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Deadline for entries is August 31, 2010

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67. Barbey

"Here is Barbey, a registered Egyptian Arabian filly.
She's playing with Benjie the cat - looks as if things are getting serious."

66. Bay

"Here is Bay, a Quarter Horse grade filly."

65. American Captain of the Sirens

"Here is American Captain of the Sirens, a pure-bred Clydesdale foal, born on 2/4/09."

64. Sirens Sweet Chaos

"Here is Sirens Sweet Chaos, a pure-bred Clydesdale foal, born on 4/25/10. "

63. Altivo Bailador

"Here's a photo of our Half Andalusian colt, Altivo Bailador by Bravado (Andalusian)
x Teddi Bear Tango (NAERIC). Owned by Emily Horger, Shingle Springs."

62. Colt McCoy

"Colt McCoy by Claire de LuneSE at 1 week old.
Owned and bred by Tally Chang, Camarillo, CA."

61. AnnieClaire

"AnnieClaire by Claire de LuneSE at 4 months old.
Owned and bred by Debbie Friedrich, Santa Paula, CA."

60. Sierra de Lune

"Sierra de Lune by Claire de LuneSE at 4 months old.
Owned and bred by Rose Sullivan, SE Farm, Camarillo, CA."

59. CosimoSE

"CosimoSE by Claire de LuneSE at 3 days old.
Owned and bred by Rose Sullivan, SE Farm, Camarillo, CA."

58. Contessa

"Contessa by Claire de LuneSE at 1 hour old.
Owned and bred by Rose Sullivan, SE Farm, Camarillo, CA. "

57. Cascade

"My 15 y/o daughter Gina Lucas took this photo of one of my foals at her
ISR/Oldenburg inspection. The filly is out of my 22 y/o foundation mare Hobby
and she is by Hilltop Farm's Riverman. The filly's name is Cascade, also known as
Chula or Cassie when she isn't being spunky. As it turned out, she wound up
being the High Score Foal Champion at the inspection which took place at
Savoir Faire Stables on 9/23 in San Marcos. - Irena Coz-Lucas"

56. Nathan & Surprise

"Baby Buddies! Nathan the bay and Surprise the dark chesnut
love on each other in the pasture!"

55. Takota

"Here is a photo of my baby Takota when he was about 11 months old.
A friend of mine rescued a little paint mare from Colorado and a few months later
we got a surprise! He is very curious and playful. I have had the pleasure of
playing with him since the day he was born."

54. Elegance

"This is my Escudo I filly, Elegance. (Escudo I x Delimain)."

53. Magni

"This is Magni, our black silver dapple Icelandic foal, from Triple 4 Ranch.
He was born on August 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm. These photos were taken
during his first 2 days of life. The proud mama is Helja fra Sjavarborg III."

52. Sensational Oatmeal Cookie

"Sensational Oatmeal Cookie is my name (aka Oatmeal).
I'm a purebred miniature horse. My color: black and white paint.
I was born in March. I am owned by Cole (3) who loves me very much,
and his bigger sister Bridgett (14) trains me to do tricks such as sit, lay down,
roll over, play dead, bow, pull a cart and I am learning even more.
I have a great owner and do pony parties now. I am a big part of
Whispering Meadows Ranch. When I was born I came out early and mommy
was in a pasture with a 2 year old Budweiser Clydesdale called Barley.
I thought Barley was my mommy so i was trying to nurse from her - that was
a long way up there! Well, this is me and I hope you see I am the cutest foal."

51. For C It and Fire Fly

"Weaning day! Two of For Play's colts meeting for the first time with their
mother observing. The Bay is Named "For C It" who is a Premium Colt with
Oldenburg GOV and is owned by Kristin Darkin pictured here at 4+ months
and the Chestnut is a 5 months old Weser EMS (1/2 Welsh) Stallion Prospect
and Premium Foal Named "Fire Fly" owned by Stepping Stone Farms."

50. Hope

"Hope is a dwarf miniature horse born to Delilah at
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue in Sedan, KS. Delilah was pregnant
with Hope and near death when she was seized in what was the largest farm
animal rescue in Kansas history with over 60 animals being recovered."

49. Liberty

"Liberty is an adorable miniature colt born to Bella at
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue in Sedan, KS. Bella was pregnant with
Liberty and near death when she was seized in what was the largest farm
animal rescue in Kansas history with over 60 animals being recovered."

48. Rein N Hollywood

"Rein N Hollywood (aka Waylon) is a Quarter Horse colt by Hollywood Vintage out of Carlas Freckles. He's a little embarassed that his mom is washing his face in this picture. Waylon is owned by Ray and Jeanne Mason of Donegal Ranch Quarter Horses."

47. Romeo

Adriana Gonzalez from Valley Springs sent in this photo of Romeo.
"He is the sweetest colt you could ever own!
He was born on April 9, 2010. He is also registered with the APHA."

