January 2017 - Golden Anniversary

CDS welcomes Adequan as title sponsor of 50th anniversary Jan. 20-22 annual meeting in San Diego.

The California Dressage Society welcomes Luitpold Animal Health, makers of Adequan® i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) as title sponsor of the CDS 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Del Mar, January 20-22.

Luitpold Animal Health and California Dressage Society representatives and friends gather at the 2016 Breeders’ Cup, sponsored by Adequan®: Audrey Bolte, Dave Mann, Martin Medina, Kevin Reinig, Michell Anne Kimball, Christa Lafayette, Allyn Mann, Deven Vespi, Nan Meek.

“I am thrilled for CDS to have the brand, Adequan as title sponsor of this milestone anniversary celebration,” remarked CDS President Kevin Reinig. “Luitpold has always been an innovator, taking the education of joint health to the next level. Their sponsorship helps CDS take its activities to the next level as well. CDS greatly appreciates the sponsorship of Luitpold Animal Health as CDS celebrates its first 50 years and ushers in the next chapter for this innovative organization.”

CDS was founded in 1967 as a non-profit organization to further interest in dressage. Today CDS is one of the largest dressage organizations in the nation with 31 active chapters, pursuing its mission through educational events such as clinics, instructors’ seminars, symposiums, annual meetings and the annual CDS Championship Show and Futurity.

“We are very excited to be involved with the California Dressage Society and look forward to the various opportunities we have to support this organization,” stated Allyn Mann, Director of Luitpold Animal Health. “Our primary goal is to educate horse owners on the health and well-being of their equines, especially when it comes to joint problems.”

The Adequan/CDS 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Symposium Presented by DressageClinic.com will begin with two days of meetings at the Hilton San Diego/Del Mar, followed by a two-day symposium featuring four Olympians and long-time CDS members: Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, Hilda Gurney, Steffen Peters and Christine Traurig.

Festivities will abound, from Friday’s 50th Anniversary Kickoff Party, to Saturday’s awards dinner and special evening performances, to Sunday’s “CDS Saddle Spectacular” raffle of saddles donated to raise funds for CDS educational programs. Schleese, Trilogy and Custom Saddlery have all donated a new saddle and custom fitting for this fundraiser. Tickets are $20 each with no limit on how many can be purchased.

“Thanks to Luitpold Animal Health, CDS has even more to celebrate as we mark a half-century of furthering interest in dressage through education, competition and the camaraderie of dressage enthusiasts. As we look toward the next 50 years, we appreciate being involved with companies like Luitpold that value education and the health of our horses,” Reinig remarked.

Deven Vespi, Territory Manager for Luitpold Animal Health in Southern California, and a lifelong rider who earned her USDF Silver and Bronze Rider Medals, concluded, “Through this relationship with CDS, I look forward to bringing increased education to dressage riders about their horses’ joint health.”

Press release provided by CDS. For more information about the California Dressage Society and the Adequan®/CDS 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting and Symposium Presented by DressageClinic.com, visit www.california-dressage.org. For more information on Adequan® i.m., visit www.adequan.com.