May 2015 - Spring Into Horses

Host RajaliKa the talking horse who inspired a book and author/journalist Elizabeth Kaye McCall greet guests at Spring Into Horses, a pilot event for Time to Ride, the new marketing initiative from American Horse Council introducing newcomers to horses. Held at Weber Training Stables in Agua Dulce on March 28, newcomers enjoyed 'test rides' to stable tours, exhibitions and equine “meet and greets,” plus a midday 'chilled refresher towel' break as the day’s unseasonably hot temps topped 90 degrees. Time to Ride will kick off its 2015 nationwide Challenge on May 30th and award $100,000 in prizes to participants. If you care about the future of the horse industry get involved. Get details at Look for RajaliKa’s video clips in the upcoming social media campaign from Time to Ride. Photo: Christine Emmett

Co-host Joy Weber-McKendrick, opened the doors to her Weber Training Stables in Agua Dulce for the Spring Into Horses pilot event. Besides rolling out the red carpet for newcomers, 'horse people' got a chance to learn why Time to Ride impacts their future with horses and can land participants a tidy cash prize. Getting down to basics—Joy explains Trick Riding 101 on statue-like Bodhi. Photo: Clogadh Gray

Joy Weber-McKendrick and student Shannagh Foelster (Rio’s younger sister), show how gymnastics training readily translates to horses. (Seems like Shannagh’s trading gymnastics for horses). Photo: Clogadh Gray

Hanging out. Break time beneath the porch at Spring Into Horses. Story telling, coloring pages, stickers and animations gave guests a break from the 90+ degree day. Cool refresher towels were a hit. Photo: Clogadh Gray