June 2016 - Lifeline

A Life Changer for My Horses

by Chris Cox

As a professional horseman who has been fortunate enough to find success doing a job I love, companies often ask me to try their equine products in hopes I’ll become a spokesman. I don’t take these requests lightly. Making a change to my program isn’t something I’m going to do without first researching a product and gathering convincing evidence that I’ll see a long-term benefit. Then I might give the product a try.

In 2014 I was asked by APC, Inc. out of Iowa to put my horse on Lifeline Equine Elite performance supplement for 30 days. Knowing I would probably say no right away, they came armed with information. I took some time to read through their scientific studies, white papers and user testimonials, and I have to admit I began to wonder just what Lifeline could do for my horses.

I first tried Lifeline on a horse that would stop eating and drinking when we would travel. He would also have loose manure when we were on the road, which I believe was a result of the stress he experienced from being in the trailer and then in an unfamiliar environment. After just two weeks on Equine Elite I was pleasantly surprised to see him stay on feed and water throughout our next trip. His manure was firm and he handled the stress much better.

Another thing I noticed was the effect Lifeline had on my horse’s gut, which impacted his overall health and performance. It’s a proven fact that many, many horses have serious gut issues, even horses in the pasture! The stress of weaning, visits from the vet or the farrier, and even everyday activities can cause gut issues. And when you’re traveling with your horses or when you put them under training, it can have a big effect on the gut. You get horses that are nervous, they get agitated, they’re sore after training, they don’t eat, their skin and hair coat get dull, they don’t gain weight like they should. The changes Lifeline has made in my horses’ gut have been tremendous.

Lifeline gets the gut working right and you get a horse that moves better, trains better, travels better and looks better.

After that first experience I knew Lifeline was the most exciting product I had seen in years. I’ve now been using Lifeline for almost two years and can confidently say it’s the most revolutionary product I’ve seen come into the horse industry in 20 or 30 years, maybe longer.

Now understand this isn’t a commercial—it’s my testimonial. And to me, Lifeline isn’t a product—it’s science. Lifeline works because of the active ingredient BioThrive, which is derived from bovine plasma. Think about how a newborn foal might get a plasma transfusion, or about IRAP, PRP or other regenerative treatments for horses that use plasma. Lifeline is plasma in oral form. BioThrive contains immune factors, immunoglobulins and bioactive proteins that support the gut and immune system, which helps horses cope with stress.

Now, stress doesn’t care what discipline you ride. It doesn’t care what breed your horse is or how many championships you’ve won. What stress cares about is making your horse feel bad so he can’t perform to his potential.

Lifeline helps to combat the effects of the stress our horses experience whether they’re performance athletes that train hard and travel often, or simply companions that offer us friendship and a weekend ride. Lifeline is for every horse.

I’m not saying Lifeline is a miracle product, but I’m telling you it’s the closest thing I’ve seen. APC has been developing plasma- and serum-based technologies for animals for more than 30 years. BioThrive is backed by solid science and APC has over 300 published, peer-reviewed studies that have been conducted to test the mode of action of BioThrive. I’m glad APC sought me out to try Lifeline, but if they hadn’t I would have hunted them down and I would have paid twice the price if I had to because I believe in it that much.

I won’t train or compete without Lifeline and I keep my horses on it year round because, like I said before, they encounter stress even in their home environment. Lifeline helps my horses by supporting their gut and their immune system so their resources aren’t spent fighting stress. I hope you’ll do some research on Lifeline yourself, and then I hope you’ll give it a try with your horse.

'I had a horse that was having a very difficult time recovering after I worked him. After starting him on Lifeline his recovery time was fast and overall he performed better. Lifeline is the single most important element in my feeding program. The difference I feel in my horses is measurable.'– Mattias Ekeroth, Top Show Jumping Professional. Photo: ESI Photography

Lifeline User Testimonial

My name is Glynnie Wolford and I am the CEO of Martin Collins Equine Services. I have a dressage background, but several years ago I became interested in Quarter horses and went to Texas to find my dream horse, Val. We raise Black Angus cattle in Tennessee and all the cows, calves and bulls are worked on horseback. Val was fine until we started working some of the bigger bulls. We would have to move them and take them away from the cows, and Val started to get very worried by this. I started to notice a little skin problem and she would lose hair on her face. So I put Val on Lifeline and the results have been just amazing. I will add that we’ve followed everything we were taught by Chris Cox and we’ve worked hard on it, but Lifeline has made an enormous difference for Val. Within two weeks I started to see a change. She became much more relaxed around the cattle and the bulls; they didn’t worry her so much. I also saw a change in her coat, she put on a little bit more weight and she looked amazing. We’ve continued to give Val Lifeline and the difference has been just incredible. She has coped with everything and her stride improved. We now have other horses on Lifeline and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has certainly, certainly changed things for me and for Val, my dream horse.
– Glynnie Walford, Tennessee, Chris Cox Horsemanship Client

Team Lifeline Testimonials

Team Lifeline is an elite group of equine industry professionals who demonstrate the benefits of Lifeline Equine performance supplements through the performance of the horses under their care. These trainers and riders have seen firsthand the benefits of giving Lifeline to their horses.

“After starting my horses on Lifeline they stayed on their feed and endured the training and showing schedule with ease. Physically and mentally they have stayed fresh.”
– Monica Caetano, Champion Reined Cow Horse Trainer

“I first used Lifeline on a horse that had an intestinal upset and saw a change. When you try it on your first horse and see a positive change, it’s good. But when you try it on a second horse and see yet another positive benefit, the product proves itself.”
– Ron Emmons, Two-Time NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman Winner

“Shortly after starting my horses on Lifeline I noticed a difference in their attitude, soundness, top line and hair coat. I am very happy about how well the products are working for my horses.”
– Craig Johnson, 15-Time World Champion & NRHA Million Dollar Rider

“I’m sold on Lifeline and totally believe in this product. My horses are on it and I strongly encourage my customers who have horses in training to be on it. Every horse deserves the benefits that Lifeline provides.”
– Robert Chown, 21-time World Champion and Award-Winning Equine Event Broadcaster

“Since starting my horses on Lifeline, I have seen a dramatic difference in their overall health and appearance. This is the first supplement I’ve used that covers such a broad range of equine health issues, from appetite and conditioning to soundness and hair coat. Lifeline has become my go-to supplement.”
– Rusty Green, Top All-Around Trainer Specializing in Western Pleasure