California Riding Magazine • July, 2012

Terri Eadens Horse Retirement
More horses welcome at bigger property in Central California.

Approaching her tenth year of providing a long-term home for equine retirees, Terri Eadens has moved to a larger property in Central California's Lockwood. The 40-acre parcel enables her to take on approximately 20 more horses.

Terri Eadens Horse Retirement's new digs are set in the rolling hills very close to the business' original 20-acre base. Located about 30 miles north of Paso Robles, amidst farms, vineyards and wide-open spaces, the land features redwoods, sequoia, cottonwood and oak trees and several walnut trees that provide shade in the pastures. A perimeter fence encloses six pastures, ranging in approximate size from three to 10 acres, and there is no common fencing between them.
Terri expects to have shelters constructed before winter arrives. The new parcel abuts the 80 acres of grass pastures that Terri will continue to lease for springtime grazing each year. A sheltered hospital/lay-up corral facilitates special needs.

Terri with "assistants:" Jowe, Juno and Myya

Terri established the retirement business after a long and successful career as a show jumping rider and hunter/jumper trainer in San Diego. Her claims to fame include riding Boston Taxi to a 6th place finish in the 1987 American Grand Prix Assn. Rookie of the Year standings and developing the young horse, To The Top, into a then-unprecedented $500,000 sale horse.

A degree in animal sciences from Cal Poly and many years running a thriving training barn, Trademark Farms, has served her well in caring for her current charges. They range from elderly show horses enjoying their well-deserved golden years to younger horses retired after injuries and those whose owners have gone off to college or stopped riding for various reasons.

Terri and Darla, owned by Deborah Schwartz

Terri lives on the property and provides 24/7 supervision and care. This includes twice daily hay feedings, supplements and special feed as needed, arranging for vaccinations, hoof trimming and all necessary veterinary care. A well-honed systematic approach to horse keeping keeps costs low and quality high.

She is grateful for the support of friend and neighbor Andrew "Doc" Massingill. He was instrumental in helping her secure the new property and is a wonderful back-up when she needs extra help with the horses. "He is an inspiration for me," Terri notes. "He's always positive, in a good mood, helpful, supportive and funny. I owe a lot of my current success to being lucky enough to have him in my life."
In addition to providing horses a healthy, natural and caring environment, Terri Eadens Horse Retirement provides owners great peace of mind.

Andrew "Doc" Massingill

"I knew I would send my horse to Terri the first day I got him," says Terri's former student Kirsten Appel. She had the former Grand Prix jumper Orient du Ri'Dasse, aka "Dylan," with her in San Diego for eight years before sending him to Lockwood in 2010. "Terri has the biggest heart and loves the horses. I would not send my horses anywhere else."

Noted equestrian journalist Erin Gilmore feels the same way. "When I was a teenager, I promised my first horse Callie that I would never sell her, and that she would always have a happy, healthy home," she says. "Now, six years into her retirement, and 15 years after I bought her, she lives at Terri's. Callie has a wonderful home where she lives in a social group of horses similar to her. She is watched and cared for by Terri and in four years she has never dropped weight, been injured or had any worries other than where her closest pasturemate is.

Erin Gilmore and Callie

"I like that Terri makes sure that every horse has a happy state of mind, and even though I now live on the other side of the country and can't see Callie often, I never worry that she is receiving anything less than the stellar care she earned and deserves for being a wonderful first horse for me."

"It's a labor of love," Terri comments. "Horses are so generous and giving and they have worked hard for us and are part of people's families. I take their care and happiness very seriously and I also enjoy just letting them be horses. I have green grass, fresh air, fresh water and lots of land. It's everything a horse could want and I love watching each horse's attitude change as he settles in here."

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