June 2015 - Rapture’s Horse Rescue Foundation


San Diego County program has helped 200 horses and counting.


Founder Stacey Russell rescued her first horse back in 1999. She saved him from terrible living conditions and malnutrition and cared for him day in and day out to give him a second chance at a great life. His name is Rapture and he jump started the mission of Rapture’s Horse Rescue Foundation of San Diego County’s El Cajon.


In 2008, Shontel Grivno joined the effort. Together, Stacey and Shontel helped RHRF become a registered 501(3) c in 2010 to take in horses who are near death due to starvation, abuse and neglect. This gave RHRF the tools they needed to help save and properly give horses the loving care they so desperately needed. Helping to ensure that the horses could regain trust and love in humans. Resulting in the horses finding their forever loving homes just as Rapture found Stacey. To date RHRF has helped save and place over 200 horses who were just waiting for their life to begin. Horses who were once ‘thrown away and forgotten” now have the chance to start a fresh new life.

When the horses come to the facility they are accessed by the rescue’s vet, put on a special feed program and their hooves are trimmed. When they are healthy enough they start into an exercise program specifically designed for their needs. Their abilities and rideabilty are assessed in the process of finding them the right home. This includes trail riding, camping, beach trips, local events and even a few horse shows. Stacey and Shontel and their volunteers strive to have the horses exposed to as many different elements as possible so it can better the chance of them being adopted. Rapture Horse Rescue’s horses, with the help of their new owners, have gone on to do amazing things, from team penning and trail rides to shows.

Rapture’s Horse Rescue Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help with the horses. If you are interested in volunteering please visit the website for more information. If you cannot volunteer but would like to sponsor/donate items, the list of needs includes but is not limited to: Bermuda and alfalfa hay, senior feed, rice bran, beet pulp, wormers, vet wrap, grooming equipment, manure forks, wheelbarrows and stall mats. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. The smallest donation can help save a horse’s life.


Article provided by Rapture’s Horse Rescue Foundation. For more information, visit online at www.raptureshorserescuefoundation.com or on Facebook.