46. Zazzy

"This is 'Pizasse' aka 'Zazzy,' who was born on March 17th at Chestnut Hills.
She is a very spunky half Welsh filly who loves her little Skylar!"

45. Rani

Jolena Thomas sent in this photo of her foal, Rani.
"She is a red dun Quarter Horse filly out of our sorrel mare, Dolly.
She is 2 months old in this picture with Broc. She is the sweetest foal and
isn't afraid of anything. I hope you love her as much as we do."

44. Princess Kailee Anne

"This little cutie is an adopted Wild Mustang.
She was on the range dying from Colic and is blind in the right eye.
The state vet and estray manager were called out and with the help from them
as well as my friend and I, we saved her life and the rest is history.
I adopted her, brought her to her new home where she immediately
fell in love with this rescued Percheron. Born Sept 13th, 2008, her given name
is Princess Kailee Anne. She is being professionally trained and will be
competing in the Wild Horse and Burro show. Whats not to love???"

43. Good Friday

"This is Good Friday, born on April 2nd in Rancho Santa Fe.
He is by the Holsteiner stallion Landavi and a Canadian Warmblood mare
Show and Tell. Baby Friday is one day old in this picture."

42. Vinter's Reserve

"This is one of our Holsteiner fillies named Vinter's Reserve,
by Quantum and pictured with my twin niece and nephew."

41. Quigan Z

"This is one of our colts, Quigan Z. He is a Holsteiner by Quantum."

40. Cachet Z

"This is one of our fillies, Cachet Z, who is by Cassini II and out of Landarra Z."

39. Cairo Z

"This is one of our colts Cairo Z, by Cassini II and out of our Akita Z,
our Alme/Ramiro mare. He is a chestnut Holsteiner who is turning grey."

38. Delta Bell

"This is Delta Bell, 3 months old! Delta loves to lick people and give kisses!
Almost like a dog! Here's a picture of Delta giving me a kiss back!"

37. June Bug

"My name is June Bug because I was born in June and I'm cute as a bug,
which you can see by my one-month-old picture. I'm a Sorrel Quarter Horse
and I'm very independent - my mom's not even in the picture."

36. Little Sox

"This is Little Sox at 1 month old in June (born May 17th).
She is a Sorrel Quarter Horse with 4 white socks, thus her name.
She is a real people person ... I mean horse!

35. Susie

"Tyler Noland and Susie. Tyler is the grandson of Ruth Noland,
Tom & Sue Giedroyce's neighbor. The photo was taken in Ruth's backyard
at her home in Menifee. Susie is out of Ruth's quarter horse mare
Sport King Sally (Mandy) by Smokin Joe Olean. Baby Susie is 2 months old
in this photo, taken by Tom & Sue Giedroyce."

34. Whitman

"Whitman, by the Dutch Warmblood stallion, Juss For The Taste,
and out of a TB mare, Win N Whitney. He is a month and four days old here.
We were out for a walk when he wandered over to a little graveyard.
The picture says it all."

33. Princess Fire Pants

"Princess Fire Pants - a 2 month old filly ready for her big date at the Oldenburg
inspection on 7/28/10. Submitted by Corky Loupe, Owned by Kim Heinbuch."

32. Babys Slick Penny

"Kaylee sent in this photo of her foal, Babys Slick Penny.
She was born 3 weeks early in July - she's a rambunctious cute little thing!
She's also for sale ..."

31. Dusty

"Dusty and his toy monkey."

30. Snow

"Our colt, Snow "

29. Yearling Colt

"Our yearling colt, born 4/27/09"

28. Nick

"Nick, our miniature horse born May 28th of this year in Williamsburg KS,
weighed only 12 pounds. In this photo Nick is playing with our 7 year old
dog Ruby. When he was born we had to bottle feed him goat's milk because
he could not latch on. There were times we thought he was not going to make it.
Now he is very healthy and likes to play in mud puddles and his
favorite treat is frosted mini wheats."

27. Rex

"Christy Gieseke sent in this cute photo of her foal, Rex.
He was born over a month early, his head was so big he couldn't hold it up
on his own for days, that is how he got his name after the dinosaur. His hair
was so fine you would think he was pink and brown. He couldn't stand for the first
few days - his legs went in all directions and were like rubber. The odds were
against him, but to me and everybody else that meets him, we have to say,
he is a true surviver ... only the strong survive. I have to say with every feeding
I would see some improvment - that is what keeps me going. Now he is just like
a normal foal and full of personality. His mother rejected him because she
was having health problems, she is now doing much better. Rex is by my
Dutch stallion, Juss For The Taste, and out of my TB mare, Slew's Halo.
This picture was taken at three days shy of six weeks old."

