California Riding Magazine • February, 2014

Listen Up!
Brigitte Noel's All-Ears Animal Communication lets horses tell their side of the story.

Photo: Erpelding Photography

Brigitte Noel knows her profession as an animal communicator is a bit "out there" for some people, but she sees her work in very practical, tangible terms. "I'm a puzzle solver," explains Brigitte, a San Diego resident who has been helping owners connect with their horses and pets for close to 20 years. "This work tends to find the missing piece of the puzzle and it's usually the one that is essential to the true picture of what is going on with the horse."

Partly due to owners' tendency to ascribe human perspectives as the source of horse behavior, there's often a considerable gap between how owner and horse perceive a situation. Even a small gap can create a big misunderstanding, Brigitte explains. "My job is clearing up misunderstandings by both parties. Horses live in a different reality. When an owner is even just a little bit off in their assessments, that can make a big difference in how well the horse feels his problems are being addressed."

Revelations that emerge from a session with Brigitte can be very simple. A barrel racing client came to her discouraged because his talented horse was not performing up to par. In picking up the horse's thoughts and feelings and conveying the owner's concerns, Brigitte learned that the racer was bothered by the amount of noise going on from loudspeakers during his run. Noise-blocking cotton in the ears was all that was needed to bring about a significant improvement.

Brigitte sometimes discovers emotional stresses that have manifested themselves in physical issues veterinarians have been unable to diagnose. "There's a connection between emotions and well-being," she emphasizes.

Horses speak to Brigitte with everything but words. Body language is sometimes part of their response to Brigitte's session starter: "What's up?" With or without body language, the horse communicates with feelings and emotions. "I am reading the horse's heart and mind without necessarily going through their body language."

Some horses are better communicators than others, mostly stemming from how many lifetimes their soul has had to get the hang of it, Brigitte explains. "It has to do with their soul experience, with the individual horse's personal evolution and their state of mind and being." In the world of animal communication, the proverbial "old soul" is the worldwise horse who effectively conveys his needs. A "green" horse is no less intelligent, Brigitte emphasizes, but he has less experience both in knowing his job as a domestic horse and in communicating his point of view.

Horse owners most often seek Brigitte out to find out why their horse is doing a specific thing. "It could be anything that is cropping up during riding or schooling," she says. "Often it's the owner feeling that the horse's personality has evolved in a way they're concerned about. I go in and find out what's really going on from the horse's perspective. I find out what the situation is, how the horse is living it and what is causing them to behave in a certain way."

Brigitte can conduct sessions in person or by phone. In person, she'll sit calmly with the horse (or dog, cat, etc.) in a quiet environment free of noise and distractions. For phone sessions, Brigitte needs a good quality, recent photograph of the animal to establish a telepathic communication.

After nearly 20 years in this field, Brigitte reports growing receptivity to her work. "The people who are interested find me." Clients come from all facets of the horse world. Customers don't always tell others that they've recruited Brigitte's help, but she finds plenty of reward and gratification in helping horses be better understood. She can also help owners connect with horses that have gone to the other side, helping them ease grief and find peace.

According to Brigitte, communicating with animals is something anyone with an open mind and heart is capable of. To that end, she offers LoveLink Workshops in which people are taught to tap into their natural intuitive abilities. And this month she is launching a blog on her website.

For more information, visit or call 619-295-5504.