California Riding Magazine • July, 2012

Flying Changes

Tiffany Rix

Enterprise Farms Adds a Well-Suited Head Trainer

Tiffany Rix joins Enterprise Farms as Head of Training. Originally from Los Angeles, Tiffany relocated to England 19 years ago to work for several exceptional Olympic gold medal riders (Jane Holderness Roddam, Jennie Lorriston Clarke and Matt Ryan). She has competed in British Eventing at the Medium Level, British Dressage at Medium Level, and British Show Jumping at Fox Hunter Level. Tiffany is a British Horse Society Intermediate Level Instructor and Stable Manager. She is also holds a United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) Level Three Coaching Instructor (the highest level for this classification). Tiffany was the Chief Instructor of the North Hereford Hunt Pony Club for three years and has taught at five other Pony Clubs. 

She is currently a British B Level Pony Club Examiner and is updating her credentials in the U. S. Tiffany has participated in the Teacher Training of Tomorrow (TTT) which teaches instructors about the biomechanics of the horse and rider. Riders from the Spanish Riding School such as Arthur Kottas, Charles de Kunffy and Captain Mark Phillips are involved with this program with the objective being to install classical training for horse and rider.

In addition to their common passion for Pony Club, Enterprise Farms owner Gene Gilbert is thrilled to report that Tiffany also has lots of experience working with Caspian horses in England. Gene reports there are several Caspian horses there, including a few in the Queen's stable. "We are the only ones in California to have any at all," she adds. "The coincidence seems remarkable."

Based at the Paddock Riding Club in Los Angeles, Tiffany and Enterprise Farms welcome horses for schooling and training and riders of all levels.