California Riding Magazine •September, 2013

Cur-OST® EQ Total Support
A new approach to allergies, gut support and inflammation relief.

In 2006, Dr. Tom Schell, after dealing with his own personal battle with inflammation, began to investigate options to aid his equine patients to reduce their dependence on prescription anti-inflammatories. The goal was to reduce inflammation while enhancing the horses' health rather than risk the side effects associated with long term usage of pharmacological anti-inflammatories.

"There just had to be a better option out there with a more systemic reaching effect," Dr. Schell explained. "One that helps us to minimize joint injections and use of potentially harmful medications."

The crusade was started and research conducted, utilizing one of the most heavily researched anti-inflammatory herbs, curcumin. A small research trial was conducted on a small population of arthritic patients, each receiving this curcumin herbal blend daily. At the end of the 30 day period, the patients were re-evaluated for clinical improvement in lameness scores as well as joint fluid inflammatory protein levels.
"The results were incredible. Most of the patients at least improved by one grade or better and most feeling the best they had in a long
time," Dr. Schell stated, "Now we might have a better option."

The results of the trial were so promising that this curcumin formula began to take on a life of its own, soon to be called Cur-OST®. The formula was utilized in Dr. Schell's patients for years, but soon a calling developed outside of his state, customers seeking the formula for their own horses. Since that time, Cur-OST® has become a well utilized, all natural option for pain and inflammation in horses. Three research trials have been published, demonstrating the effects of the Cur-OST® formulas in their ability to combat inflammation, reduce pain and help manage a variety of conditions. "Curcumin has so much research backing and potential, going far beyond the typical arthritic type of condition. There is so much we can do for our patients utilizing these formulas to combat inflammation and oxidative stress," Dr. Schell explains.

After demonstrating clinical improvement in various orthopedic conditions, laminitis and even metabolic syndrome, Dr. Schell set his sights on allergies, specifically COPD in horses. Many of these conditions have a strong inflammatory component to them, which contributes to their progression and difficulty in managing easily. In addition, the patient's immune system is affected due to the chronic nature of the inflammation. Could it be possible that the curcumin based Cur-OST® formulas could help these patients?

In the spring of 2013, Dr. Schell created the Cur-OST® Total Support formula which provides high levels of curcumin along with several other anti-inflammatory herbs. What makes this formula unique is that it also contains several herbs that enhance liver and digestive health. The immune system is directly connected with gastrointestinal health and correlates with systemic inflammation. In theory, if we can improve digestive health and combat systemic inflammation, then we might be able to control these patients' health challenges more easily.

The Cur-OST® EQ Total Support was put to the test in another small trial mainly evaluating COPD candidates all over the country in different environments. Many of these horses were dependent on prescription medications, including steroids, on a daily basis. The overall results of the trial indicated an 80 percent response rate with at least a one to two grade improvement in condition. While each patient dealt with different levels of the condition, many of them were able to either reduce their dosage of prescription medications or some actually eliminated them entirely over the course of the 30 days. The patients felt better while their breathing and coughing improved and some of them even returned to light riding or competition.

"It is all in the health of the gastrointestinal tract with these patients, but this goes beyond just allergies and COPD. We have found that many cases of laminitis and even arthritis are tied in with gut health and find that those patients are equally as responsive to the EQ Total Support Formula. By supporting their gastrointestinal health, the instance of chronic inflammation and poor immune response is decreased." Dr. Schell states. "It is just good to see improvement in these patients and see them breathing easier and having a better quality of life."

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