California Riding Magazine • November, 2012

Book Review

Written by Cheryl Rhodes
Reviewed by Jeffi Wood

Cheryl Rhodes knows and loves horses. She also has knowledge of the racing world which is the setting for this novel. Some of the seedier elements of racing are touched on in the story. Of interest to me was the mention of a Standardbred racing season at Del Mar. I am unaware if they offer trotters and pacers racing. But that is a minor detail that has no bearing on the story.

This novel has both romance and horses. It follows some traditional romance components: a poor virtuous heroine, a rich handsome hero, romantic settings, and the heroine thinking the hero might just be using her for nefarious purposes. There is an interesting plot involving some villainous characters and horse substituting. That part of the story had a little less predictable storyline and ending. This is the part of the story in which the author's knowledge of horse racing was most in evidence.

This is a well edited book and most romance readers will enjoy the read.

Reviewed by Jeffi Wood, who has ridden long enough to have dabbled in most equine sports, but mastered none of them.