California Riding Magazine • February, 2014

The Showroom Mobile Equestrian Expo
Making horse show
promotion affordable.

Promoting any business at a horse show can be an expensive and frustrating experience. There's the cost of booth space, staffing, hotel accommodations and travel, for starters. Then there's the challenge of attracting the attention of competitors who are focused on their show ring performance. What do you do if you're a new business, or a small business, or even a big business with a lot of shows to cover?

Now you can turn to a unique concept in horse show promotion, run by an experienced promotion pro: The Showroom Mobile Equestrian Expo provides economical, effective onsite promotion at select Northern California shows, developed by longtime horse show vendor Cheryl Chandler of the well-known Custom Covers by Cheryl business.

How does it work? The Showroom's compact luxury RV is parked on horse shows' "vendor row" where it provides outdoor display spaces, indoor office space for client meetings, and a comfortable lounge area. Horse show competitors and spectators can stop by, relax, and browse through The Showroom's client displays and information, and watch client videos.

"With The Showroom, I can offer a way for my clients to promote their products and services at horse shows without having to be there in person. By spreading horse show vendor costs among multiple clients, The Showroom can provide promotion at a fraction of the cost, reach as many customers as if clients were at the show themselves, and still provide personal contact with your clients," Cheryl explains.

In addition, The Showroom distributes company literature and samples in the barns, coordinates signage and other promotions with horse show management, and creates custom promotional plans. Only a select number of clients are accepted for The Showroom, and only one client in any product or service category, so each client receives exclusive representation along with personal attention.

One of The Showroom's first clients was the equestrian multimedia extravaganza, Cavalia. The Showroom hosted Cavalia's electronic ticket sales during the Reining by the Bay show at the Woodside Horse Park, providing Cavalia with the location and amenities to reach competitors and spectators at a fraction of the cost of having their own vendor space.

Woodside Day of the Horse, another one of The Showroom's original clients, is an annual celebration of horses organized by the Woodside-area Horse Owners Association known as WHOA! This advocacy organization works to preserve the fundamental role of horses in maintaining the rural character of Woodside and its surrounding communities, a goal shared by longtime Woodside trail rider Cheryl Chandler.

Knowing the importance to equestrians of their beloved dogs, Cheryl recently added Flint River Ranch All-Natural Dog Food to The Showroom's client roster. By introducing Flint River's premium dog food to west coast equestrians through The Showroom, new customers can learn about the products, try samples and place orders.

The Showroom Mobile Equestrian Expo is an effective and economical promotion partner for companies and organizations that want to reach horse show competitors and spectators in Northern California, covering shows from Woodside to Petaluma to Sacramento.

For more information, call toll-free 866-523-7577 or visit