California Riding Magazine • June, 2012

Living The Dream
The right realtor ensures realization of the equestrian property dream.

The dream of owning horse property is one that many of us aspire to and believe that we want. There is a lot that goes into having your horse on your property. If you have only boarded your horse and not taken care of a horse 24/7 it can be quite different. It is considerably more involved than stable keeping.

Acquiring the right kind of property for the use and enjoyment of your horse is a huge part. There are many properties that are zoned with an L-designator (large animal) but may have some restrictions, neighbors, land features or roads that make equine use less than desirable. There are lots of other types of considerations too – do you need a trainer? Will they come to you? Do you want to trail ride? Are there any accessible trails nearby or is the property basically land locked? Is there a place on the property suitable and the right size for an arena? Or is there an accessible neighborhood or public arena? These are basic questions that should be asked prior to your search for that dream property.

A good agent who is an experienced horse person and has kept horses on their own property really knows the answers to those questions in almost any area that is horse friendly within several counties – not just their home base. Yes, the horse world really is that small. They can be your best resource as they will know the answers to all of those questions and many you may not have thought about. The equestrian agent knows how to get things done to accommodate horses and will generally assist in putting you in touch with the local resources such as veterinarians, arena or barn builders or the fence person who has actually been building horse-safe fencing.

An equestrian agent will also keep you from getting sideways with the county code enforcement provisions regarding horse-keeping. They will know the provisions of the Williamson Act that are different in many counties (San Diego has a moratorium until 2015 about adding any new properties), for those of you who were not aware this act provided property tax relief based upon use rather than current market values.

When buying or selling property that is horse property or is zoned for horses, using a specialist makes good sense. You would not use a handyman to build your home, so why would you not use someone who specializes in what you want to accomplish? Using an equestrian agent provides the kind of end result that makes for happy horse-keeping and enjoyment of your dream. This holds true for selling and buying horse property. When you have the kind of specialist you need you will get the best possible results available in the marketplace today.

Author Pam Moss has 34 years of real estate experience and is an equally experienced horse owner, based in North San Diego County's Fallbrook. For more information, please visit or call 714-296-9300.