California Riding Magazine • November, 2012

SweetPro's EquiPride
and EquiLix
All-in-one supplements offer multiple benefits at a great price.

The short version of SweetPro's story is that these premium supplements work! Supporting evidence starts with back-to-back 40 percent annual increases in demand for the cattle formulation of the product. This industry has been hard hit by astronomical hay and grain prices and ranchers are subsequently looking for ways to maintain their production animals' health more affordably.

"They've figured it out," says SweetPro's Brad Thornberg.

Owners across the country are figuring out that SweetPro's formulations for horses are equally effective. EquiPride and EquiLix are the North Dakota company's all-in-one vitamin and mineral supplements for horses. They include strong prebiotic and enzymatic digestive aids for better health and performance. Better coat and hoof condition, joint function, feed utilization, circulation and the reduction of colic potential are among the products' many benefits.

SweetPro's EquiPride and EquiLix are a perfect fit for performance horses because of their ability to generate a quality of energy that's good for strength and endurance but doesn't cause excess energy or too high of spirits.

Lisa Hand of Mentone is one of many to offer persuasive testimonials about SweetPro's powers. She put two elderly horses on it and experienced dramatic results in both. "We tried expensive supplements and senior horse feed, but nothing seemed to help him gain weight," recalls Lisa of her then 24-year-old Paint, Red. Within a month of giving Red EquiPride and putting the lick in his pasture, "We noticed he started to fill out over his back. The supplements helped Red to better absorb his food and to gain weight. His hooves have improved also, no cracks. His coat is gorgeous and shiny!"

SweetPro is formulated to compensate for the fact that horses (designed as hindgut, forage fiber digesters) produce less amylase than other animals do. Amylase is the starch and sugar digestive enzyme and its low presence in horses increases the chances of starch (from grains) and sugar (from molasses) getting into the hindgut, where the trouble starts.

When higher levels of starch and sugar reach the cecum, that forces a shift in the microbial population. This lowers the pH (raising the acidity level) and often allows pathogenic microbes to gain a foothold.

In addition to the small intestine being designed to process forage fiber, not grain, the excess acid in the hindgut can result in cell wall damage, a recipe for digestive colic. EquiPride's unique buffered blend of enzymes and prebiotics help limit the chances of this happening. The ingredients have been externally processed through fermenting, so they are "pre-digested" for the horse. That both reduces the colic-causing cell damage and improves the horse's ability to absorb the nutrients in its feed.

"This improved feed efficiency means less forage is used to get the same job done and little or no grain is needed except in the most strenuous of work loads," explains Brad.

SweetPro began making equine formulations in the early 2000s. That was after savvy ranchers began using the cattle formulations on their horses. It makes sense that the product would cross over from the production animal world to the pleasure animal industry, Brad says. The large scale of the livestock industry gave SweetPro a significant head start and their economies of scale enable the company to produce a powerful supplement at a great price.

EquiPride is formulated as a top dressing and comes in five-gallon pails and 50-pound bags. EquiLix is a free choice protein lick block available in 50 or 125 pound blocks. Both are available at tack and feed stores throughout the West Coast and can also be ordered online.

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