in the Melbourne Cup at inflated odds, and still managed to win. He has been inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame and the Australian Racing Hall of Fame.
US Equestrian Announces New Dates and Locations for CCI3*-L and CCI4*-L Eventing National Championships
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Monday, 31 August 2020 00:00
From the US Equestrian Communications Department
Lexington, Ky – New dates and locations have been selected for the USEF CCI3*-L and CCI4*-L Eventing National Championships for 2020.

The CCI3*-L Eventing National Championship will be held at the Galway Downs International Three-Day Event in Temecula, Calif., October 29 – November 1. The CCI4*-L Eventing National Championship will be held at the Tryon International Three-Day Event in Tryon, N.C., November 11-15.

The Galway Downs International Three-Day Event is a long-running fall season competition and one of the premier events on the West Coast. Along with the CCI3*-L National Championship, Galway Downs is a 2020 host of the Adequan® USEF Futures Team Challenge. The fall event also includes competition for Beginner Novice through FEI levels.

“We are excited to host the CCI3*-L Eventing National Championship at Galway Downs and would like to thank the USEF for the efforts to bring it to the West Coast. It is an incredible opportunity for athletes on the West Coast,” said Robert Kellerhouse, Organizer of the Galway Downs International Three-Day Event. “We are looking forward to having Clayton Fredericks as the new cross-country course designer this year, as well as unveiling the new improvements to the venue.”

In addition to the CCI4*-L Eventing National Championship, the Tryon International Three-Day Event will host a CCI4*-S, CCI3*-L, and CCI2*-L. Competitors will tackle Captain Mark Phillip’s cross-country test, built on the same grounds as the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games course.

"We are incredibly honored to be awarded the 2020 USEF CCI4*-L Eventing National Championships and look forward to hosting this prestigious competition on our White Oak Course,” said Sharon Decker, President of Tryon Equestrian Properties, Carolinas Operations. “We continue to be grateful to be hosting competition safely in this environment and appreciate the continued support of our equestrian community. We are looking forward to the fall competition!"

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, spectators will not be permitted on the grounds of either event.

Learn more at and
Questions? Contact Jenni Autry, Managing Director of Eventing, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Stay up to date on U.S. Eventing (USEF) by following USA Eventing on Facebook and US Equestrian on Twitter and Instagram. Use #USAEventing.
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