California Riding Magazine • March, 2014

Horse People See Horses

by Harold Roy Miller

If you watch horse lovers
I think like me you'll find
Even though they're different,
they are of the same mind.
Regardless of whether they are working
or spending time at play
thoughts of horses will preoccupy
most of their busy day.

Some folks see ghosts or UFOs
or other strange Lorentz forces
Fortune Tellers see the future,
but horse folks just see horses.
They have vivid imaginations
with no one pulling on their reins
They are always going to see horses;
it's imprinted on their brains.

Equinenitis - sightus is a thrill
and something they surely love.
And they see them in the shadows
and in the clouds above.
It might be a horse's head,
or body or the other end they'll see
But once they spotlight it,
other horse sighters usually agree.

It's an infectious condition
that spreads from person to person
And the more you love horses
the more it seems to worsen
I am not going to waste time
with one of my long discourses
But everywhere I look nowadays.
I am starting to see horses!