California Riding Magazine • February, 2014

Fly Eliminators
Beneficial insects provide natural control for pesky flies.

As winter melts away and spring begins to warm things up, pest flies are presented with an assortment of breeding grounds. Adult female flies seek moist areas, such as those found in decomposing organic materials, to lay their eggs. Within a few days, the eggs will hatch and juvenile fly larvae or "maggots" will burrow into the ground where they pupate before developing into the pesky flies that we are all too familiar with. Together with the obvious annoyance they cause, flies transmit diseases and can also cause great discomfort to horses and livestock ranging from skin irritations to weight loss.

ARBICO Organics™, a family-owned company located in Tucson, AZ has many natural options to help reduce the number of flies around barns, homes, ranches, farms, dairies and feedlots. Since 1979, ARBICO Organics™ has been producing small parasitic wasps they call "Fly Eliminators™." These small, stingless insects are natural parasites of developing flies and are an environmentally friendly way to control troublesome fly populations. 

It's easy to use Fly Eliminators™. ARBICO Organics™ customizes fly programs; tailoring to specific fly situations, taking into consideration the number of horses and other animals, how clients manage their manure, where they live, the climate and other variables. Fly Eliminators are typically shipped to users every two to four weeks throughout the duration of the fly season. Upon receipt, they are dispersed by hand into areas where flies are breeding. The gnat-sized female insects burrow into the ground, search out fly pupae and begin to parasitize the fly by depositing their eggs within each fly pupa they encounter. As the eggs develop into larvae inside the fly pupa, they feed on the developing fetal fly, killing it before it ever hatches into an annoying, irritating adult fly.

Pairing Fly Eliminators with adult fly traps, such as the ARBICO Organics™ Solar Fly Trap™ is a great way to maximize fly control.  Your horses and animals will thank you for taking care of them without the use of caustic, synthetic pesticides and so will your pocketbook. 

Press release provided by ARBICO Organics. For more information about Fly Eliminators™ and how to order your Fly Eliminator™ program, go online to or call 800-SOS-BUGS M-F 8-5 MST and Saturdays 8-1. A friendly bio control consultant will be happy to create a Fly Eliminator program for you. Interested in Fly Eliminators™ and want to see what they look like? Sign up or call to receive a FREE sample of Fly Eliminators™, one per household and for new customers only.