California Riding Magazine • December, 2012

On Your Marks, Get Set, Shop!
Tack store tastemakers
reveal their holiday picks, part II.

There's still plenty of time to buy gifts that are as much fun to give as they are to receive. Here's the second installment of our round-up of local expert's great gift ideas.

Heather Guercio of DaMoor's Feed & Tack in Glendale

Based on the way certain items are flying off the shelves, Heather believes that some shoppers may have a big head start on the holiday season. Either that or they're buying the hot stuff for themselves before it gets sold out.

Tops on that list are breeches from Ariat in an adorable houndstooth design. "These are durable schooling breeches in a really fun, different pattern, and they are priced right under $100," says Heather.

Necklaces and keychains from Leather Goods Of Spain are another hot item. They feature horse heads and other equestrian motifs in colored stones and have been popular at DaMoor's for a few years. Priced in the $20 range, they are terrific for barn friends and trainers, Heather suggests.

Brand new to DaMoors are field boots from Italian company, DeNiro. "We are selling them like crazy," Heather says. These semi-custom boots range in price from $380 and $950. "They are popular because they fit so beautifully and they look amazing. We carry them in stock in a wide variety of sizes and different measurements and they come with different features: toe caps, cuffs on the field boots, etc."

DaMoor's customers are also crazy about handbags from a variety of manufacturers, several of which are pictured here.

Visit DaMoor's Feed & Tack at 1532 Riverside Drive in Glendale, or give them a call at 818-242-2841.

Ashley Matchett Woods of The Equestrian's Concierge in Petamluma (at the Sonoma Horse Park)

Socks: Ashley encourages her clients to wear moisture wicking performance socks under paddock or tall boots, especially in the winter. She's a big fan of those made of cashmere and wool that breathe and wick especially well. Current favorites include b.ella's Cashmere Knee Socks that sell for $16.

Scarves: Joules Clarence Scarf is a lovely, square piece with a "gorgeous" horse head design made of 100 percent silk for just $79.
Charmed Buckle Memories Belt: These are made by a local artisan who also makes bracelets and necklaces that can be customized endless ways, i.e. logos, crystals, stamped and/or painted designs. The belt shown here is priced at $105, while the price of other items varies depending on the design and elements desired.

Visit The Equestrian's Concierge at Sonoma Horse Park, 7600 Lakeville Rd in Petaluma or shop online at

Marty Barnard, East County Feed & Supply in San Diego County's Santee

The owner of East County Feed & Supply, Marty somehow finds time to do custom leather work, which her customers love any time of year. Leather collars with matching leashes are a hot holiday seller, as are custom carved nosebands and halters for horses.

Gift certificates, horse and dog treats are other reasonably priced gift ideas, Marty notes.

Stop by East County Feed & Supply at 10845 Woodside Ave in Santee or visit them online at