California Riding Magazine • March, 2014

Wound Care News
Christa Petrillo Joins Well-Horse Celebrity List at 2014 Sacramento Horse Expo

Well-Horse is excited to announce the addition of Christa Petrillo, Total Horsemanship Training, as their newest celebrity advocate. Horse enthusiasts agree that "Christa has some sort of way with horses - you can see it when horses look at her - or rather, look to her. They know she is a safe, fair leader and they trust her." Christa selected Well-Horse Anti-bacterial resin as her "go-to" wound remedy after trying many other wound products on the market. A John Lyons certified and accredited performance trainer, Christa liked the fact that Well-Horse is all natural, works fast and is effective for all types of wound and skin fungus.

As one of Well-Horse's newest celebrities, Christa will be working with Well-Horse at the Sacramento Horse Expo in June. Christa's experiences with Well-Horse began with a wound on her beloved Mustang, Hubble. "I love how Well-Horse works on wounds and skin fungus. It's fast at wound healing and renews skin and hair, plus it kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents effectively." Christa's training business brings her in touch with many different horse ailments. "Well-Horse keeps my horses healthy when they have wounds and skin fungus, plus the Well-Horse hoof remedy Thrush Off is a remarkable treatment for thrush and white line disease."

Well-Horse has earned top status throughout every venue of the horse industry and was selected by experts at Horse Journal as one of the top all natural wound products. Now numerous equestrians from every discipline are raving about their own miraculous results.
Well-Horse is a proprietary blend of resins known as "dragons blood" from croton trees that grow in the Amazon rain forest. Well-Horse speeds wound healing and regenerates tissue and hair – without proud flesh or white hair re-growth. "After besting established wound product competitors in Horse Journal trials," declared Coco Fernandez, creator of Well-Horse, "we were thrilled to take the top spot for all open wound products and win the top ten product of the year from Horse Journal (the only wound healing product selected).

Well-Horse is a young company dedicated to the creation and development of organic equine products. The founder, Coco Fernandez, Master Farrier, operates a successful equine orthopedics farrier service on the Central Coast of California. Well-Horse products are carried in most tack and feed stores or buy online at For hotline questions, call 419-295-0474.