California Riding Magazine • July, 2013

Perma Stall
Specially treated rice hull bedding, stall wash and a unique pitchfork make stable work a breeze.

Good horsemanship has always been associated with hard work, but savvy horse owners know that working smarter is often better than working harder. Perma Stall's trio of stall maintenance products triggers that epiphany for many horse owners. The company's all-natural bedding solutions consist of specially treated rice hull bedding, a multi-tasking stall wash and a pitchfork with special tines for picking manure and wet spots out of their bedding.

Rice hulls have been used for bedding for some time, but Perma Stall's addition of antimicrobial enzymes took the idea to new levels of health and comfort for the horse and ease of maintenance for the owner.

Perma Stall's soft surface encourages horses to lie down completely for a good rest without getting hock sores or other bedding-induced hot spots. Farriers and physiotherapists report fewer hoof and chiropractic problems in horses that stand and lie down on this bedding.

From a horse-keeper's perspective Perma Stall bedding is worth its weight in gold. Urine odors are virtually eliminated and wet spots are concentrated for easy removal, which also makes it relatively inexpensive because urine and manure removal only reduces the bedding by a little. Heavy wheelbarrow loads are a thing of the past with Perma Stall and muck heaps are 70 percent smaller, which in turn reduces the cost of removing waste. The long-lasting bedding stays dry longer than traditional counterparts and it's non-allergen, non-smoldering and non-combustible.

The Perma Fork is a great complement to the Perma Stall bedding. It's durable, tough and ultra lightweight with narrow tines designed to take only manure and wet bedding while leaving the dry behind.

Perma Stall Wash puts the finishing touch on a safe, pleasant, comfortable stable environment. This proprietary all-in-one wash is used on stall walls and other surfaces as an insect repellant, deodorizer, and it kills eggs and larvae. It is water-soluble, organically formulated and easy to use.

John and Cathy Fowler acquired Perma Stall in January of 2010 and have enjoyed sharing their three products' benefits with fellow horsemen. It's been an easy sell once horse owners see what the products can do for their horses, their stable and their maintenance workload. The Fowlers emphasize that they have no affiliation with the company's previous owner and they pride themselves on applying the same high standards to their customer service policies as they do to the formulation of their products.

The company welcomes inquiries from individuals, retailers and wholesalers. For more information, visit or call 520-510-7632.