Koop Clean Chicken Bedding powered by Sweet PDZ

Sweet PDZ is pleased to announce the introduction of Koop Clean Poultry Bedding powered by Sweet PDZ. It is a product collaboration between Lucerne Farms and Sweet PDZ, and will be sold under the Lucerne Farms name and be added to their group of premium forage and mulch product offerings.

This unique bedding product blends short chopped hay and straw, with Sweet PDZ to make a truly all-natural and complete chicken bedding.

Rich James, Lucerne Farm's President, explains that before going to market the product was tested with many backyard chicken enthusiasts where "the real magic in our product was found to be in our specially formulated short chopped hay/straw blend working in concert with a fantastic deodorizer component in Sweet PDZ. Our two products blended together is simply a real natural fit." They reported Koop Clean to have, both, greater absorbency, and superior odor control than traditional shavings and other products. Additional benefits they observed was the fact that the coop cleanout was made easier because of the short cut blend, and "spent" bedding and waste provided exceptional nutrient benefit for gardens and compost because Sweet PDZ allows for greater nutrient retention and release.

Tom Menner, from Sweet PDZ, acknowledged "we have been looking for the right partner for this product concept for some time as we observed the ground swell of backyard chicken enthusiasts around the country. More and more of our Sweet PDZ customers were telling us how great Sweet PDZ worked in their coops and brooders, that we knew with the right bedding combination we would deliver a real winner. We learned that our friends at Lucerne Farms were thinking along the same line as us, and so now we'll bring it to chicken lovers coast to coast."

Lucerne Farms is a producer of high quality forage and mulch products. Sweet PDZ is the #1 horse stall deodorizer on the market. Both companies are family owned and operated businesses and have been selling superior products for thirty years. Koop Clean Poultry Bedding will be available at retailers nationwide. For more information or to locate a retailer near you please visit, www.koopclean.com or contact Lucerne Farms at 800-723-4923. You can learn more about Sweet PDZ products at, www.sweetpdz.com