November 2015 - Horsey Field Trip

Coto de Caza Equestrian Center hosts inquisitive youngsters.

Twelve developmentally disabled youngsters from the Speech and Language Development Center were invited to the Coto Equestrian Center in Coto de Caza for an unusual field trip filled with fun and unique experiences.


The children, many of whom are challenged by autism, deafness, ADHD, language disorders, serious brain trauma or motor deficits, had the opportunity to interact and bond with real horses, petting and feeding them, and got to climb aboard and ride a one-of-kind equine simulator.


Renowned dressage instructor Barbro Ask-Upmark, who owns the equine simulator named Dante Maximus, helped the children climb on one-by-one to take a life-like ride.

The children also were treated to a show in which equestrian professionals demonstrated various riding techniques. The activities were designed to help the children examine relationships between humans and animals. Experts say this helps them develop their adaptive skills.