California Riding Magazine • November, 2010

HIPPOH Foundation:
Can You Handle The Truth?
Devoted to horse and human welfare, new organization invites all to Dec. 4-5 symposium in San Diego.

Have you ever had that nagging voice in your gut that your horse's feet weren't right, but you were afraid to say anything to your farrier? Have you been rubbed raw by your saddle and chastised by your trainer for your miserable position, but felt that your saddle was really the problem? Do you feel like your horse might be in pain, but everyone around you just tells you to ignore it or chalk it up to bad behavior? Are you a frustrated horse owner lost in the sea of information (and misinformation) who wants to improve the quality of life for your horse and do what is best for them but don't know where to start?

The HIPPOH Foundation, Horse Industry Professionals Protecting Our Horses, was formed to help you if you can handle the truth!

HIPPOH is an organization of world class equine professionals working together to educate and provide solutions based on science, research, and the culmination of their life-long experiences. These are united professionals passionate about giving the horse a voice and protection from the dark side of the horse industry. To shine a bright light on practices which are detrimental to the health, safety and well-being of our equine compatriots and to you, the rider.

The solution is in your hands and your desire to educate yourself on every aspect of your horse's care. To surround yourself with a "dream team" of professionals whose motto is "Horse's First, Ribbons Second" and pledge to protect your horse from harm and injustice. Unite yourself with professionals who realize the importance of integrating their practices to give optimum care to your horse.

The HIPPOH Foundation is hosting a Masterclass series of symposiums where education is key, and the combined efforts of an Integrative Veterinarian, Master Classical Trainer, Certified Journeyman Farrier, Certified Master Saddler, and human Neurosurgeon, provide the incredible united front dedicated to teaching for the welfare of the horse and rider. These individuals share the same history of watching their own horses suffer, and dealing with the frustration at the lack of resources and the incredible conflict and ignorance in the way of finding answers. Now their united mission is to provide the solutions so that the riders have a resource and the horses have a voice.

The only thing more powerful than a man with an objective is a group of people sharing the same mission. We are hoping you will join us on this mission to help improve your horse's life and to help stop practices in the horse industry that are destroying our horse's health and well being.

Attend the HIPPOH Foundation Symposium "Can You Handle the Truth?" – an extraordinary 2-day event in Rancho Santa Fe, Dec. 4-5, 2010. For more information or to register online, please visit or, or phone 858-342-6691. Don't miss this incredible opportunity. Whether you ride English or Western, for show or for pleasure, it's time to get educated!