California Riding Magazine • October, 2013

Wire-2-Wire Equine Supplements
Blending and dosing make
all the difference.

Wire-2-Wire's mission is to improve the health and wellness of athletic horses by preventing cellular damage that occurs during strenuous activity. A healthier horse will be able to train harder, get stronger, recover faster and retain a competitive edge longer—all legally and with better health.

All products are made by FDA-certified labs. The ingredients of Wire-2-Wire, including CoQ10, work together to help keep your horse at its best. One of the major effects is the increased antioxidant capacity that allows the horse to clean out the damaging effects of a strenuous workout and reduce harmful byproducts produced by its environment. Wire-2-Wire leads to better heart health, increases energy and athleticism, helps control cholesterol, boosts testosterone, helps prevent diabetes, improves the immune system and delays aging.

This proprietary blend of components is designed to produce optimal equine athletic performance. Any of these components individually or without our proprietary blend of components would not achieve the same results. By using Wire-2-Wire, you can reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medications (like Bute) over time.
According to the California Horse Racing Board rulebook and the FEI Equine Prohibited List, everything in this blend is legal for equine use and currently available in some form for legal sale.

The difference is the synergistic blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and dosing. Most components are included for general well-being such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D & E, biotin, beta carotene, calcium, zinc, selenium and iron. Dosing was chosen to match the recommendations of the National Research Council (NRC) requirements for working horses. Also included are amino acids, particularly the branched chain amino acids designed for prevention of muscle breakdown during exercise. Other common components are glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which maintain general joint health.

Years of scientific study have shown great benefits for each of the components of Wire-2-Wire. However, it is the way each of the intentionally chosen ingredients work together that enhances the effectiveness of Wire-2-Wire.

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