November 2015 - Dressage In The Desert

USDF annual meeting comes to Las Vegas Dec. 2-5

Educational opportunities abound as the United States Dressage Federation brings its annual convention to Las Vegas Dec. 2-5, with the help of Adequan.

Veterinarians and experts on a long list of topics are a key attraction, along with the gala awards presentation that caps the event on Saturday night. That’s not to mention the entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer. The host hotel is the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino, a self-contained resort with three live shows, 13 restaurants and “luxury amenities,” per the USDF release.

As always, the convention’s list of speakers and topics is impressive. Here is a sampling:

Maintenance Care of the Competitive Sport Horse
Presented by Richard Mitchell, DVM, MRCVS, Diplomate, ACVSMR
Dr. Mitchell will discuss the best practices related to the prevention of lameness and how maintenance routines and care can be essential for horses under the strain of competition.

USEF and FEI Drug & Medication Issues
Presented by Kent Allen, DVM
Dr. Allen will discuss some of the newest and most important rules and regulations regarding drugs and medications for our equine competition partners.

Great Riders; Great Horsemen
Presented by Mike Tomlinson, DVM, MBA
Dr. Tomlinson will present some ideas on how to become a better horseperson while pursuing becoming a better rider.

What Every Dressage Rider Should Know About Footing
Presented by Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, DACVSMR, MRCVS
One of the most important decisions a rider makes every day is what type of footing to ride on. In this lecture, Dr. Clayton will describe the physical properties of different types of footing and how these characteristics relate to the rider’s perception of how the footing feels. The effects of different types of footing on dressage performance and long-term soundness of the equine athlete will also be explained.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture for the Dressage Horse
Presented by Heather Farmer, DVM
Dr. Farmer will present an overview and discussion on chiropractic care and acupuncture, how they work, and what conditions are best treated with these modalities.

The Science and Treatment of  Back Lameness
Presented by Grant Myhre, DVM
When lameness occurs, the extremities are often the first place that riders and veterinarians look to explore. In this lecture, Dr. Myhre will explore how lameness can originate through the back and spine, as well as ways to alleviate this pain and discomfort.

Poor Performance Mysteries in the Dressage Horse
Presented by Duncan Peters, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVSMR
Dr. Peters will lead a discussion of clinical cases related to poor performance in the dressage horse, to bring an awareness of the variety of different conditions that may cause a change in your horse’s performance. The primary focus will be on the musculoskeletal system with discussions of history, diagnostic procedures, treatment protocols, and overall management, in light of the varied conditions and their causes.

Gastrointestinal Diseases in the Performance Horse
Presented by Frank Pellegrini, DVM
Horses living a natural lifestyle of minimal stress and maximum grazing are generally low-risk for digestive tract health issues. But performance horses live a much different life, facing rigorous challenges of training and competition, a lifestyle that is far from natural. This puts performance horses at risk for a wide variety of digestive tract diseases. We are all familiar with gastric ulcers, but there is a much broader array of issues that can effect much more than the stomach. Dr. Pellegrini will present an overview of these conditions, common symptoms, risk factors, and treatment approaches.

**A la carte tickets will be sold onsite for featured education presentations.

Interactive education opportunities include:

Improve Your Riding through Movement
Presented by Jennifer Kotylo
Our exercise program begins on Wednesday evening with the lecture component of the program. The lecture will focus on understanding how basic movement techniques can be used to enhance your ability to move as one with your horse. The lecture will be interactive, focusing on the pelvis, the upper body, and the core.
Each morning, attendees can meet in the hotel lobby area for a morning walk to the exercise room, or they can meet the group in the room. Morning walks will correspond with the theme of each morning’s workout session. The daily themes are:
Thursday: Morning Stretch with a Pilates Focus
Friday: Morning Stretch with a Balimo Focus
Saturday: There is No Excuse Not to Move - Core Strength and Mobility Focus

Girl Talk
Presented by Sabine Schleese
Join Sabine for an interactive discussion on the issues that women face in finding saddles that fit their bodies!

Youth Education and Open Forum
Focusing on the USDF Youth ‘pipeline’, this is your opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn how USDF Youth Program’s can help you achieve your goals. Our guests speakers include Dr. Mike Tomlinson and Catherine Chamberlain.

Competition Open Forum
Discuss various developments in the competition world with competition related USDF committees.

GMO Roundtable Discussions
Share ideas with industry experts, and USDF Group Member Organizations, on a variety of GMO interests and topics.

USEF Rule Change Forum
Find out what new rule proposals are being put forward at the USEF convention in January.

For a complete listing of events and to register, visit Press release provided by USDF.