California Riding Magazine • July, 2013

Equine Unlimited, Inc.
Safety, fun and good horsemanship are common denominators in multi-faceted program.

Malinda with SAHJA 2012 Grebitus Cup Winners: Jolene Swann, Gabby Eimanverdi, Grave Mercurio and Chelsea Sherman. Photo by Rachel Uribe

Malinda Kregoski chose a good name for her business in Equine Unlimited. In fact, there is little you can't do with a horse or pony at her 33-acre equestrian property and program. English and western riding, for show or purely recreational, trail riding, summer and after school camps, scouting badges and corporate trail rides are just a few of the activities that the program has made possible for riders young and old in the Sacramento Valley town of Rescue and surrounding area.

The only thing there is a strict limit on is reckless horsemanship. "Safety and education is my number one concern," notes Malinda, who brings 30-plus years of horsemanship to the task. "I want my students to come out and have fun, while also teaching them the esponsibilities that come with owning or working with horses. I want them to be safe wherever they may go riding and to not accidentally abuse a horse due to lack of knowledge."

Her diverse horsemanship background includes three years working for Euro Disney, where she played Annie Oakley in the Wild West show. Building upon her primarily english riding background, Malinda added on cutting, reining, cart driving skills, and mileage working with horses of several breeds.

The entrance to Equine Unlimited. Photo by Malinda Kregoski

The show-oriented students in her stable are regular contenders on the Sacramento Area Hunter/Jumper Assn. circuit. Last summer, the Fantastic Four won the association's Grebitus Cup team jumper competition, marking the fourth time an Equine Unlimited squad, coached by Malinda, scored that honor. Equine Unlimited riders also did very well at Thermal earlier this year.

Horse sales constitute a sizable portion of Equine Unlimited's business. "It's all about pairing the right horse and rider together," Malinda says. For those not quite ready to own their own horse, the stable usually has several lease horses available.

Malinda is at that point in her career where former students are returning to ride with her as young adults. It's a great reminder of how much she enjoys the privilege of helping children grow up in a wholesome, healthy way.

Malinda with student Kim Bare. Photo by Cimaron Design

Set in a park-like environment in the country, with plenty of room to roam, Equine Unlimited has a strong family emphasis. "We run a structured environment, but not so structured that you show up, ride your horse and leave," Malinda explains. "Family members are welcome here. Often, parents will stay to watch the lesson, then leave while their child stays to clean tack, fill waterers or have fun while learning other things. I pride myself on giving kids an opportunity to learn to do things the right way."

Malinda admits she's had to develop "eyes in the back of my head" to keep track of everything that goes on at Equine Unlimited. But she's a mom herself, of a 9-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son, so that comes naturally. She is grateful to her "fantastic staff," most of whom have been with her for most of the 13 years that she's run the program. Her three instructors and two grooms "could not be better help."

Malinda competing.

In addition to the educational programs, Equine Unlimited offers several opportunities to interact with horses in purely fun ways. Trail rides take corporate groups on leisurely excursions in the Folsom Lake and the Gold Rush-famous area of Coloma, and the property is the perfect place for horse or Western lifestyle parties of all kinds.

Although Malinda grew up a horse crazy kid, she took an office job in young adulthood thinking that it wasn't possible to make a decent living in the horse world. She soured on that pretty fast, and has since become an advocate for encouraging young people to consider a career with horses. It's not a lazy person's profession, of course, but it is a viable one for those willing to work hard at something they love.

For more information on Equine Unlimited, Inc., visit or call 916-718-8662.