October 2016 - We Three Clones

Clones of Sarah Baldwin’s Pacifico prepare to start showing next year.

article and photos by Cheryl Erpelding

I felt pretty lucky getting to photograph Sarah Baldwin’s three Pacifico clones in 2013 when they were just yearlings. When I got the call to come photograph them as they are now just started under saddle I jumped at the chance.

Pacifico’s clones pose for the camera.

Sarah Baldwin jumps Pacificlone3 over the schooling jump and can tell he has her Pacifico’s jumping talent!

Sarah cloned her Grand Prix gelding Pacifico and produced three beautiful colts. They will turn 4 in November and are just started under saddle. Kris Sweeney is heading up the training for the youngsters with the help of her committed young rider Ben Stout.

Named Pacificlone1, aka “Tuffy,” Pacificlone2, aka “Moose,” and Pacificlone 3, aka “Wally,” are all distinguishable by facial markings and each has different leg markings. Pacificlone1 has one white leg, Pacifclone2 has two white legs and Pacificlone 3 has three white legs and they all have engaging personalities.

The day I came to see them they had a group school with Sarah, Kris Sweeney and Ben Stout. They are coming along nicely and already schooling small jumps. They show they all have the jumping gene and each of them shows aptitude and attitude for jumping. The plan is to head to the show arena in 2017 and begin their show careers. I will let the photos tell the story and look forward to following their careers as they head to the show ring.

Texas-based ViaGen is the company responsible for creating the clones. ViaGen states, “The primary objective for horse owners and breeders is to produce horses that are uniquely capable in their chosen field of performance.

Ben, Sarah and Kris enjoy working together.

“ViaGen’s genetic preservation and cloning services offer a unique opportunity to these breeders. Cloning allows one to produce a foal that is genetically identical to the elite donor. This allows the return of proven genetics from a champion gelding to your breeding program and to expand the genetic impact of a proven, outstanding broodmare. Crosses can be expanded and new combinations can be discovered.”

Kris Sweeney’s student Ben Stout has been helping in the schooling of the Pacifico clones.

For more information on Kris Sweeney Equestrian, based in San Diego’s North County, visit www.krissweeney.com.

For more information about ViaGen visit www.viagen.com.

Kris Sweeney has enjoyed bringing Sarah Baldwin’s youngsters along.

School and photoshoot is over. Time to head back to the barn!