January 2016 - Sabine Schut-Kery CDS Clinic

Preparing for the FEI levels was the emphasis at W Farms event.

report by Nicole Bhathal • photography by Nancy Albright

Excellence starts with never neglecting the little things. Never skimp on that extra effort, that additional few minutes, that soft reward to your horse, or that delivery of the very best you can do. On Nov. 14-15, Sabine Schut-Kery, 2015 Pan Am Games Gold Medal Team member, taught with this mindset. She held high standards and developed correct work appropriate for each horse and rider.  It is of prime importance to Sabine to never cut corners or shirk riding responsibilities.

To reduce tension, Jess Havey works on better suppleness and acceptance of the aids with Hello Halli.

To establish correct connection, Tobi Coate waits patiently until her horse Zorren Ten X fills her outside rein.

“There is always room to improve suppleness, fine tuning of the aids and communication with our horses,” Sabine emphasizes.  “We owe that to them and to ourselves in this sport of subtleties.”

Eight riders participated, all with something to gain. Kimberly Watts, riding her horse Zinca learned, “In working the consistency and connection of the pirouette, ride a large full pirouette. Otherwise, you don’t have time to school and teach the horse.”

Kathleen Whetsell, riding Winslett stated,  “For my horse to bend through the body, Sabine suggested a scooping motion with my inside leg. It worked great!”

The clinic was held at Alisa and David Wilson’s beautiful W Farms in Chino Hills in their newly covered arena. The venue was first class with many auditors in attendance who took away as much as the participating riders.

Auditor Lori Savit concurs, “I came away from the clinic focused on being more mindful of feeling the rhythm of the horse and to search for this feel ‘in the corners of the horse’s mouth with the ring fingers’ and in the body of the horse with the calves.“

The weekend was videotaped by Andreas Stanos of DressageClinic.com. If you missed it, you can view the clinic on his website.

Jenny Wetterau rides transitions within the movements with Cervaro.

Kathleen Whetsell & Winslett with David Wilson, Sabine Schut-Kery, Nicole Bhathal, Alisa Wilson and Andreas Stanos.