California Riding Magazine • February, 2014

Classic Equine Equipment
Stalls, equipment and accessories
fulfill wish lists and dreams.

by Kim F. Miller

Classic Equine Equipment barn in Rancho Santa Fe. Photo: R. Putnam

Christy Schulthess has the perfect career.

Over a lifetime of horse keeping, she's accumulated a long and always-growing wish list of stable equipment and accessories. As the president and COO of Classic Equine Equipment, her most important responsibility is finding items that fulfill those wishes, and in a way that meets the Fredericktown, MO company's high standard for safety, quality and great looks. Her mechanical engineering degree from Purdue University provides a great foundation for the extensive research involved in determining which products are worthy additions to the Classic catalog.

"Even when I'm on vacation, I'm always on the lookout for something that could be applicable in a horse barn," Christy explains. Infrared heaters suitable for outdoor use came to her attention while she was waiting in a restaurant line. After a thorough check of their suitability for a stable environment, the heaters are now a popular item in Classic's growing selection of barn accessories.

Photo: Pegasus Builders

During its 23 years in business, Classic Equine has built a terrific reputation for stall systems that offer the best in function, safety, beautiful designs and long-term value. An extensive line of equipment and accessories is a newer, yet rapidly growing extension of the company's solid foundation. Tack room racks and storage devices, an array of lighting options, fans, flooring, dollies and carts exemplify the unique items that have enabled Classic Equine to become a one-stop shop for barn builders and remodelers. The company is proud of its ability to "outfit any room in the barn and provide almost any piece of equipment," Christy explains.

Photo: Jim Jernigan

Whether a horse owner has hired a contractor or is acting as their own, the process of identifying all the necessary and/or desired non-stall components "can be overwhelming," Christy observes. "Our intent is to provide convenience to our customers so they don't have to search all over the internet for things that can be quite difficult to find."

An oversized dolly is one of Christy's favorite finds. Designed to carry hay and other heavy loads, it folds into a compact, space-saving shape for easy storage. High velocity basket fans are another hot item. Sourced from the agriculture industry, they were used successfully in dairy and pig farming and thus were an ideal Classic Equine catalog addition as a tried and true ventilation workhorse in a stable setting. Beautiful wood and brass saddle racks have become another big hit with customers.

Photo: Populous Architects

A great convenience for West Coast equestrians is the addition of a local Classic Equine representative in Sacramento-based Ken Wegner. He brings extensive experience in home construction, is committed to great customer service and has an active equestrian sister to thank for an already firm grounding in horse-keeping priorities. Ken will be at Horse Expo Pomona (Feb. 7-9) and at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show (Feb. 13-23) in Arizona.

As their offering of equipment and accessories grows, Classic continues to be the king of high quality stall systems. "A lot of stall products look similar from a distance," Christy notes. Beyond the beautiful looks, the quality that distinguishes Classic Equine's products is not always evident to the untrained eye. The rust prevention built into Classic stalls is a case in point. The company uses only pre-galvanized steel in its grillwork, stall hardware, pasture gates and all other components. "The steel we use has a thin coating of zinc applied at the mill," she explains. This is in addition to the powder coating process, which adds another layer of rust prevention – along with custom color choices. The extra steps pay off in the longevity of both good looks and great function. Stall doors slide smoothly with the touch of a finger and the original finishes last 10 to 15 years, sometimes longer. This is the case in settings ranging from private, small facilities to large, heavy use public boarding operations and veterinary hospitals.

Photo: Jim Jernigan

The company's strict commitment to made-in-America products is one that pings on patriotic radar screens. Its contribution to the longevity of Classic's products is another quality point consumers won't see on the surface. "All of our steel products are made here in Fredericktown, Missouri, ensuring that we have complete control over the quality of the product," Christy notes.

Classic Equine's stall systems come in styles that suit several budgets, but they'll never be the cheapest based on price tag alone. When economies over the products' long life span are factored in, however, the upfront costs are a sound investment. Plus, Classic Equine Equipment is a peace of mind provider. The priorities and needs of the hands-on horseowner are reflected in everything that carries Classic's name, from its award-winning blog to every item –big and small- delivered to customers across the country.

"Everything we do is built around the safety of the horse, the functionality of the product, then the beauty of the end result," Christy concludes. "We provide a great product, but what we really see ourselves as doing is helping people make their dreams come true."

For more information on Classic Equine Equipment, visit www.classic-equine.com or call 800-444-7430.