California Riding Magazine • May, 2013

Cross The Threshold!
Blueprint Planning Kit makes "now" a great time to start any Barn Pros stabling, storage or property enhancement project.

A blueprint is the basis for any building project, but typically you don't get a real-world version of these detailed plans without making a substantial investment in the whole enchilada. Barn Pros trashes that idea with the new Blueprint Planning Kits.

Working blueprints for many of our barn, garage or storage structures are the foundation of this package. Budgeting, site selection and an investigation of your area's building codes and permit requirements all begin with a time-tested set of these design development blueprints. Starting at $189, it's a great way for prospective owners to get a realistic handle on what's ahead. Plans are just part of the package. We earned our good name providing customers with everything needed to complete our traditional wood barn building kits and the same all-inclusive concept applies here.

Kits include site planning tips, sample permit application guidelines (if required), a drafting tool set with a scale tablet for designing and drafting, a project priority sequence guide and a tip-sheet for hiring and/ or working with contractors and construction crews. A color catalog of components enables you to play with different lay-outs and looks, while pinpointing and comparing their costs and feasibility.
Spend some time with the materials included in this package and you'll be ready to talk confidently with your building crew and local building code agencies or, equally important, with your contractor if you go that route.

Blueprint Planning Kit customers automatically become charter members of Barn Pros' new Membership Club. This entitles you to lifetime discounts on many of the products and services we offer: from complete barn building kits to the tiniest finishing detail. From hardware to the 72' Denali Apartment Barn Package, the savings can add up.

This is the first time we've sold blueprints separate from building kits. We understand that a construction project of any scope can be intimidating and that getting started is often the hardest part.

Whether you are three months or three years away from breaking ground, the Blueprint Planning Kit will get you across the threshold.

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