California Riding Magazine • July, 2013

Popular Elastic Kinesiology Tape debuts for equine athletes.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, many competitors were seen using elastic kinesiology tape with great success. Currently, human professional athletes and coaches worldwide have made kinesiology tape an integral part of their training programs. Now, with the development of Equi-Tape®, the first elastic kinesiology therapeutic tape created specifically for the equine athlete, these same training benefits are available to our equine athletes as well.

To understand how Equi-Tape works, you need to recognize that it is not a bandage, brace or a wrap, and does not work by reducing the movement of muscles or joints. Conversely, Equi-Tape encourages greater freedom of movement while still supporting joints and muscles. Advances in training techniques, along with current research findings, demonstrate the benefits derived from keeping muscles moving and improving circulation. This, in turn, acts to reduce pain and encourage healing, and aid muscle metabolism by increasing blood supply (oxygen) to the working muscles, thereby improving both training effects and performance. This makes Equi-Tape a perfect resource for use in equine therapeutic and training programs.

Equi-Tape is safe and non-medicated, latex-free, and stays on in water, humidity or cold weather. Its benefits, applications and uses during training include minimizing risk of inflammation and muscle spasm, increasing circulation, and supporting healthy muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments at work.

Equi-Tape was developed by bio-mechanics and resistance training expert, certified taping practitioner, and former NY Chiropractic College clinical sciences instructor, Dr. Beverly Gordon. Dr. Gordon has published more than 40 articles on equine-related topics, some of which can be found at  

Equi-Tape is available at local feed and tack stores, as well as major catalog companies. To learn more about Equi-Tape, visit