26. Dulcinea

"Her name is Dulcinea, she is a P.R.E. sired by our Pure Cartujano stallion
Ambicioso XVIII out of Agracia. She was born on June 30th and is quite
the character! Her sire and dam were both imported from Spain
from the well known Yeguada Quintanilla."

25. Radar

"This is "Radar, a Quarter Horse colt born on March 10, 2010.
He's by RF Doolin Leo, out of Smart Little Kitten and has hopes of becoming
a reiner or maybe a reined cow horse. This picture was taken by
Dan Sternau when he was 6 days old at his home in Sunland, CA"

24. Copper

"Our foal, Copper, one day old and so good for the vet."

23. Patriot av Drömmarna

"This is "Patriot av Drömmarna", a Knabstrupper filly that was born on
May 30th this year. By Pegasus vom Niehaus-Hof and out of Nadia."

22. Pretty Pirouette

"A foal at San Diego Sporthorses - she's already learning her pirouette."

21. Freckles A Roo

"Freckles A Roo (name pending) is by Roosters Wrangler out of
Miss Clone Freckles. Owned by Donegal Ranch Quarter Horses in
Williamsburg, KS, she was born on April 20, 2010 and carries the
blood of champions. She's pretty cute and she knows it!"

20. Mickie

"Mickie, born in June, 2010, now resides with his dam Rose at
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue in Sedan, KS. He and his mother
were rescued by a good samaritan after being abandonded in a Kansas park.
Mickie was a hungry baby upon arrival...but, he is hungry no more
and growing big and strong with a happy future ahead of him."

19. RMR Able To Hope (Abbi)

"RMR Able To Hope (aka Abbi) is by Able To Cheet out of Little Barlite
born April 6, 2010. Born at Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue in Sedan, KS
after her pregnant mother was saved from slaughter, Abbi is AQHA registered
and an outstanding representative of the American Quarter Horse breed."

18. Hot Roman Candle

"This is "Hot Roman Candle." She is a Thoroughbred filly foaled 3/28/10.
She is by Roman Commander and out of Video Voo Doo."

17. Best Friends

"These two cuties were born June, 2009."

16. Champagne Triumph, aka "Boots"

"Here's my 17-day-old colt, an amber champagne spotted TWH.
He's in Riverside, CA. I call him Boots, but his registered name is
Champagne Triumph. He's out of Tri Champagne.
I'm hoping he's homozygous for both spots and champagne!"

15. Worthy Alliance (Braeden)

"This is Worthy Alliance (Braeden)
by Hanoverian "Worthy Opponent" out of Graf's Royal Aine" - born on 4/28/10."

14. Chief Justice

"This is Chief Justice out of Congressman by Don't Sell Me Short.
He is 3 weeks old."

13. Pippy Longstockings

"This is Pippy Longstockings at 3 weeks old.
I tried to tell her grazing gets easier as you get older!"

12. Flag

"Flag, born on Memorial Day."

11. Miniature Filly

"Our one-week-old miniature filly, foaled May 5, 2010."

10. Midnight Valentino

"Here's one-day-old colt, Midnight Valentino."

9. 2 Week Old Colt

8. Willow's Painted Lexus

"Here's Willow's Painted Lexus, a black and white Tobiano filly,
out of Doc's Tru Driftwood and Will She Be Trouble."

7. Docs Lynx Cover Girl

"This is a Quarter Horse filly named Docs Lynx Cover Girl,
born the worst night of the January 2010 storms."

6. Section B Welsh Pony Colt

"This is a Section B Welsh Pony colt, who has yet to be named.
He is pictured here at 1 day old. His sire is the imported Royal Welsh Champion
and two time US National Champion, *Wedderlie Mardi Gras.
His dam, *Russetwood Romance, is also imported, and carries very famous
bloodlines that are rare in the US, as she is daughter of the great Rotherwood State
Occasion. This colt is bred in the purple, and we look forward to watching him mature!"

5. Clanfair Caledonia

"This is our Section B Welsh Pony filly, named Clanfair Caledonia.
She is pictured at 2 days old. Her dam was imported from Scotland,
and recently joined our breeding program. This darling filly is buckskin
with a blaze and four stockings. We love her!"

4. Tilda

"This is my filly Tilda, born May 25, 2010, by Tip Top 962 out of HF's First Lady by
Campino 009. She's 30 minutes old in the first picture, and 1 week old in the second."

3. Mini Colt

"Here's our one-day-old mini colt, as of yet unnamed."

2. Sock Monkey

"Here is our Thoroughbred colt "Sock Monkey" by Indian Country out of Lost Memo.
Born Februrary 2, 2010 he is the pride of the barn and very independent.
When he was born with all the "chrome" he looked just like the sock monkey
that kids have, and he is so mischievous that the name was perfect for him."

1. Foal by Esprit De Coeur and Idocus

"Here is a shot of my mare and foal on his very first day.
The mare is Esprit De Coeur (Herzberg x Zevenster) and the foal is sired by Idocus."