California Riding Magazine • June, 2012

Fiesta of the Spanish Horse

photos by Kim F. Miller

A "cobra" of mares originates from the days when Spanish farmers rented out their mares in groups to help with harvests. Today, it is a competition category in which a string of three or more mares are judged on their similar appearance and their ability to perform exercises while hooked together via collars.

All Stars: Friesian superstar Sjoerd, left, and Andalusian celebrity and Bryer model Kripton Seni II prepare for their beautiful performance.

Ramon Becerra gets one of his daughter's Miniature horses to perform a capriole, a rare "alta escuela" or "high school or haute ecole" airs above the ground dressage movement.

The Hot Chestnuts Paso Fino group

The Rainbow Riders of Ramona, aka the "Blue Angels on Horseback."

Tomas Garcilazo and Hollywood thrill the crowd.

Lauren La Vine and and Tracy Lynn perform a pas de deux, with Tracy upping the degree of difficulty by riding side saddle. Lauren, right, is aboard Incognito SA, owned by John & Joanne Asman and Tracy Lynn is riding Genio MAC, owned by Oak Hill Ranch's Barbara Currie.

Paso Fino trainer and breeder Jorge Valenzuela and his partner perform the Peruvian Marinara dance.

Fiesta founder Joanne Asman thanks the crowd for supporting
the Spectacular. Marking its 14th year as the marquee event of
the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse, the show was a resounding
success. "I've overdosed on equine beauty," commented Palos
Verdes horse owner Patti Garrity when all the Spectacular's
participants re-entered the arena for an encore. "I will not sleep
tonight. I'm so wired!" Over the years, the event has raised over
$450,000 for various organizations seeking a cure for cancer.

A member of Elias Jimenez' Rancho La Laguna team rests
before the family's colorful performance.

Renowned trainer Ramon Becerra demonstrates classical equitation.

A member of the New Riders Of the Golden Age demonstrates
Medieval era horse sports.

USC mascot Tommy Trojan got big cheers as he and Traveler
galloped around the Equidome.

Young dancers of Ballet Folklorico de Azteca.

Cancer survivor Davida Oberman, riding Music of the Knight,
during the Fiesta's joyful Survivors Parade.