California Riding Magazine • November, 2012

Show Ring Shine
Shannon Peters' boot care kit gives boots the gift of new life.

Designed by international dressage trainer and competitor Shannon Peters, ShowRingShine boot care system brings a mirror shine to riding boots while preserving the leather in a way that promises years of use.

As a professional rider, Shannon has discovered how to keep boots in top shape for three to four years even though she rides several horses each day.

"Whatever the rider's discipline choice, ShowRingShine brings out the best in any boot. I think it's important to show that you attend to all the details of riding and competing. Well-polished boots look more professional, even if you are an amateur," says Shannon.

Before dressage became her passion, Shannon competed as a western and saddle seat rider with the same style and dedication that led her to become a USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist, and to capture Intermediare I Reserve National Champion on Luxor, and Reserve Champion at the 2008 Young Horse National Championship on Weltino's Magic.

Her reputation as coach for husband and four-time Olympian Steffen Peters demonstrates meticulous attention to detail and thorough preparation – all the way down to the boots.

"Some people only shine their boots when they're going to a show. Then they don't see why the boots don't look great." Shannon cleans her boots each time she rides and polishes them once a week.
Her attention to details begins by removing dirt and grime from the side of the boot soles with ShowRingShine kit's Shine Rite® cleaning tool.

Next she puts coconut oil-based Castile soap and sponge to nourish the leather and remove old polish. "Glycerin soap, which a lot of people use, strips the leather of its oil and doesn't allow new polish to stick. If you don't remove the old polish left on the boot, it cracks, the boots don't look good and you find black polish on your saddle pad," Shannon explains.

For polishing Shannon has chosen Shine Rite® Platinum Premium Shoe Cream polish and buffing cloth because this nourishing cream gives the boots a mirror-like shine, but does not dry them out like alcohol-based polishes do.

Next, Shine Rite® Leather Heel & Sole Edge Color Renew with applicator returns boot heel and sole to their original look.

ShowRingShine boot care kit retails for $40, a $15 saving from purchasing the individual elements that make up the kit that is stored in an elegant tote.

Living in San Diego, Shannon and Steffen Peters operate a 65-horse stable and busy training business that caters to competition horses and riders.

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