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Stanford Equestrian Fall Update

Fall at the Stanford Red Barn!

What a wonderful Fall at the Red Barn! The Stanford Equestrian Team finished our last season with our... Read more

Equestrian Blogger Susan Friedland-Smith Releases Memoir Horses Adored and Men Endured Susan Friedland-Smith, the blogger behind the award-winning equestrian website Saddle Seeks Horse, is pleased to announce the release of her first... Read more

Zones 9 & 10 Riders Earn Coveted Medals and Gold Star Emerging Jumper Rider Titles at Zone Jumper Team Championships

November 11, 2018 concluded the final USHJA Zone Jumper Team Championships of the year with the last USHJA Gold Star Emerging Jumper Rider titles... Read more


Nayel Nassar and Lordan Do It Again!

The scene was set for the $100,000 Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM Qualifier in the Grand Prix Stadium at the AON HITS Desert Horse Park. A... Read more

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