California Riding Magazine • July, 2012

Equine Matrix Is Headed
To The Olympics
California supplement maker will be well represented at the Games.

As the excitement builds for the 2012 Olympics in London there is one California company that will have a lot of athletes to cheer for – from several countries! Based just outside of San Diego, Equine Matrix supplements have become a major attraction with many of the world's top riders and vets. Even more compelling is the fact that it isn't just the horses taking the supplements – the riders have their own version – Mi Matrix.

Equine Matrix formed "Team Matrix" – which supports top riders with Equine Matrix products – with no financial endorsement. This small, start-up company is poised to have Team Matrix riders from seven countries in The London Olympics.

Equine Matrix is a 100% organic whole food supplement and since introduced has had astounding results. The first major success came with Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense – again with both the horse and the rider, jockey Calvin Borel, taking the supplement. "Unlike synthesized products, our natural ingredients have a balance and bioavailability that can only be found in a whole food product, complete with enzymes, antioxidants, chelated minerals, and vitamins – particularly Vitamin D and the B Vitamins," states owner Dr. Sandra Carter.

Duncan McFarlane with Helen McNaught. Photo by Cheval Photos

Equine Matrix is actively involved with University of Vienna and Hannover University in research currently that has shown tremendous success in the treatment of equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH).

All Matrix products are produced in a highly controlled and sterile environment to insure the highest efficacy.

Team Matrix rider Isabell Werth of Germany is a major celebrity in the dressage world having won multiple Olympic and World Cup medals. "I was skeptical at first, but now am absolutely convinced," she says. "Our horses are more vital and concentrated: ECP Matrix (Equine Calm and Perform) has proven to be invaluable." At Isabell's request, Equine Matrix products were tested at a Paris-based FEI-accredited laboratory and received the FEI Anti-Doping Certification – the only supplement company in the U.S. to hold this prestigious certification. Isabell also uses Muscle Matrix and Farrier's Matrix regularly.

Calvin Borel and Carl Nafzger

German Dressage Team Vet Dr. Cordula Gather and Swedish Team Vet Dr. Jonas Tornell took notice of Isabell's success and recommended Equine Matrix for their riders. Swedish dressage Olympian Patrik Kittel is so committed to Equine Matrix that he has a clause in his major sponsorships so he can continue to take and endorse the Equine Matrix line. "For years, Scandic has been performing on Equine Matrix, and I can for sure say they played a big part in my bronze medal at the Europeans at Rotterdam!"

Great Britain's Helen McNaught and New Zealand's Duncan McFarlane train in California and use the products religiously both for themselves and their horses. Helen has commented extensively on her satisfaction with Equine Matrix products:

"My horses finished six weeks in Thermal as fresh and sound as they started. Our clients all commented on the difference in the horses they were riding since they've been on the Matrix program. We were feeding less grain week 6 than week 1!!! Incredible. The feet were growing faster and stronger. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. Anyone who knows me, knows how hands-on I am. I noticed a huge difference. A great deal of the success myself, Duncan and our clients had, in my opinion, is because of the help of Equine Matrix."

Meanwhile Down Under, Australian eventers and Olympic medalists, Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks, both experienced improvements in horses being supplemented with Performance Matrix and ECP Matrix. "The Matrix products bring a focused energy to our horses that gets them up the center line and keeps them strong and steady over the cross-country with the energy, health and vitality for a powerful finish in the show jumping," remarks Clayton.

Fellow eventer and U.S. team Matrix rider Kristen Schmolze adds, "I noticed a significant improvement in physical and mental well-being. From a competition standpoint, my three upper-level eventers have a greater focus and a calmer disposition after starting on the ECP Matrix. This has translated into a greater willingness to perform to the level they are being asked."

Ireland's Billy Twomey has been a major money winner this past year on the European show jumping circuit and will compete in the Olympics this July. "I was first recommended to try Equine Matrix products by my vet, Dr. Hans Stihl, and it has been a winning combination for me and my horses."

American dressage rider Catherine Haddad has been competing on the European circuit for the past several years. She had the following to report regarding her use of Equine Matrix:

"After four weeks on MRM Matrix (Maximal Recovery), one of my top Grand Prix horses, who has been plagued by laminitis, is now for the first time in three years completely sound on the foot that has pedal bone rotation. I cannot tell you how impressed (overjoyed) I am by this development. Two weeks later, a sarcoid on the same horse, which has slowly enlarged over a period of four years, has begun to disappear! I'm taking the human Matrix supplements myself and can honestly say that my energy level and general alertness is the best it has ever been. I feel 10 years younger, especially in my mind."

Equine Matrix has proprietary blends of 10 powerful medicinal mushrooms, produced by sister company M2 Ingredients in California. Used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, medicinal mushrooms are quickly gaining traction in the Western world as clinical trials and research confirms their benefits for immune health, energy production and a variety of applications.

"Our success is not to be measured just by the Olympic riders that use our 100 percent certified organic products," comments Chris Culmone, Equine Matrix Sales Team. "While flattered by the daily testimonials we receive, more important to us is to provide a helpful alternative to those who need it the most, in the human, pet and equine world. We're a global company with a global vision that every human, dog or horse should have the opportunity to feel and perform to the best of
their abilities.

Article provided by Equine Matrix. For more information call 866-740-6874 or visit