California Riding Magazine • November, 2012

Bit Blanket
New product ensures a warm response in cold weather.

A revolutionary bit accessory created to protect horses from the pain and discomfort caused by freezing cold bits is now available in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Bit Blanket, Inc., a New Hampshire-based company, has introduced its innovative product, the electric bit warmer, to the retail marketplace with tremendous success.  

Bit Blanket made its retail debut at the American Equestrian Trade Association's International Trade Show in Oaks, PA and received a remarkable response from the buyers in attendance. "We are always looking for useful, high quality products to offer our customers, and Bit Blankets fit that bill. At this time of year, it's especially important to bring in new and unique items as customers look for novel but practical gifts for their trainers, barn managers, horses and friends. Bit Blankets are a great addition to our current fall and winter product offerings," says Jack Alvarez of Driving Essentials in New
Holland, PA.

Why should riders consider using a Bit Blanket? The electric bit warmer easily and effectively preserves your horse's mouth. "Having grown up in New Hampshire and riding horses for most of my life, I always felt awful when I would have to stick that cold bit in my horse's mouth in the winter," says Jamie Sturgess, the inventor of Bit Blanket. "Not only was I concerned about my horse's comfort, I also felt it was important to maintain a positive training experience and avoid creating negative associations with the bitting and training process."  

Horse bits can become so cold in the fall and winter months that horses often experience pain, discomfort, numbness and soft tissue damage when these cold pieces of metal are put in their mouths, leading to potential training problems, resistance to being bridled, and a head-shy horse. "I wanted to develop a way to quickly and conveniently warm the bit to protect horses from all of these cold-bit dangers," Jamie states. Based on the demand and response from the marketplace, it seems she did just that.

Bit Blankets plug into any standard, three-pronged outlet and run on just a few watts of energy, so they cost only pennies a month to operate and are extraordinarily convenient.

Simply wrap the Bit Blanket around the cold bit, plug it in and, while you are grooming your horse, saddling up and preparing for your ride, your horse's bit is being warmed to a safe and comfortable temperature.  

To learn more about Bit Blanket, contact Jamie Sturgess at, call her at 603-329-3044 ext. 501 or visit their website at