California Riding Magazine • July, 2012

The Winning Formula
A Conversation with Irene Valenti, President of Valenti International

by Eva M. Stimson

Irene Valenti, is President and Founder of the preeminent matchmaking service company, Valenti International, as well as the Valenti Foundation, and the Valenti Equestrian Club in Rancho Santa Fe. She is also a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow.

Q: You seem to have a successful formula for both your matchmaking business and your equestrian facility. What can you share with us about the Valenti Winning Recipe?

Irene: There's great synergy between the matchmaking and equestrian worlds and many of our Valenti clients are animal lovers as well as philanthropists. What I've discovered is that in order to facilitate a successful match, whether it be with an animal, a life partner, or a charitable organization, one must be a "student of life," or in other words, open to accepting new and interesting opportunities. Then when you mix in other ingredients such as an individual's emotional readiness to meet someone special, their expectations, and trust in the selection process, it creates the ideal environment for accomplishing the ultimate goal of making a successful match. You also have to understand the differences between how men and women think and behave, but in the end it is often determined by intuition, similar to the way animals choose their owners.

Q: I understand you have a unique perspective on the relationship between animals and their owners?

Irene: There is a unique process that occurs during the selection process between owners and their pets. I have observed that animals choose their owners; animals instinctively select people that they are drawn to by intuition. There is a distinct similarity in this phenomenon that we also witness when introducing potential life partners through our matchmaking service.

Emily Lasher, Grand Prix competitor and acclaimed dressage trainer at Valenti Equestrian Club.

Q: You have such a strong commitment to philanthropic outreach programs, especially those that involve helping animals. What has inspired you to engage in these activities?

Irene: I have lived around horses my entire life and I recognize that our lives are greatly enhanced by love and companionship from animals. I have always embraced giving back to the community and many of Valenti's clients share this same passion, particularly when it comes to equestrian-related activities. I currently have 50 horses boarded at the Valenti Equestrian Club and I also lend acreage to house rescued feral American Arabian horses at my personal residence for a program administered by Pegasus Rising (a non-profit organization).

Q: I hear you have an exciting Equestrian event planned in the fall. What can you tell us about it?

Irene: The Valenti Foundation will be hosting a special fundraising fashion show in the fall that will feature dressage clothing to benefit a worthy non-profit organization. This will be the first event of its kind in San Diego and we are really excited to share it with the community. We are also pleased to announce that Andrea Kutsch, of the Andrea Kutsch Academy, Inc., (see story, page 18) has been invited to participate in the fashion show by providing an interactive demonstration.

Andrea sums up beautifully the relationship between horses and people. "Horses give us clear and immediate feedback and help us learn to communicate effectively, and they naturally provide an opportunity to practice setting healthy boundaries," Andrea says. "As we learn to speak our personal truth, horses are clear and patient teachers. The lessons they teach us can extend compassion to both our personal and professional relationships."

Guillermo Obligado, world renowned hunter jumper trainer at Valenti Equestrian Club.

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